The Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother with Qala Sri'ama Phoenix: 20th October - 3rd November OR 20th October - 12th November 2019

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You may wish to Join Qala:

at Sedona/Grand Canyon in September or for the
MOTHER PILGRIMAGE in Mexico in December.

An Authentic SPIRITUAL JOURNEY of a Lifetime, visiting The Sphinx, Pyramids and the Ancient Egyptian Temples of the Nile, EGYPT


Join Qala for her last Secret Teachings Pilgimage in Egypt

Advance your Embodiment of Divine Love and Universal Healing, through receiving The 13 Initiations of The Holy Mother

Experience 13 days in Communion with the Holy Mother

The Grace of God is delivered through the Heart of the Holy Mother through the Holy Mother Emissaries, The Celestials and the Angelic Messengers.

May the Grace of God provide you with all that you need to live an enriching Soul Centered Divine Life within your Present Incarnation.

We invite you to receive the Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother with Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in the Ancient Egyptian Portals, Temples and Pyramids to:

  • Awaken your Divine Relationship with the Holy Mother to a conscious level of Pure Love.
  • Understand your Angelic, Celestial or Mother Emissary Connection of working with the Holy Mother and Divine Grace, and to initiate this connection through all 12 Dimensions of your Energy Body and Chakra System and through the Physical Plane.
  • Ignite your Divine Relationship with God’s Grace so you may become a Vessel of God’s Grace for your family, your community, the world and for the many sacred endeavours that your Heart calls you to beloved.
  • Receive the 13 Sacred Initiations of The Holy Mother for the purpose of Receiving Divine Love, Receiving Divine Grace, Re-initiating the Heart of Divine Innocence, Dispensing Divine Love and Dispensing Divine Grace to the World.
  • Receive the Secret Teachings of Communion and Communication with the Holy Mother and The Holy Mother Emissaries, The Celestial Mothers and Angelic Beings of Light.

When we awaken our Living Light relationship with Divine Grace, we open ourselves to become a larger instrument for Grace each day. This Grace shall overflow you and through you to ignite your Divine Love and Higher Life, blessed by the Divinity of your Soul and your Soul’s relationship with the Holy Mother.

You will receive the Grounding of 5 Higher Spiritual Bodies of Love, Compassion, Divinity, Grace and Oneness as the 13 Initiations of the Holy Mother ignite each of your chakras, and filaments of Energy are infused over 13 Days with the Holy Spirit Flame of the Holy Mother.

Our Sacred Prayer
May many more Divine Vessels of Grace birth upon our Earth and may this Grace flow like a river and then as an ocean through the hearts, minds, Souls, Spirits and bodies of all beings on Earth.

It is in response to this Sacred Prayer for more Divine Vessels of Grace, that we have received the commission to create the opportunity for all to receive THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF THE HOLY MOTHER IN OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2019.

Blessed Heart,

Are you be One of the 50 Divine Vessels of Holy Mother’s Grace to have received this sacred commission with me?

If so, you may be being called to join me for the Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother, for one of the following five reasons:

  1. Your Higher Self knows of your bigger work in the future and is preparing you to be able to receive Divine Grace and open to the highest frequency of Divine Love, as this is the most magical and most Loving route for you to prepare for your bigger work.
  2. Your Soul has a Higher Divine Purpose to bring Grace and Love and Transformation Healing to others, and your Higher Self/Presence is guiding you to open your Higher relationship with the Holy Mother, so you can do this with the full empowerment and support of God’s Grace and the Holy Mother’s Blessings.
  3. Your Spirit is very powerful and you have a very big vision, and huge heart and you need to expand your relationship with the Holy Mother, Angels and Celestials within the Physical plane to allow your powerful Spirit to go forward with no fear, and with the full positive force of Love, to grant your Life Path to allow your Soul to have full freedom and its full empowerment of Divine Love.
  4. Your path is the Path of the Missionary, or Holy Mother Emissary and you have great work you are either already doing with the Holy Mother, Angels and Celestials, and you are guided to receive this to expand your capacity as a Divine Vessel of Grace, or so you can birth your Work as this Divine Vessel.
  5. The Holy Mother has called you to a very important work with the Children and this work shall bless all the Children in the future you touch, contact or bless through your future work.



Extend your Journey with The Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother - Part 1: The Divine Journey & Part 2: The Master Journey (22 Days/23 Nights) - with Qala Sri'ama Phoenix: 20th October - 12th November 2019

Experience 22 days in Communion with the Holy Mother. Join Qala for an extra 9 Day Intensive Training as Part 2 of the Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother.

Activate Your Divine Vessel of Grace, for your Highest Work in the World

Activate your Divine Contact with the Galactic Libraries of The Holy Mother

You may join Qala for an extra 9 Day Intensive Training as Part 2 of the Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother.

Within this Intensive Divine Training, you will learn to train in the Sacred Practice of The Divine Vessel of Grace.

You will learn the Sacred Steps of How living as a Divine Vessel of God’s Grace can bless and enrich the Lives of many around you.

The 3 Steps are Re-Initiating Innocence, Dispensing Love, Dispensing Grace are the 3 Sacred Blessings from the Holy Mother that Lift Pain and Suffering from all Souls.





Event Properties

Event Date 20-10-2019
Event End Date 12-11-2019
Capacity 50
Individual Price See registration page for details
Location The Sphinx, Pyramids and the Ancient Egyptian Temples of the Nile, Egypt
Categories Qala Sri'ama Events, Secret Teachings Egypt Spiritual Journey, Spiritual Journeys


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