Personal Growth

Become Your Highest Self

You Are So Much More Than You Know Yourself To Be

We all have the potential to be constantly growing and changing when we listen to our Heart and simply trust the deeper nature of our Soul's oneness with God-Source. When we place our Personal Growth, guided by the Heart, as one of our highest life priorities, we are opening ourselves to an experience where every year it is the best year of our life and the next year is even better than the last.
Personal Growth involves our relationship with our self, all of our relationships, our willingness to learn and grow and change, raise in consciousness, and our ability to use our life energy in powerful ways that stretch us, invigorate us, and open us to brand new opportunities and radical new ways of thinking, feeling and experiencing reality. Our heart guides us to radical ways of opening to allow The Divine to touch us or move through us each day.

Exploration is the Key to Personal Growth

FEEL GOOD to FEEL GOD and Your Interconnectedness with All Life

Exploration is the key to Personal Growth and Self Discovery of our Highest and most Authentic Self. Radical exploration guided by our inner knowing creates an exponential change, catalysing significant events to manifest that provide our greatest learning curves and most potent life experiences.

Explore Your Highest Potential

The Exploration begins with 7 Radical Steps that Initiate your Personal Life Journey to be Unique and Aligned with THE AUTHENTICITY OF YOUR INNER SELF. This journey is guided purely by your Heart and your Spirit. It requires your willingness to take a different road when guided, and the acceptance of your Uniqueness and Difference to other people, and simultaneously your oneness with our greater family - the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity.



Authentic Relationships

Be Authentic in Relationships

The 1st Step to Personal Growth is our choice to be Authentic in our Relationships. This is so easy and joyful when we learn to love and accept all others as they are, and in moments of challenge we choose to shift our energy and consciousness through THE SACRED MIRROR to stay connected and centred in the HEART.

How is this possible?
The Sacred Mirror is accessed each time we hold awareness of The Universal Law of Reflection.


Free Your Energy and Receive Divine Energy

The 2nd Step in Personal Growth occurs when you become aware that YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU KNOW and you take all the radical steps to FREE YOUR ENERGY. Then you learn how to tap into THE INFINITE ENERGY NETWORK to feed yourself a TOP UP of DIVINE ENERGY.
How is this possible?
We exist within a UNIFIED FIELD of DIVINE ENERGY and we have the spiritual power to RECEIVE and GIVE without limitation.
Free Your Energy and Receive Divine Energy


Prioritize Our Time and Energy So Our Life for Greater Meaning

Prioritize Your Time and Energy for Greater Meaning

The 3rd Step in Personal Growth is taken when we align our lives so that we are using our time and energy for something that holds greater meaning to us. To value our self and our life, we need to explore something every day that leads us to feel and understand that our life has GREATER MEANING. Without this, we have no Purpose and little fulfillment in life. To make radical shifts in our fulfillment we must sometimes give away what seems safe and comfortable, yet does not provide us with the greater meaning and purpose.

How is this possible?
This is easily possible when we choose love over fear and we are willing to surrender all that is not working to discover our authentic self and the greater meaning our life provides us, when we step forward in authentic contact with our heart and highest self.


Jump on the Super Positive Path

The 4th Step in our Personal Growth is made when we take the Super Positive Path to be fully guided by our Inner Light and Super-consciousness Knowing. This radical step requests us to Jump and Leap into the unknown with trust, an open mind and an open heart, so that we may access the most powerful windows of Divine Opportunity and quests that will provide us even greater meaning in life, greater exploration, discovery and radical growth.

How is this possible?

When we illuminate our brains with Light Frequency, we become more positive.  Through the use of Higher Light Technologies, you can step up into the Positive Field of Creative Manifestation and rest in Super Positivity, easily.

Jump on the Super Positive Path


Embrace Your Presence, God & Faith

Embrace Your Presence, Divine Source and Your Universal Connection

The 5th Step in Personal Growth manifests as your Power to Live the Life you truly know is yours. To do this, you must take the radical step to no longer deny your Universal Connection, your Greatness, your Divinity or Oneness with God-Source/Great Spirit/The Power of Creation. We call this Divine Presence. This radical step brings back all of your Power, Will and Love for your Life. It requires you to accept that you are a Universal Being of Unlimited Potential and your Highest Thoughts direct your Life and your Lowest Thoughts provide your life with obstacles, challenges or limitations.
How is this possible?

This is possible by embodying your faith and through your power of belief. Through your free will and self-realization, you will come to understand that there are only two paths you can take with your conscious awareness - love or fear. Love, where you fully embrace that God/Great Spirit, the Source of All That Is, Oneness lives inside of you as your Divine Presence or fear, where you deny this and you deny your Love, Light and Power.


Follow Your Biggest Heart Calling

The 6th Step in Personal Growth is the greatest radical shift you shall make. It shall create the greatest liberation and joy each time you do this. It simply requires you to be absolute in your commitment to yourself and the greater meaning of your life, your purpose. To make this radical shift, you are required to follow the biggest calling of your heart and make no excuse or reason to stop yourself from executing this with passion.
How is this possible?
When we make the promise to ourselves to no longer be guided or limited by fear, we have the power to commit and believe in ourselves.
Follow Your Biggest Heart Calling


Your Radical Giving

Become Radical with your Giving

The 7th Step in Personal Growth is made each time that we give in a way that we previously would have believed we would never be able to give. This Giving is a potential action that we take to create exponential change that touches the lives of others. This radical step is made from our actions that surprise ourselves and others, generated spontaneously through the gratitude of our hearts for all of our life's blessings, including the presence of all others who share our life experiences. Radically moving to Give in a way that lets the Greatness of your Self, and your Authentic Heart to be shared, shall create the most powerful expansion of your life experience, attracting great support, full of surprise packages from the Universe.

How is this possible?

The Universal Law that governs all action, is the Law of Karma:  'As you give, you shall receive.'  What you can and can't do in life is determined by what you give.


There is always someone nearby who can be touched by your Giving Heart and you will always be guided by your Presence to be a radical GIVER when it is needed, as it creates radical growth, connection and happiness not only for yourself, but also for others. An immense GRACE comes into your personal life, supporting your life goals and dreams when you become a RADICAL GIVER THROUGH USING THE FULL POWER OF YOUR HEART. 

The Divine University offers you 5 opportunities where you can GIVE in a small or big way with the Power of your Heart:

You may GIVE a donation to our SCHOLARSHIP fund so others of lower social-economic regions may also be supported to STUDY WITHIN THE DIVINE UNIVERSITY. It is a blessing to know you will have helped change one person's life through supporting a scholarship. 
You may support the MOTHER Project and may GIVE BACK to the MOTHER EARTH through donating to our PURCHASE SACRED LAND fund, to give sacred sites back to the Mother Earth and into the care of the Mamo Caretakers. Our aim is to raise USD $1,500,000 to save a Sacred Site that is very important to our Mother Earth. 

If you would like to create a LEGACY and become a LEGACY sponsor for the Sacred Sites of the MOTHER PROJECT, please contact us to speak about this.
You may GIVE a donation to the GATEWAY PROJECT and support the burial of large amounts of crystal back into the Earth for EARTH HEALING, and the building of NEW SACRED SITES - GATEWAYS OF ENLIGHTENMENT for The Enlightenment of our Humanity and for the transmission of Light and Divine Energy to all living species. 
You may like to GIVE a donation to the DIVINE UNIVERSITY, so that we may continue our work and expand our free membership services to touch more people. All of our work is managed through the free time and service of the DU Mentors/Teachers.  No one is paid for their management work in the Divine University, so all donations help us continue our free membership.
You may GIVE your SERVICE and join our Service Team, offering your time and energy to our Group Mission. Connect with us through our JOIN US IN WORLD SERVICE page. 

We are currently in the process of setting up the Donation facilities. As soon as the Donation function becomes available, you will see a DONATE button next to each option listed above.

All Gifts, great or small, are received with our deepest love and gratitude

Giving opens doors, so that you may explore new opportunities for growth

As our Hearts open and WE RADICALLY GIVE, many doors of opportunity open from the small and big acts of GOING BEYOND OURSELVES and the usual limitation to our Giving. When we radically give, we open doors to be able to receive what we have not been able to receive in our life, that is a true need of our Soul to feel whole, loved and feel grace in life. This is supported through RADICAL ACTS OF GIVING, as all of our acts of GIVING BACK, balance the karmic debt that we may hold within our Karmic Bank Account.

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