Frequency & Consciousness

The New Currency to Higher Quality of Existence

The Light Frequency within your brain and body determines how much consciousness you can access in any moment, and how much is available for your life purpose.
  • Is your brain switched on with Light Frequency?
  • Is your core energy open and circulating through your spinal cord, spine and brain or sleepy?
  • Is your brain's hemispheres communicating and exchanging energy and allowing your mind to interconnect with the unified field of oneness, be still and enter a higher state of conscious awareness?
  • What is your energy like, and is your mind happy and peaceful?
  • Do you access your Superconsciousness or Super-knowing? Or do you feel like you are always navigating your life around circumstances, others desires or needs and their or your fear and doubts and unable to move forward with clarity.
  • Is your mind clear and activated with its light frequency?

Frequency & Consciousness is the New Currency that Provides Our Higher Quality of Existence

There are different levels of consciousness and when we learn to tap into our SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS, we begin to LIVE AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE.
Learn from Qala Sri'ama Phoenix how to access your Super Consciousness

Everything you truly need is inside of you

You are Made of Light

You are made of Light. Within you, there is more consciousness and light frequency than you need to create all your dreams, life adventures, explorations and empowering life experiences. The amount of light within you could light up a whole city each day, yet most of us only tap into less than 1 percent of the light frequency we carry inside of us. All of the knowing you need for everything in your life is also held within this light. Your light is your storage source of your consciousness.

Access Your Super Consciousness

All of our light and consciousness is stored in the CRYSTAL CORE of our physical body and energy body. When we open our CRYSTAL CORE, our light and consciousness is accessed.
When we activate our Crystal Core we can open to a higher dimension of our consciousness and SHIFT into a higher state of awareness, called SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS.
When we shift into Superconsciousness, we no longer are experiencing connection to the collective consciousness of humanity but instead we are interconnected with a field of divine energy and a platform where only higher thought form exists and the duality or negative thoughts or perceptions are unable to exist.

Five Special Elements that Make Us Stand Out

The Divine University is unique from all other Schools for Spiritual and Personal Growth through our methods being based on the following five elements. We shift energy and consciousness states quickly through our unique formula for success.

Higher Light Technologies

We use higher light technologies in the field, body, mind and space to open the light frequency and consciousness to higher levels quickly.

Transmissions of Pure Light

Transmissions of pure light/love frequencies saturate your energy to create your Frequency Shift.

Authentic New Teachings

Authentic new teachings for our worlds true needs revealing true understanding of the mysteries of humanity and our evolution.

Authentic Teachers and Mentors

True heart connection and authentic teachers and mentors, a spiritual tribe and soul family learning, changing and growing together.

Kindness, Love & Compassion

Kindness, love & compassion, wisdom, empowerment and revelation sourced from our hearts, presences and the Great Mystery.

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