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Blessings Dear Heart

Through Your Spiritual Path 
You Shall Discover Greater Meaning in Your Life & Your Higher Life Purpose

The beauty, gifts and deepest learnings of your Soul are discovered on your Spiritual Path. Your Spiritual Path is your passageway to truth, love, self–realisation and brings greater meaning to your life and all circumstances and encounters that may seem to shape your life.  Trusting your Spiritual Path when you awaken, can be difficult without discovering the nature of your Spiritual Path and how to be clearly guided in your life.
The Divine University Teachers and Mentors are loving guides that can help ease the way for any Soul willing to grow. Qala Sri'ama Phoenix offers a simple map that all Teachers and Mentors work with. It expresses the nature of 3 Spiritual Paths, so all may FIND THEIR PATH within the Divine University.

Your Spiritual Path

Your Spiritual Path is your journey home through your heart to meet the Divine within you and all around you.  It develops through your Spiritual contact with the invisible force innate to all life and your awareness of this force inside and all around you.

The Path you find to be yours, is your guide to greater experiences of oneness, love, wholeness, light, divinity and discovery of a deep resounding peace and happiness for life.

Discover Your Spiritual Path, within the divine university

Below we offer the deeper understandings of the 3 potential Spiritual Paths which may reflect your present relationship or way for meeting the Divine within your life. All of the 3 Spiritual Paths are beautiful and deep passageways for personal growth and spiritual development.
Each of the 3 Spiritual Paths shared, also reflect different levels of commitment and each one gives a different flavour to your life experience. Call on your Higher Self and Divine Presence to guide you to know which PATH is yours presently, as you review each link below to all 3 Paths. 

Are you on the Spiritual Path of Love, the Spiritual Path of Wisdom, or the Spiritual Path of Presence?

The Spiritual Path of Love

The Spiritual Path of Wisdom

The Spiritual Path of Presence

Call on your Higher Self and Divine Presence to guide you which PATH is your sacred way presently, as you review each PATH above.

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