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Wesak Full Moon Global Meditation

27 April 2021

10:45am – 2pm (Sydney, Australia AEST)

Lighten your Life
Lighten our World!

The event date has arrived!
Buddha and The Enlightened Ones, Holy Mother & Emissaries of Light

With AmaYa Ma Kumara, Buddha,
The Enlightened Ones, Holy Mother & Emissaries of Light


(The LIVE EVENT is subject to any Covid restrictions applicable at the time.
You will be notified by email of any changes.)

(mp3 audio downloads are provided for all events)

Receive the Light

Livestream the Light into your life and the World we Share!
Carry more Light in these Accelerating and Changing Times!

Beloved soul family, you too may serve the great awakening, renewal, regeneration and upliftment of humanity and all of life, by receiving the gift of light Buddha shall stream into our world and anchoring it into the Mother Earth. This light will be held in Mother Earth’s heart for all future generations and all of life. As we each become a pillar of light, we raise the frequency of our planet and this serves all life.

As you serve, so shall you be served dear heart, for this light shall stream through you as the instrument of light that is your precious soul.

The Divine University

Open together with soul family from around the world in celebration and service to the light! As we serve the light, so shall our light grow, illuminate and strengthen us!

We invite you to sit together on the inner planes with your global soul family around the world to receive this profound gift of

Wesak Full Moon Global Meditation

What is Wesak?

What is Wesak?

Through Lord Buddha’s great compassion and love for humanity and the Mother Earth, at the peak of the Wesak full moon each year Buddha returns in his great body of light into the Wesak Valley near Mt Kailash in Tibet, and blesses our world with immeasurable light. At this time, each one of us may receive a great dispensation of light.

This potent gifting of light into our core serves our true need for replenishment and it sustains us with the light we need for one year ahead for our service to our family members, our community, humanity, all beings and the Mother Earth.

WESAK Program 27 April 2021

10:45am – 2pm (Sydney AEST)

10:45am Welcome - Heart Connection & Introduction

11:00am – 12:30pm Wesak Ceremony Preparation (90 min)

This guided process serves us to focus our light upon balancing all in our life from the previous 12 months with immense love, so we may walk through the doorway into the new spiritual year, free to receive a great blessing of light.

12:30pm – 2pm THE WESAK CEREMONY (90 min)

In group heart, we travel spiritually in a merkabah of light to the Wesak Valley where we shall gather with our soul family in the holy presence of Buddha and the Enlightened Ones to receive the light, at the moment the full moon shall peak.

Receive the Wesak Ceremony via Audio Recording

Beloved heart, It is in the highest to join at the exact time, synchronized with the peak of the full moon, when Buddha blesses us, our Mother Earth and our world. If you are unable to join us live or online, it is recommended that the audio recordings be received as soon as possible after the live event.

The Pillar Program

Receive a Stream of Divine Light
Through your Chakras and a Pillar of Light in your Altar

We also invite you to join the PILLAR PROGRAM and anchor a pillar of light in your home or in your Wesak Ceremony group circle, which shall magnify the light 10 fold, as a service to Mother Earth, and for your path of service to be enhanced for the year ahead.

Group Facilitation

Invite Friends to Join You and Facilitate a Group

You may also wish to invite friends, family and loved ones to join you for the Wesak Ceremony and arrange for a group to be with you, in your own home, receiving the ceremony via Livestream with you.

When we gather in group, the energy is amplified and magnified through the power of the group heart we create as we open in ceremony together and are blessed by our beloved Family of Light.

Please firstly register for the event as an individual, before registering as a group facilitator. Each participant who joins the group will also need to register for Wesak prior to the Ceremony.

As a group you can receive the meditation exactly at the livestream linkup time, or the following day via audio if your time zone does not support this.

Group facilitators will need to adhere to Covid regulations in your local area and take the necessary precautions.

If your heart guides you to facilitate a group gathering please complete the contact form at the bottom of the page and let us know of your intention. We are happy to support you to co create this loving act of service should you require this.

Wesak 2021 Registration & Fees

What are My Options for Receiving the 2021 WESAK Full Moon Ceremony?

Beloved heart,

Due to current circumstances, the Be A Bridge of Light and Wesak Ceremony events will now only be available via the Online Livestream Zoom meeting option.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause dear heart.

May the power of our global group heart coming together for these 2 events, be a great force for the expansion and embodiment of our greater light and love.

All our love and gratitude

The Wesak Team

Beloved Heart,

You may receive the 2021 Wesak Full Moon Ceremony via:

  1. The 3 Hour Wesak Full Moon Ceremony World Linkup: 
27 April 2021 via Online LIVESTREAM (includes audio recordings).

All events this year are now only via Online Livestream.

Audio Recordings

Each session will be recorded as high quality audio. The links to access the audio recordings will be sent via email. They will also be made available from your free Heart Portal membership page. This supports you to receive the program at a time that suits your time zone and schedule.

For your greatest benefit, the Wesak Ceremony is best received within 3 days of the full moon and essential to receive within one week of the full moon. After this period, the Wesak portal closes beloved heart.
Select Registration Option:

Option 1 - Online Livestream - WESAK Full Moon Ceremony World Linkup ONLY

Exchange: USD $33
  • Receive the Wesak Ceremony VIA ONLINE LIVESTREAM
  • Audio recording will also delivered as MP3 download within 6 hours of the ceremony.
  • Wesak Full Moon Ceremony World Linkup
  • Date: 27 April 2021, 10:45am - 2pm (Sydney, AEST)


The LIVE event will be subject to any COVID-19 restrictions in force at the event time. If the LIVE event cannot be held due to any change in government regulations or any unforeseeable change occurs, we will email new instructions as quickly as possible.

If circumstances change and the event may only be available through Online Livestream, we will send the information on how to join the Zoom Livestream and audio download links will be provided within 6 hours after the completion of the days' program.

You will also be given the opportunity to register for the Pillar Program to anchor a Pillar of Light in your home during the Wesak Ceremony.


Webinar Online Livestream – WESAK Ceremony

We are offering the events livestream via ZOOM and clear instructions will be provided how to easily join the live stream, these will be emailed 7 days prior to the event. All that is needed to join livestream is a computer or smartphone/tablet.

Wesak Ceremony - Audio

Audio links are provided within 6 hours on the completion of the livestream Wesak Full Moon Ceremony. The audios will be accessible through your personal membership page on the Sirius Library and via an email notification which will be sent once they are available. Buddha’s blessing can be received in its full potential up to 3 days after the Wesak Full Moon as it is co-created with the full moon frequencies. If you have been unable to attend the livestream ceremony we recommend the audio be downloaded and listened to within this time frame.


Can you help me convert Sydney Timezone (AEST) dates and times to my local time zone?
We recommend you use the website to convert Sydney date and time to your own time zone.
The Divine University

The Divine University

Wesak Testimonials

The journey to the Wesak Valley, is a key aspect of my life, enriching and expanding hopes and dreams into crystallised reality every year. I give thanks for this most powerful spiritual ceremony. I highly recommend this joyful, enlightening service to all open hearts, spiritual seekers and fellow humans on our shared journey through life.
The ceremony was so beautiful. I felt so much love and support during the entire ceremony. I was held in a blanket of divine love. I could still feel the vibrations days later. I was glowing. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this ceremony. Blessed be
The Wesak week was an absolutely beautiful experience. Humanity and I received so much, I felt so blessed to be a part of it. The teachers we're amazing! It's been a few months now and some of the most incredible blessings are happening in my life. All the things I prayed for are coming true and my soul gifts have been deeply activated. I've had a massive shifts. I would highly recommend this beautiful retreat!! Thank you so much Divine University. You are one of a kind!
Truly an amazing retreat where every day we were so preciously held in a deep loving embrace, so welcomed and held, where every part of you was allowed to be, just as it was, honoured, acknowledged no matter what was felt or thought, a deep deep healing for all of humanity. Thank you so much.
I look forward to Wesak every year with the Divine University. I love the preparation meditations before the Wesak Full Moon Ceremony, and especially love the part in ceremony when Buddha travels to the Earth Plane more deeply to infuse my Being with the light. It's always so powerful and I can feel it consciously for days afterwards with feeling renewed, invigorated and inspired. I highly recommend making the time in your life to receive this blessing every year with the Divine University, as you are always truly held deeply by the teachers facilitating this event in group consciousness with The Family of Light to take you, your family and community to higher vibrational levels. Blessed Be.
I feel grateful to receive Wesak full moon ceremony. After attending the ceremony, slept like a baby after many years. Also, felt at peace with my parents and received the gift of acceptance of them. This was an area I was struggling with for many years. Thank you Divine University and beloved teachers. Many blessings to you.
Wesak Retreat was a treat for my mind, body, soul which has such strong effect that it's going to definitely last for next few months. The teachings, transmission and dispensations received during the retreat have made huge shifts which I may not be able to describe in words, my physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies have benefited immensely. My heart has expanded more, my mind is much clear and my soul is in complete ecstasy. I felt very strong sensations & vibrations and immense rush of energies in each of my nerves, my chakras, sensory organs during each session. The internal marriage, the inner divine union which took place during retreat has made me able to shed many layers of old patterns, thought process, memories beyond words. I am grateful to the entire Wesak team from Divine University for their love, efforts and wisdom which has helped me to receive such beautiful moments and make profound shifts in my life & Spiritual Journey on Gaia.
Both the program and the WESAK Ceremony were powerfully transformative. I already feel a shift in my consciousness and the effect of all the blessings are shining upon my reality. I highly recommend that no one on the spiritual path should miss this incredible opportunity for the evolution of their own soul journey.
Over the last 20 years travelling the world I have met a few incredible individuals who have helped me grow on my path in truly wondrous ways. The Divine University & it’s key members are authentic and speak truth and deliver exactly as they say. They’re connection is so strong to source that it does not matter where in the world you are to receive the blessings & energy from the higher realms. It’s as if you were sitting right next to them. Many many thanks.
Thank you so much Amaya and the Wesak Team for a powerful and profound Wesak journey. It was so beautiful to be held in a deeply loving space and experience the wisdom and power of the Divine Feminine guiding us into the New Spiritual Year. I am so grateful also for the support of the Enlightened realms over the past year and always. It was wonderful to be connected with others all over the world and share this beautiful ceremony together.
This is the first full Wesak retreat I have done. It was extraordinary, the frequency, the relevance, the connection was so profound, I wept through many of the sessions, but felt completely held and supported. It was life changing, thank you so much to our teachers and all who made it possible.


Beloved God Source, Holy Spirit, Holy Mother, we ask and pray that over this Wesak full moon portal of grace, may our humanity and all life be blessed, washed, regenerated and renewed, as light streams forth into our sacred sites, grids, waterways, canyons, mountains, forests, the heart of our humanity, all creatures and our Mother Earth.

May the Source light wash away all fear.
May the Source light bless, raise up and grace every man, woman and child.
May the presence of light, increase, increase, increase throughout our world and within every heart.
May all that may have been depleted, be replenished through the Wesak portal of Grace for our world.
Blessed be! Blessed be all beings!
Blessed be all beings!
Blessed be all beings!

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