The Sagas

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Mother Earth

Invites Each One of Us to

Join The Mamos & Guardians of her Sacred Sites

The beauty and grace of Mother Earth has led us to come together from many countries in the world. Called by the heart, we have connected hearts with The Mamo's and made a promise to Mother Earth, to make the greatest effort we can to help Mother Earth reclaim, protect, regenerate and restore Sacred Sites of Great Importance to the Mamo's daily work of assisting the Great Balance on Earth. These are "The Sacred Offices" for the great work of the Mamo's. Areas of land that carry the information and consciousness for the future of our trees, our children, our water, and all of life in its full divine spectrum.

We are no different to anyone of you, as we come from the same source, drink the same water, breathe the same air, are warmed in the same way by the sun and fire, and walk upon the same Mother, Earth. We all have love in our hearts for Mother Earth. We carry all carry this oneness and together, we can make a great difference to the Mother Earth through making this same sacred promise.

Meet the Sagas

Amanda Bernal-Carlo, Ambassador for the Mamos

Amanda Bernal-Carlo, Ambassador for the Mamos

I am Colombian by birth, from Bogota, and some of the indigenous peoples are among my ancestors. By training, I am a biologist and an ecologist; so, by extension, I am a student of Life, and of Mother Earth. I heard the call from the Heart of the World, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta many years ago. So, in 1989 I went to the Sierra to study the snakes and frogs living there. It was part of my doctoral dissertation.

At that time, I contacted the Kogi tribe – the Arhuacos’ brother tribe. Since then, my heart is in the Heart of the World, in the Sierra, in the Chundwas (snow peaks) and in the mountains where the Elder Mamos and Spiritual Fathers and Mothers dwell, guiding us, protecting us. My heart is also with the Mamos, and with all the people of the Sierra, with its flora, with its fauna, and with its mineral world.

My commitment to the Arhuaco community and to the Mamos is enormous; I remain in close contact with them, learn the Mamos’ way to serve Mother Earth and Humanity. I spend much time working with the Mamos, women, children on several projects, whether I am in the Sierra, in Bogota, or in New York.

I am the Mamos’ Ambassador to the younger brothers’ world, from the Sierra to the world. I recognized that the main duty we all have is to serve the divine presence of the I AM in our heart and through that to serve the divine heart. As I see it, our usual daily activities are gradually decreasing and the call from the deeper spiritual tasks is steadily increasing. It is the call from our Saga heart.

As president of The Great Balance, I see my role as facilitator in every way possible for the Divine University, for the manifestation of its MOTHER project, and for the Sagas. It is probably one of the most important projects, manifested from the spiritual realm to save the work of the Mamos, their wisdom and culture, and combining the feminine and masculine principles hand in hand, key components for the New Humanity and Mother Earth, placing them on the platform of Freedom for traveling into the future.

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

I felt the Mamos' call in my heart when I was working in the Celestial Project, in service to the karmic clearing of humanity in regards to our Mother Earth and travelling to major cities on all continents to do sacred works with the Enlightened Masters and Earth Guardians. I was called by the heart of Mamo Dwawiku who I felt just through his name being spoken to me.

I was inspired to send him my hand written letter to be delivered in person, by the grace of others travelling to the Sierra. I shared of the existence of the Divine University's Gateway Project, and asked for the Mamo's blessing and consideration in making a journey, a sacred meeting.

The Mamos as a group received instructions to send 4 Mamos to meet with us and visit the beautiful land of Saga Katherine Cross in Montana, USA for "The Gathering" on lands where magnificent works in service to our Earth were taking place.

At the end of this journey after having 5 or 6 meetings with the Mamos and their Ambassador and translator - Amanda, the birth of the M.O.T.H.E.R project took place in New York. Mamo Dwawiku asked me if we could activate a mission together in service to the Sacred Sites of the Black Line.

As I have spent 20 years with the Enlightened Master's travelling to over 40 countries and their sacred sites to work with the portals of the Earth, and had spent months mapping the heavenly and earthly portal system, I was fascninated by the map of the ring of sacred sites, The Black Line that Mamo Dwawiku gave me. Since that time, this circle of sacred sites calls me to the Heart of the World and I recognise, if we can together reclaim sacred sites for the Mamos' work, this will reflect out in magnificent powerful ways to touch all other sacred sites and create a new movement for balance on Earth. I understood from the moment I received the map, that this ring of sacred sites and all within The Black Line, is linked to every other sacred site and region and our preservation as a species. It can be likened to a microcosm that cares for the greater macrocosm of the Earth realm. Just our hearts when they are cared for, care for all of our being. It was in this moment, I recognised this would be my greater service to the Mother Earth.

We give thanks each day that the Mamos' consciousness and immense wisdom remarkably is still here and doing this great work for our mother earth. The Mamos are still committed in large numbers to be the Guardians and Protectors of our Earth.

Amaya Ma Kumara

Amaya Ma Kumara

The Mamos of the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta of northern Colombia are an immense source of inspiration through their deep capacity to serve the Mother Earth and all life. This service begins daily at 4am with purifying themselves and cleansing, balancing and maintaining energy flows within their ancestral territory and the world.

The Mamos live in a region they call The Heart of the World, and truly this is a land where the veils to the heart of the Mother Earth, are thinnest. For centuries and millennia, they have each been trained, almost since birth, to take care of our world and ‘read’ our world to receive the messages that guide and direct their activities.

There are no self directed activites, only the activites given to them by the spiritual mothers and fathers, by mother nature and the heart of the guardians of life. They have given themselves fully to divine service.

They call themselves the elder brothers and beloved heart, they now have a true need to be supported to reclaim their ancestral lands and strengthen their status in the world as Planetary Caretakers of the highest degree for the future of all life on Earth.

They truly inspire me, to the point of tears to just think and know that the truth of our humanity’s giftedness is held at such a high level somewhere on the Earth.

For this reason I am now a dear supporter and friend who is praying for the success of the MOTHER Project to enable the greater mission of the Mamos to be fulfilled.

This can only occur if we as the younger brothers and sisters stand together and bring our combined resources together, both spiritual and economic to make amends and to righten the relationship that we as westerners bear the karma for, through the actions of our ancestors 500 years ago when the Spanish entered the territorial lands of the 4 tribes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

It is a priveledge and honour to be able to stand as a representative of the nations and peoples who may have inadvertently held beliefs that indigenous peoples are lesser than, less educted, less intelligent and are insignificant.

We carry a great compassion and reverence for our ancestors equal to the reverence we carry for the peoples of these 4 tribes and specifically the spiritual initiates who train to care for our world from a place of immense wisdom, understanding, passed on through generations and all they carry from their own experiences on the nature of reality, the structure of our world and the universe, and the infinite dedication towards fulfilling their greater mission in each of their incarnations, that has been an unbroken line spanning back thousands of years.

My role as an educator, is to educate others about the path of divine service and to inspire others to support those who are living and breathing this greater path of world service.

There is much to accomplish, to support the return of stability within their communities and it is my heart wish to make a difference in the highest way I can.

Their way is not the way of the multinationals who intend to mine, dam, and change the environmental balance.

Their way is not to own for the sake of individual profiteering. Their way is not to expand due to greed. Their way is simple and that is to serve the Mother so all of life receives the life force and sustenance to live in balance, and balance is maintained between all worlds, all life forms, and all species. The Mamos are the great balancers of the 2 primary forces in our universe, masculine and feminine and as I support this balance within myself, I am able to offer divine support in greater ways.

My commitment to the work of the MOTHER Project will span over the rest of my life and in this time, I will be fully guided from the heart of my inner presence and the heart of Mother Earth, to take one step at a time, towards the fulfillment of the group mission for the Protection, Restoration, Reclamation and Regeneration of the Sacred Sites of the Black Line in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

  • Our first task is to educate and inspire the vision.
  • Our second task is to be present in body, mind, soul, spirit united with all others who share this vision, for together we can acomplish all.
  • Our third task is to stand in our pillar of strength, determination, commitment, service and love and hold the vision for all 4 tribes, for their ways, their truth, their gifts to our world to be empowered, upifted to the truth of their capacity to bless our world in this time of great change where we are birthing the new from within the cyrsalis of our old ways.
Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar

Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar

In May 2016 I was profoundly blessed being invited into the beautiful Mother Project, to be involved in creating a deep honouring relationship with the Mamos of the Arhuaco Resguardo in the Sierra Nevada the Santa Marta and their work. The first special meeting in the Sierra with the Mamos birthed the Mission of the Mother Project – a collaboration between Mamos and Sagas of an Ancient Lineage, and Sagas with a deep engagement of care for the Earth, representing the Younger Brothers and Sisters of humanity.

Being a part of this amazing powerful Mission and Project is fulfilling a life long dream and commitment for me to work with and for the Earth and her Indigenous Caretakers, making amends for all that humanity has done to disturb the natural cycles of Life, so we may restore the balance, so Mother Gaia and all her kingdoms, species and natural world may live well, in harmony, in peace, and Creation may flourish and thrive.

To simply be with the Mamos in Webinars or Live in the Sierra - their energy, the loving resonance in their voice, their wisdom teachings being so pure and wise, and their openness to go beyond their ancient ways and embrace the new - touches my heart, my soul, my spirit so deeply, and opens in me a great dedication and inspiration to give all the connection that Mother Earth and God opened in me, to the Presence of the Divine in this beautiful people, this amazing land, this powerful project in the Sierra Nevada.

Aware of the connection of all life through the Field of Oneness and Creation, all focus on balancing the Earth’s sacred sites, lines of light and creation, restoring Life in the Sierra and the Ancient Ways of her people, I know will be a great gift for the whole planet and all her people and species. Will have a great impact on the beauty, the harmony, the peace in you, your family, your community, your country, your Earth.

Is there any part of you that hears the Call, feels the Pulse? This is the time to be here for Mother Earth, to gather our resources, our physical, financial, energetic, wisdom and love contributions to support the fulfilment of the Mother Project’s Aim: Restore, Balance, Reclaim, Regenerate and Protect the sacred sites and all life in the Sierra, so All of the Earth, all sacred sites and her species, plants, trees, waters, mountains, animals, peoples may live in peace and together we create a New World.

Anjahlia Mareesa Sheehan

Anjahlia Mareesa Sheehan

My first meeting of the Mamos was with Qala at the Statue Of Liberty NYC. Our hearts found a deep and familiar connection! I carry Cherokee native American blood lineage and was born in Oklahoma. Part of me always respected the wisdom and right earth relationship of the indigenous. After hosting the Mamos to offer beautiful earth ceremonies and healings at my property in upstate N.Y., Mamo Menjabin ceremonially adopted me as his spiritual daughter.

My first Saga visit to the Arhuacan communities was in the summer of 2017. My heart and soul found roots and dug deeply into the sacred blood and soil of the Sierra Nevada’s de Santa Marta, Columbia. I was privileged to meet with Mamo Sequiku who began the movement to save and protect the “Black Line” for the greater good of humanity.

My soul dream is to live in “Mamo Consciousness”, where we all live in this unified field of cohesive collective consciousness. So too does this consciousness weave through our work and mission with the MOTHER PROJECT and The Great Balance!

Our mission is to spread the message from the Elder Brothers to the younger brothers to awaken, to listen and accept their place as Guardians and Stewards of our Mother Earth. We ask you, … would you join us in finding your puzzle piece and work together for the regeneration, protection, restoration and reclamation of the sacred sites of the Black Line?

In collaboration with our Mother Earth,

In cosmic heart embrace,

We thank you


El'Zura Llamael Kumara

El'Zura Llamael Kumara

El'Zura Llamael Kumara

Our Journey So Far

In March 2016 the Mission called the first 4 Sagas to visit the Mamos and spend 2 weeks together camping, making the pagamentos, sacred offerings at sacred sites and receiving the messages from Mother Earth about joining in mission, and how we would accomplish this mission together, as elder brothers and younger sisters, as representatives of the Guardians and our humanity in its making of amends to Mother Earth. To ground our beginning, a document was created that detailed agreements, tasks and the spiritual purpose of our work together.

In August 2017 in our second journey 6 Sagas met with the Mamos, offering pagamentos in sacred sites and receiving messages for our next steps. The Mamos and Arhuaco leaders also shared education about the Mamos' way of Guardianship of the Mother Earth. A document was created to guide the collaboration of the Mamos and the Sagas to bring balance to 3 sacred sites in the Sierra to assist the Earth, which would require 9 months of preparation of spiritual work by the Mamos before it could take place.

In May 2018 in our 3rd journey this important ceremony was created, as an offering for the restoration of the balance of life on Earth. Knowing the Mamos are doing their work is a great relief when you understand the level of their connection with the Earth Mother, but they are calling all of us to help them as it is a crucial time for the continuation of many species including our own.

In January and July 2019 the 4th and 5th journey offered a deepening of the collaboration between the Mamos, the Sagas and the Guardians in the Sierra, for the expansion of the Mission work, as preparations for another great ceremony that will take place in December 2019, in our 6th journey to the Sierra

In the meantime on 28 September this year the monthly Live Webinars with the Mamos will launch, to bring the Love, Wisdom and Sacred work of the Mamos for the Earth and Humanity to as many of the Younger Brothers and Sisters as possible - A Call for your Support of the Mamos' dedication to the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth and Humanity.

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