7 Stages of Spiritual Development

Your Spiritual Development is Unique

Our spiritual development is the most powerful orchestrator for our self discovery as Divine Beings, and the discovery and communion with The Divine. This journey of development began long before this present physical incarnation and will continue into your Afterlife.
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Over your lifetime you may find that you initiate yourself through one or more of the 7 stages that are described below.
If you resonate with any of the stages described, you have begun the journey of remembrance as a human being. This is a journey of releasing from a Cocoon, similarly to a caterpillar via a great journey of Self Transformation. This transformation is one of the manifestations of your Spiritual Journey.
Each stage offers you a different form of shift or personal transformation and each leads to your greater evolution in consciousness and energy.

We have all have our own unique spiritual path and this cannot be compared to another soul's experience. We may share the learnings, growth and initiations but how, why, when and for what purpose we give energy to our spiritual development is deeply personal and cannot be measured or compared to any other soul's path.

It is similar when we consider the stages of our spiritual development. This understanding lay purely between our Soul and our Source/God/Great Spirit and our Divine Presence. This understanding cannot be measured or compared to any other Soul's path or journey.
There is a great gift in understanding the 7 stages of spiritual development, as they are each a doorway to an immense richness, wealth and infinite potential in our Spirit for Life.
No matter which stage you may find resonance with as you read below, know that The Divine lay within you and all around you, and the Spiritual Experiences you are having and have been experiencing are all signs of your Greater Home Coming and this is not only deeply personal to you but also Transpersonal in its benefit to our greater collective.
All described in the 7 Stages is a description of our greater continuing journey that we may all finish through our Afterlife, as preparation for our return into The Heart of our Divine Presence and our holy communion with God/Great Spirit.
All we give and offer with our love, in our lifetime, is a part of this development, and supports this 7 stage journey and it is not important which stage we find ourself in life, for our journey into the Afterlife will continue until all stages are completed. 
God Bless your Soul and your Life Journey, may it replenish, restore, recuperate and reactivate your Hearts Dreaming, Gifts and may you find love, peace and oneness. May we each serve the Greater Plan and gift our puzzle piece to Peace on Earth. Blessed be all Beings!!

The 7 Stages of Spiritual Development

The following headings list all 7 of the stages, with descriptions on the first 3 stages.  Advanced students of the Divine University receive trainings through higher stages of Spiritual Development (Stages 4-7).
STAGE 1: Spiritual & Soul Awakening to the greater forces within life, unseen, unknown
Spiritual Awakening is the beginning of a Deep Heart Opening Process that we each go through to develop spiritually. When we are Spiritually Awakened, our Heart and consciousness makes contact with Spirit, the universal force of light within our universe and the Earth.

Our soul and life has been contacted in some way and the mysterious powerful force we call Spirit, has found its way to open us to a new awareness of existence beyond the material and physical and to a new awareness of our Heart and what lays inside of us. This form of contact is not merely about our belief or awareness that Spirit exists, but is an experience of Spirit, this greater force truly guiding us in our lives and the feeling of Spirit within our own Heart.

When this takes place a Cocoon, that many people live within on Earth, begins to crack open. This is an Energy Cocoon that creates people to feel or belief that their being and their reality is separate or independent from all other beings.

Imagine previous to spiritual awakening, an energetic cocoon shelters you from the awareness of all that is truly around you and all that is moving through all of life - we call this force SPIRIT, or the Universal Frequency of Light.

Spiritual awakening gifts you to become aware of this mysterious greater force touching you and affecting you and your life in some way. Everything may feel unknown, but through Spiritual Awakening you are on the threshold of great change and transformation.   

Everything you believed about yourself and your life previous to this has been primarily based on seeing life and yourself through the experience of being in a cocoon, that causes the belief or feeling of yourself as separate from the physical world and our greater universe and the true nature of ourselves and our Mother Earth.

The Higher Stages:

STAGE 4: Pure Heart Connection - The Art of Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Radical Forgiveness & Giving

STAGE 5: Your Soul's Ascension - The Art of Divine Consciousness, Higher Thought & Non Duality

STAGE 6: Heart Expansion - The Art of Unifying, Balancing, Creating in Celebration of Life

STAGE 7: Enlightenment - Spiritual Marriage with the Divine - Source/Oneness & Divine Presence

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