WESAK 2019

A spiritual doorway of pure Grace for your year ahead!

Be filled with the Light & refuelled for the year ahead

May 17, 18, 19 Live in New York OR via Online Livestream
May 18 Wesak Ceremony World Linkup

Wesak 2019 Teachers - Lelama Sjamar, Ama'Ya Ma, Mareehsa Ma
Blessings soul family,
we invite you to join us
for our 2019 Wesak program

On the Wesak full moon each year, a sacred doorway opens through the grace of Buddha and the Enlightened Ones that offers each one of us a great dispensation of light.

In the showering of this pure light upon our world, we are blessed dear one, and much may come into fruition in our lives, simply by receiving this immense light into our sacred vessels. This potent gifting of light into our core, serves our true need for replenishment and sustains us with the light we need for one year, in service to our family, projects, our community, humanity, all beings and the Mother Earth. It is a yearly gift of immeasurable light, offered to serve us upon our path with spirit.

The Wesak full moon heralds the new spiritual year on the inner planes, and at this time it is important to open wide, our spirit heart door, honour our path with our greater spirit and complete spiritually with the past year so we may enter the new year, in the fullness of our light.

In service to you at this special time of year, we offer your soul, mind, body and spirit, an empowering, frequency based 3 day program of grace in support of your soul’s fulfillment throughout the year ahead. You shall be held, graced and blessed by the Family of Light, God Source, Holy Mother, Holy Father, the holy spirit of Mother Earth and all your Relations to know love as your constant companion and experience its greater blessing upon your life.

The Divine University


Three teachers of the Divine University, AmaYa Ma Kumara, Lelama Sjamar and Mareesha Ma Kumara and the Family of Light, invite initiates of all paths to gather together in the light to receive this year’s 3 day Wesak Portal of Grace program.

DAY 1 – May 17, 2019

Day of Heart Expansion and Love

Receive from 5 Holy Sources of Love.

Ignite 5 Holy Relationships that Empower your contact with Divine Love!

DAY 2 – May 18, 2019

Day of Grace

Bathe in the Oneness Blessings for your Body and Mind.

Receive the WESAK CEREMONY, Buddha’s Empowerment of Immense Light!

DAY 3 – May 19, 2019

Day of Soul Fulfilment

Receive Blessings of Empowerment and Ease for your Soul’s Fulfillment.

Anchor a Pillar of Forgiveness and Prayer! Empower Peace on Earth!

  • Heart chakra illuminations
  • Divine lovelight activations
  • Transformational Sound infusions
  • Energisation of chakras
  • Transmissional teachings
  • Oneness blessings
  • Empowering meditations in an activated, love infused spiritual field

You will be blessed by a unique series of channeled presentations to:

  • Expand your heart chakra through the blessing of your Holy Mother, Holy Father and Mother Earth heart gateways
  • Receive an abundance of dispensations and grace from the Family of Light
  • Strengthen and elevate the resonant field of your heart chakra
  • Open and activate your doorways of receptivity and exchange with Source and Mother Earth
  • Raise your vibrational frequency via sound transmissions
  • Receive the mergence with our Love Body and empower the truth of love
  • Grace your life by receiving the Wesak inner plane ceremony with Buddha and the Enlightened Ones
  • Be blessed to experience love’s grace as the foundation of our life, weaving through all our relationships, projects and creations
  • Understanding your service contracts with your family and Higher Self
  • Discover your soul gifts and empower their use over the coming year
  • Bless every relationship with the power and presence of love
The Divine University
Receive a sacred invitation to train in an Ashram of Light on the inner planes, for one year, with any registration to one of our 2019 Wesak options.
The Great Invitation

Spend One Year in an Ashram of Light

Blessed heart, as you register for Wesak, you shall be offered a sacred invitation to receive one year of grace in an Ashram of Light through the Heart Portal of the Divine University. You will be asked to make a choice between joining the Ashram of Divine Presence or the Ashram of Divine Service to Gaia.

This service offers you one year of inner plane assistance, education and training on your spiritual path of Love, Wisdom or Presence and assists you in your service to family, community, humanity, or the Mother Earth.

Our humanity is in true need at this time, and Mother Gaia and her worlds are in need of restoration and balance. Spending time in an ashram of light on the inner planes shall accelerate you on your chosen path and empower you to discover your greater potential, gifts and greater purpose. As you are served by the emissaries of light in the ashram of your choice for one year, so shall your greater purpose be known, and so shall your service grow and fulfill your heart.

When we make a spiritual commitment in life, we are focused on by our Divine Presence and other Presences, and it is this greater commitment that accelerates our growth and allows us to fulfill our spiritual intentions and experience the fulfillment of our hearts.

Click on the button below to read more about the Ashram of Divine Presence and the Ashram of Divine Service to Gaia.

The Divine University

What are My Options for Receiving the Wesak Blessings?

Beloved heart,

You may receive Wesak 2019 via four options:

  1. Live in New York - The full 3 day Wesak event
  2. Live In New York - Day 2 Only - The Day Of Grace
  3. Online Livestream - The full 3 day Wesak event
  4. Online Livestream - The Wesak Full Moon Ceremony World Linkup 

Each successive day of the 3-day Wesak program has a cumulative effect upon our energy field and consciousness. This year’s delivery is based on the truth that Love is the first Law of Life. Each day, the love frequency shall infuse through us and concentrate.

We shall be touched by love’s presence and as the base frequency of our energy and consciousness raises in love, we become empowered to create and weave our life experience through love’s stable, unified field. Projects, creations, truth and wisdom flow with ease as our love frequency grows.

Beloved heart, we invite your soul to experience a deepening fulfillment over the coming year as you are assisted to engage with your immense creative and gifted nature with more ease, through love’s greater presence with you.

Each session will be recorded as high quality audio, which may be received via download from your Heart Portal membership page. This supports you to receive the program at a time that suits your time zone and schedule.

To register for Wesak you will need to become a free Heart Portal member. Your membership offers you many benefits, and will also deliver the Wesak audios to your personal Heart Portal membership page.

We welcome you with all of our love, to join us in receiving the vast Wesak blessings via this year’s Wesak Portal of Grace. Blessed be all beings! Blessed be all beings! Blessed be all beings!

The Divine University
Registration & Fees

Register for

Option 3
Online Livestream Worldwide

Divine University Wesak - 3 Days

Exchange: US$ 244
  • Receive the full 3 day event via our Online Livestream, OR via audio recordings delivered as MP3 downloads.
  • Day 1 - Day of Heart Expansion and Love (Livestream starts May 17 - 9.30am New York)
  • Day 2 - Day of Grace (Livestream starts May 18 - 9.30am New York)
  • Day 3 - Day of Soul Fulfilment (Livestream starts May 19 - 9.30am New York)

Option 4
Online Livestream Worldwide

Wesak Full Moon Ceremony World Linkup ONLY

Exchange: US$ 50
  • Receive the ‘Preparation for the Wesak Ceremony’ and ‘The Wesak Ceremony’ via our Online Livestream, OR via audio recordings delivered as MP3 downloads.
  • Wesak Preparation (Livestream starts May 18 - 2.30pm New York)
  • Wesak Full Moon Ceremony World Linkup (Livestream starts May 18 - 4pm New York)

Please Note:

You will receive clear instructions by email on how to join the Livestream 7 days before the event. You will have time to ask any questions about this. You will need a desktop or laptop computer or a smartphone to join the Online Live Stream.

You will also receive the audio download link notification via email, within 8 hours of the completion of the live event in New York, on each of the 3 days.

Beloved heart, if you are unable to receive 'The Wesak Ceremony' live, please note that 'it is important to receive this specific audio within one week of the Wesak full moon. This ensures that you receive Buddha's blessing in its fullness as it is co-created with the full moon frequencies.

The Divine University


Can you help me convert New York (EDT) dates and times to my local time zone?

Yes, please click on any of the links below to open the time zone converter for that day / session.

For Wesak Full Moon Ceremony World Linkup ONLY:

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