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The Mother Pilgrimage

7th December - 22nd December, 2019

Join Qala Sri’ama and The Holy Mother, The Enlightened Masters, The Celestial and Star Mothers and Earth Guardians for her final Spiritual Pilgrimage


We will journey with our Divine Presences, The Holy Mother, The Celestial Mothers, the Star Mothers, The Guardians and Caretakers, Ancient Grandmothers and The Enlightened Ones through the Portals of Pyramid of Sun and Moon, Teotihuacán, Mexico City to the Caribbean, to the Pyramids of Chichén Itzá and Uxmal, Yucatán to Lake Bacalar


We will receive, ground and practice



Just imagine how your life can be with a Full and Open Heart and how blessed you will feel as discover your Puzzle Piece and Power of World Service

We will Open our Heart Powerfully

What REALLY happens when your Heart Opens?

When your Heart opens, Divine Energy that comes from within your Heart, pours outwardly to create the feelings of love, peace, happiness, oneness and brings to you the experience of your own puzzle piece - how you fit into the world, into life and how you belong, the sense of belonging and loving is the experience we gift ourselves when we truly open our heart.

Opening your Heart is a Divine Experience, that gifts you the ability to experience the Divinity of your being and gifts our world your special puzzle piece.

Opening our Hearts truly creates us to feel whole, fulfilled, complete, Divine love, safe, our Divinity and our true place of belonging. We carry all we need right here, right now. Our Heart carries all of our empowerment! We only need to learn how to Open It.

What is our Heart Truly?

The Heart of our Soul is the largest part of our being, and it is the storage house of our truth, love and wisdom. Our heart is timeless and eternal. When our Soul’s heart opens, it encompasses every part of all our being, creates safety for it, creates the flow of respect, creates unity for every part of our consciousness, love unites our mind, body and Spirit. When our Soul’s heart opens, we know ourselves truly.

How do we learn to live with an Open Heart?

Just like everything in life, we need time to practice the art of opening our heart. Once our heart has opened every day for a regular period, our unconscious carries the program or message of how to open the heart every day. Just like learning to ride a bike, it requires a period of time of commitment and once we have practiced it every day, our automatic pilot is set to wake up in this open-hearted state.

What is the Experience of the Open Heart?

Being open hearted is not simply an experience of openness. Open Hearted is an experience of Divine Energy, Love and Wholeness. Some believe that we are open hearted when we are offering kind acts to others. Our heart guides us to be kind, but kindness can be offered with a partial open heart.

The open heart gives us the Divine experience of Giving, so that as we give, we experience the Divine energy and we are raised into a higher energy. When our hearts are open, and we connect with other people’s hearts. We feel the higher energy in others, even if they feel a lower vibration in themselves.

The experience of the open heart is the experience of the Eternal Flame that is held in the center of our chest (your Divine Source Connection), expanding through your whole field.

What are the 3 Steps to Opening our Heart?

On the Mother Pilgrimage, there are 3 steps that are required to program our heart opening into our unconscious, so our energy operates this way from our inner automatic pilot (our unconscious).

  • This is an alignment process, that the Enlightened Masters and Holy Mother wish to guide you upon over a period of 7 days of our 15 day Pilgrimage. It requires 7 days of your commitment to align to the very center of your being, to your heart, to the heart of your Soul.
  • In a world of so many distractions, so many things to do, so many opportunities of what you can involve your energy in, ask yourself this question - HAVE YOU EVER SPENT 7 DAYS ALIGNING TO YOUR HEART FOR NO OTHER PURPOSE THAN TO GET IN CONTACT WITH WHO YOU ARE. This will be the first 7 days of our focus on the MOTHER PILGRIMAGE.
  • When we are aligned to our heart, we are able to receive from the greater Field of Life and the Universe, all the energy we need to solidify our connection, stabilize it, concretize it, so we can stay connected with our heart, even if there are things occurring outside of us that would normally pull us out of our heart connection. This is a special process that requires a number of days…this will be unique for every person.
  • DURING THIS PERIOD OF TIME, THE HOLY MOTHER AND ENLIGHTENED ONES INVITE YOU ON THE JOURNEY INTO YOUR HEART TO RECEIVE During this journey into your heart you shall discover the truth and you shall let go of the false truths. You shall discover a truth you can rely on and trust, that your heart carries. You will let go of false truths that have blocked your trust of your own heart, trust of yourself and the depth of that trust in who you are, and trust in your own heart to care for you and all you care for as a Caretaker.
STEP 3 is to EXPAND YOUR HEART ENERGY AROUND THE WHOLE OF THE EARTH many times. We will be opening and expanding our hearts in Divine ways to surround the Mother Earth and the special beings that you over-light as a Caretaker, every day of our 15-day pilgrimage.
  • When this occurs, after the first two steps, there is a great release of your heart energy. We will be practicing this each day. Every day we will be opening our heart and expanding it further around the whole of the Mother Earth together.
  • This 3rd step of regular practice of expanding our hearts around the whole of the Earth, around every tree, every being. When you do this by the Portals of the Earth visiting Sacred Sites, this creates a momentous manifestation. Together this formula is the formula which will take you into a profound connection with your Heart and all you carry as Light and Love.
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What is the Mother Pilgrimage?

The Mother Pilgrimage is the journey of going into the Heart of your Soul, into the Heart of your Holy Spirit, and into the Heart of the Earth. It is a 15 day journey into your Heart, as you are initiated by the Holy Mother and Guardians to be a loving Caretaker. You shall discover your special puzzle piece, your special role of world service and how you can make a great difference to many.

You shall receive the initiations and teachings of your unique role as a Caretaker. All who attend will receive a great heart opening experience. Divine energy will flood in and you will feel love and wholeness, as the parts of yourself that carry’s fear about the Earth Mother, fear about the people you love, and fear for other species are assisted to release this fear in the most beautiful and gentle way, through the powerful opening of your heart. To free yourself to be able to be care without fear, to care through the open-heart connection, to allow caring to be a beautiful experience instead of a burden.

What is the Purpose of the Mother Pilgrimage?

  • To open our hearts regularly and deeply to be as big as the Mother Earth’s body so we may experience the release of our heart’s Divine energy
  • To receive an amazing 7 Day alignment, to connect to the truth of who we are
  • To experience the depth and power of our hearts and trust our hearts fully
  • For the evolution of our Caretaker nature to become empowered
  • To allow the fear held in the body and energy field, that has been inherited, to be purified by the power of our hearts, to be released a little more each day as we open our hearts around the Mother Earth in our sacred practices
  • To receive 3 initiations, for the recalibration of our neural network, which will change the experience we have of CARING for our lives, and all that we hold as a responsibility of Care
  • To receive the 5 Sacred Teachings of the Caretaker and move through giving service as a Caretaker through the 7 Sacred Gifts/Powers of our Caretaker nature
  • To create their experience of caring, to be a Divine experience instead of an experience of difficulty
  • To journey into our hearts and meet with the Spiritual Mothers and Spiritual Fathers who will be our guides on the Mother Pilgrimage
  • To work within the Portals of the Pyramids and Waterways of Mexico, as Caretakers for our Initiations and Training
  • To work with the Guardians and Caretakers of the Earth
  • To align to who we are as loving Caretakers and to do our service work as loving Caretakers - to own our sacred unique roles as Caretakers
  • We travel into our hearts and through our heart chakras to meet with the Caretakers and many Mothers who will come from the Stars and Galaxies and from the Portals, the Mothers who will be our guide on this journey.

So, we walk with an Open Heart, without fear and enjoy the art of Caring.

What is a Caretaker?

A Caretaker has promised to take on a responsibility for the spiritual well-being of others and been initiated to this in the higher realms of light. It may be your spiritual role to care for the animals, or for the plants/trees or for humanity, or for the Earth. There are 7 unique types of Caretakers. 

Caretakership is a Divine Relationship, a Caretaker carries spiritually within their vaster awareness, within their Spirit which is 99.99 % of their energy.

A Caretaker has a Divine Relationship with those they are Caretaker to, in 3 unique ways:

  1. A Caretaker feels or senses the different dimensions of those that they are a Caretaker of. In otherwords, you will sense them more deeply than others.
  2. A Caretaker has the spiritual power and ability to expand their heart around what they are Caretaker to, and a Caretaker can balance their energy.
  3. A Caretaker has been initiated by the Holy Mother and The Guardians in one of their lifetimes to be this specific form of Caretaker. This initiation creates their Spirit to have this very special symbiotic relationship with all beings in their Caretakership.

What does the Mother Pilgrimage offer you?

The training not only will offer you the experience of your Open Heart, but it will offer you Initiation and Training as a True Caretaker of one of the following:

  • Caretaker of Children
  • Caretaker of Humanity
  • Caretaker of The Earth Mother
  • Caretaker of the Animals
  • Caretakers of the Forest and Plant Kingdom
  • Caretaker of Mountains, Volcanoes, Rock, Crystal and Minerals
  • Caretaker of the Waterways, Glaciers, Iceland’s and Water beings

Everyone has a special and significant relationship in Spirit, with one of these forms of Caretakerships. You shall discover your puzzle piece for your service to the world.

What are the 7 Special Roles of a Caretaker?

Through the Holy Mother and The Guardian’s initiation system, there are 7 unique Divine Relationships or roles that may be seen as an Overlighting Caretakership on Earth. As you read these, you may feel aligned with more than one of these roles, but spiritually a Soul may only be initiated to one of these roles. In your previous lives, you will have been initiated to one of these roles. If you resonate with more than one, recognize this is because you feel closeness and a love, but this love does not relate to initiation. Initiation involves a deeper level of responsibility. You may ask your Higher Self and Presence, which role do you have a deep spiritual responsibility with, as a Caretaker.


The Caretaker of Mother Earth

The Guardians initiate all Overlighting Caretakers of the Earth. If you are a Caretaker of the Earth, you have been initiated in one of your lifetimes as a Traditional Caretaker of the Earth. This will have occurred in a lifetime as an Indigenous Elder or Wise person. The Caretakers of the Earth have a Divine Relationship with the Earth. They feel the Earth and a responsibility to her. They fulfil their heart and feel whole, as they serve as Caretakers of the whole Earth.

The Caretakers of Children

The Celestial Mothers initiate all Overlighting Caretakers of the Children. The Caretakers of the Children work with the Souls of Children and their Birthing and Development process. They work with the Angels and the Holy Mother and they can communicate with the Divine Child Nature of all Souls. The Caretakers of the Children have that Divine Relationship with Children. They feel the children and their responsibility to them and their service to children fulfils them.

The Caretakers of the Animals, Birds, Reptiles and Insects

Gaia with the assistance of The Sirians and Pleiadians initiate all Overlighting Caretakers of the Animal Kingdom. The Caretakers of the Animals work with the Ancestral Spirits, Totemic Powers, the Families of Animals and their dreaming pathways of travel, and they can open Portals for the Animals and communicate with animals. The Caretakers of the Animals have a Divine Relationship with all of the animals, and it fulfils them.

The Caretakers of the Mountains, Volcanoes, Rock, Crystal and Minerals

Gaia with the assistance of The Guardians initiate all Overlighting Guardians of the Mountains, Rock, Crystal and Minerals. Caretakers of the Mountains, Rock, Crystal and Minerals work with the Star and Earth Portal system, the Crystalline Pathways and Libraries of Wisdom and Knowledge, and they can access the Hidden Wisdom and Knowledge.

The Caretakers of the Forests, Trees and Plant Kingdom

Gaia with the assistance of the Ancient Ones initiate all overlighting Caretakers of the Forests, Trees and Plant Kingdom. Caretakers of the Forests, Trees and Plants work with the Devic, Faery, Elven, Elemental, Nature Spirit Kingdoms and the Spirit of the Plants, Trees and Ancient Ones who overlight the Forests and can communicate through the tree network. The Caretaker of the Forests, Trees and Plants have a Divine Relationship with the forest, trees and plants.

The Caretakers of the Water Ways, Glaciers, Ice-land’s and Water Beings

Gaia with the assistance of Star Mothers and The Sirians and the Pleiadians initiate all Overlighting Caretakers of the Waterways and Water Beings. Caretakers of the Waterways and Water Beings work with the Water Portals, oceans, rivers, lakes, creeks and springs and all who beings who live or travel by water and receive messages when they connect with a water source.

The Caretakers of Humanity

The Enlightened Masters initiate all Overlighting Caretakers of Humanity. Caretakers of Humanity work with the whole Collective of Humanity and hold an absolute unconditional love and forgiveness of Humanity. Caretakers of Humanity see the Divinity of Humanity and can connect to the Divine Presence and Ancestors of a person easily. Caretakers of humanity have a Divine Relationship with all of Humanity and the Ancestors who have been human.

What is a Caretaker?

What is your Caretakership?

  • Your Higher Self or Presence is able to guide you to see beyond your feelings of resonance-preference and also see beyond the feeling of what you love, when you contemplate which of the 7 possible Caretakership’s role is your true spiritual alignment. Understand the truth does not lay in your resonance. The truth of this is held in the Higher Light Planes as you carry this initiation spiritually and it does not relate only to what you love and feel close to within the Physical Plane.
  • Remember that you can still love every one of the beings overlighted by each of the 7 roles, and offer service, even if it is not your initiation or responsibility. Receiving one of these roles as your true spiritual role does not mean you cannot care and give service to other beings or for other purposes.
  • Your deepest level of caring may be for another Soul, it may be for children, for the Mother Earth, for someone in your family, or for animals. Wherever your caring is, your heart is guiding you to give care.
  • The true nature of your Caretaker role cannot close, and you cannot choose to go on holiday from this caring energy. You will care even if you no longer want to. It is a calling deeper than even your own happiness and personal fulfilment. Even when you feel like no longer caring or not wanting to feel the responsibility or feeling of caring anymore, you cannot close down this feeling of care and responsibility.
  • It is a Divine Relationship as close to your Soul, as your own heart is. It is something you cannot turn off or shut down and it has a deep effect on your whole life and being. This is because you have been initiated to have a very spiritual relationship of symbiosis. This will usually have taken place in another lifetime.

What is an Earth Caretaker?

All 7 roles of Caretaker described, are Earth Caretakers who give service through the Earth Plane for the highest good to do no harm or damage. An Earth Caretaker works with the natural forces of the Universe and Earth to care for Life and they specialize in the art of caring through giving blessings, offering special forms of energy work that create balance for other beings. They are empowered to move energy, balance energy and restore energy, so the natural elements and Divine forces of life flow to create balance. They do this so life continues to grow with harmony and peace in accordance to nature’s cycle of evolution. A Caretaker is empowered, by contacting the Divine forces that provide harmony, peace, health, well-being and love within life.

All of the humanity has the potential to be a Caretaker. Caring deeply for life can be painful if one does not align one’s work as a Caretaker to the natural forces of the Earth and Universe. Our Caretaker nature is inherent in all of humanity, but it must be awakened.

Caretakership begins with an approach to life that honors all of life as sacred and important. From the smallest of species in life, to our humanity, to the rivers and mountains and to all in nature. All of life is sacred and precious.

A Caretaker’s approach is made by taking the care to initiate the pristine essence within all life, if it is not activated. This is care for the Soul, of humanity, the children and all animals. This is the care for the Spirits of the plants, mountains, waterways, trees, forests, glaciers, water - Spirits in all of life, and a care for the Sacred Essence held in all in the mineral, plant kingdom and insect kingdom.

What is the Special Work of an Initiated Caretaker?

There are 7 Sacred Fundamental Teachings and Practices of the Earth Caretaker which can be applied in life, to activate your Sacred Work as a Caretaker on Earth. These 7 teachings and practices can be learnt easily and when visiting Sacred Sites, it is even easier to learn them and open your gifts to be able to embody them to become the Caretaker.

  1. You will learn how to create a Blessing
  2. You will learn how to activate the 4 important forms of the Energy Work of the Caretaker
  3. You will learn how to do the most powerful work of a Caretaker – the Consciousness Work
  4. You will learn how there is so much more of you, than your physical nature, and how to spiritually leave your Presence to continue to care for what your work is as a Caretaker. Caretakers cleanse the fear, simply through opening their hearts powerfully wider and wider.

You will be given the keys and the tasks and sacred practice each morning to expand the energy of your heart further and wider and wider in special ways to tap into the Unified Field and to marry your energy with the Caretakers, your Presence and Mother Gaia to prepare yourself for the future – to be this loving non fearful Caretaker.

The 7 Powerful Gifts an Initiated Caretaker May Offer

In Service to the Earth, Humanity, Children and all Species

The 7 unique works of The Caretakers are:

  1. The Blessing - Expand your Heart and Balance and Restore the Energy of Land, or People, Children or any Species – A Caretaker always receives their own energy upgrade as they offer blessings to those they care for.
  2. 1st Level of Energy Work - Open the Natural Flow of Energy, if it has closed due to any harm or damage.
  3. 2nd Level of Energy Work - Activate the Quantum Field of Light within the Land, or Person, Child or another Species – A Caretaker always receives a life energization as they do this.
  4. 3rd Level of Energy Work - Contact the full power of the Universal and Earth Forces within Life and move these Forces in special ways around and within all of what you are caring for. The forces are always experienced by a Caretaker as they do this. Use your Consciousness and Thoughts to direct the Flow of the Universal and Earthly forces. This also aligns and activates a Caretakers Higher Consciousness.
  5. 4th Level of Energy Work - Tap into the Unified Field - Quantum Field and Infuse the Universal and Earthly forces again through the physical body or physical matter of what you are caretaking.
  6. The Caretaker’s Consciousness Work – The Consciousness and Light within the land, person, child is reactivated or returned into the physical body or physical matter, and the Spiritual Power and Consciousness is awakened within the physical, so the natural Universal and Earthly forces flow again through what you are caretaking.
  7. Activation of a Caretaker’s Presence – All Caretakers leave their higher energy and Presence with what they are caretaking for, as they complete the physical component of the work. With wisdom and knowledge, a Caretaker does not take or carry any problems or being’s energy with them on their journey. Caretakers leave their Presence with those or the land they bless, work with as Protection and Spiritual Empowerment so the natural forces can continue to flow through them and create the Divine Balance.

Why is the Mother Pilgrimage held at the Pyramids of Mexico?

  • Every Soul called to the Mother Pilgrimage was initiated to a specific form of Caretakership in previous lifetimes. During our Pilgrimage, we will each be guided to our Soul’s Relationship as a Caretaker (one of 7 Caretaker Roles) and our 3 Initiations will support the Original Initiation your Soul, received in other lifetimes, to be reactivated through the Neural Network of our Brain and Body.
  • Each of the primary Sacred Sites we will visit (Teotihuacán, Chichén Itzá and Uxmal) carry within them Ancient Time Capsules, and Ancient Earth Technologies within the Inner Portal of the Pyramids.
  • Each of these Pyramids ground and protect a special form of access to the Earth Libraries of Light, storehouses of Great Wisdom. They store ancient Scrolls made of Pure Light. It is these Scrolls that will facilitate each of the 3 Initiations you will be receiving.
  • Joining the Mother Pilgrimage will enable you to receive the 3 Initiations of the Caretaker, while gathering in the special energy and aura of 3 Ancient Pyramid Portals - Teotihuacán, Chichén Itzá and Uxmal with a loving group of likeminded people. As we each open our hearts, all will experience an immense lightness and joy – the Divine heart of humanity.

What are the 3 Initiations of the Caretaker?

These 3 Initiations will offer you a Divine Recalibration of the Neural Network within your Brain to allow your Consciousness to exchange with Caretakers of your specific initiation. They will offer you a connection into the Neural Network of Life.

Together as a Group, we will be contacting the Guardians and unlocking the Ancient Earth Technologies held within the Spiritual Portal of each of the 3 Primary Pyramids we will visit.

We will be Initiating each Pyramid to Activate to a Higher Frequency Charge, for the purpose of Initiating the Divine Teachings and Scrolls of the Caretaker stored within the Pyramids. We will each receive the Scrolls activated through each of our Chakras, as we receive the 3 Divine Initiations. This will allow all of us to be able to work with each of the Pyramids very deeply.

What are the Teachings of the Caretaker?

The Teachings of the Caretaker involve the following 5 Sacred Deep Understandings. Together these teachings offer you a Wholistic Understanding of Life on Earth.

  1. The Unified Field of Life
  2. The Neural Light Network - This network threads through the Planetary Body, through the Human Physical Body and through the Light Network that threads through Stars and Portals of the Universe
  3. Symbiosis and Symbiotic Relationship
  4. The Natural Healing Mechanism of Life
  5. The Forces of Dark and Light that create the Great Balance for Life to Evolve and continue

All of the Children, all of Humanity, the Planetary Body and all Species have a direct relationship with the 5-fold symbiotic relationship that we call “Life on Earth”. Understanding the Children’s connection, understanding Humanity’s connection, understanding the Planetary Mother Earth’s connection and understanding the other Species connection through this symbiotic relationship that we call life, is an important fundamental foundation of conscious awareness necessary to hold the sacred approach to all life situations as a Caretaker.

The Teachings of the Divine Caretaker will offer a crystal-clear understanding into all these Elements of Life on Earth, and how our Children, all of Humanity, the Planetary Body and all Species are living in true symbiosis.

A Caretaker has the gift to see the Natural Order, align and balance all for that which they are responsible for, so this Natural Order and Symbiosis in Life is not disrupted. This is the foundation of Understanding and Connection that empowers a being to embody their loving Caretakership of any of the 7 Unique Caretaker Roles that they have as their personal initiation.


What is your World Service during our Pilgrimage?

In the beginning of our Pilgrimage we will be choosing to give service to one Kingdom – it may be the trees, or the children of humanity, all of humanity, the animals or a specific species of animals, an endangered species, the whales etc. We will be in the service of specifically working with this group. We will be advancing our Heart Connection powerfully as a Caretaker.

We will be learning how to balance the energy for these specific beings in the collective. The Guardians and Mothers will be teaching us how to create the Great Balance. Through opening our heart from singularity of self into the group heart connection to offer our highest form of service to the planet and Universe in service to a specific group, we will each take on this service for a period of 15 days as a training.

It may be the whales or the dolphins or an endangered species. Your own heart will guide you to that which your work will be. Each day we will do this work together. Each day we will expanding our hearts further.

Each day we will receive the Initiations and Teachings of the Caretaker to walk with the Open Heart fully without fear or the need to close or shrink our hearts. Learning to walk with the open heart in safety in oneness with Mother Earth and all beings.

Teotihuacán - The Pyramid of Sun and Moon

Chichén Itzá - Pyramid of Kukulcan

Uxmal - The Mother Pyramid

Lake Bacalar - The Sacred Lake of 7 Colours

Draft Itinerary
Please Note: This itinerary is our AUGUST 2019 draft and it may alter. When you register, you will receive the most recent draft itinerary sent to you, and any updates that may occur.


Saturday 7th December 2019 (Day 1) - Day of Arrival
  • Please arrive in Mexico City Airport by 12 midday, so you may be picked up and transported to the hotel. (Airport transfers may be arranged for you by the travel agent when making your booking)
  • Check in to Hotel NH Collection Mexico Reforma (at any time after 12pm midday)
  • 5pm – 7:30pm - Meet Qala Sri’ama for Your Special Energy Preparation and Unique Caretaker Role
  • 8pm - Dinner via own arrangements



Sunday 8th December 2019 (Day 2) – Visit the Pyramid of Sun and Moon
  • 7:30am - Place Bags outside room to be loaded onto bus. Breakfast at Hotel included (please take some fruit for some snacks)
  • 8:30am - Board Bus to leave for The Teotihuacán Pyramids
  • 10am - Visit Teotihuacán - The Pyramid of Sun and Moon
  • 10:30am – 1:30pm - Our Spiritual Ceremony and 1st Heart Opening and 1st Teaching
  • 1:30pm - Lunch in local restaurant, by own arrangements
  • 3:30pm - Check in to our rooms at Villas Teotihuacán Hotel and Spa by the Pyramids
  • 5pm – 8pm – Teachings - (3 hours in conference room)
  • 8pm - Dinner via own arrangements
Monday 9th December 2019 (Day 3) – The Teotihuacán Pyramids
  • 7:30am - Place Bags outside room to be loaded onto bus. Breakfast at Villas Teotihuacán Hotel and Spa included (please take some fruit for snacks)
  • 8:30am - Board bus to Visit Teotihuacán Pyramids of Sun/Moon
  • 9am – 11:30am - Our 2nd Heart Opening Session and our 1st Initiation
  • 12 midday - Lunch in local restaurant via own arrangements
  • 1:45pm - Board bus to Travel to Mexico City Airport
  • 3:45pm - Arrive at Mexico City Airport
  • Dinner on plane via own arrangements
  • 5:45pm – 8:55pm - Fly to Cancun from Mexico City
  • Check in to Hotel Marriott Cancun Resort



Tuesday 10th December 2019 (Day 4) - Travel to Chichén Itzá
  • 7am - Breakfast at Hotel included
  • 9am - Check out and Bags outside room by 9:30am
  • 10am - Board Bus
  • 10:30am - Bus Leaves Hotel
  • Heart Opening Meditations (on Bus) (All are required to bring phones and headphones, or mp3 listening devices with headphones)
  • 1:30pm - Arrive at Hotel Mayaland Chichén Itzá
  • 1:30pm - Lunch and relax in Hotel Mayaland, via own arrangements)
  • 3pm - Check into our rooms, rest and shower
  • 4:30pm – 7:30pm - Group Session – 3rd Heart Opening Session & Teaching
  • 8pm - Dinner via own arrangements
Wednesday 11th December 2019 (Day 5) – Full Moon at Chichén Itzá
  • 7:30am - Breakfast included
  • 9am –12 midday - 4th Heart Opening Session and Teaching
  • 1pm - Lunch and Siesta
  • 5pm – 7:30pm – Teaching – Practice - How to give a Blessing
  • 7:30pm - Dinner by own arrangements
  • 9:30pm – 11:30pm - Full Moon Ceremony by the Pyramid of Kukulcan (11:12pm is exact time of the Full Moon)
Thursday 12th December 2019 (Day 6) – 12/12 at Chichén Itzá
  • 8am - Breakfast included
  • 9am – 12 midday - 5th Heart Opening Session and Teaching
  • 12 midday – 1:30pm - Lunch via own arrangements
  • 1:30pm - Visit Cenote (Cavern Water Hole)
  • 4:30pm – 7:30pm – Teachings and Practice of Special Energy work
  • Dinner via own arrangements
Friday 13th December 2019 (Day 7) - Chichén Itzá
  • 5:30am – 7:30am - Private Hire Sunrise at Chichén Itzá - Our 6th Heart Opening Session
  • 8am - Breakfast included
  • 9am – 12 midday – Teachings and Practice of Special Energy work
  • 12 midday – 2pm - Lunch by own arrangements
  • Rest or Swim
  • 3:30pm – 6:30pm – Teachings and Practice of Special Energy work
  • Dinner via own arrangements
Saturday 14th December 2019 (Day 8) - Chichén Itzá
  • 7am - Breakfast included
  • 8am – 2pm - 7th Heart Opening Session and Teachings
  • 2pm - Lunch by own arrangements
  • 5:30pm – 7:30pm - Private Hire of Chichén Itzá for Sunset – Planetary Service
  • 8pm - Dinner by own arrangements
Sunday 15th December 2019 (Day 9) – Uxmal
  • 7am - Breakfast included
  • 8:30am -11:30am - 8th Heart Opening Session and Teachings
  • 11am - Check out of Hotel
  • Travel to Uxmal
  • Lunch in Merida
  • 3pm - Check-in to Hotel Hacienda Uxmal
  • Rest and relaxation
  • 5pm – 7:30pm - Group Session in conference room
  • Dinner by own arrangements



Monday 16th December 2019 (Day 10) - Uxmal Pyramid
  • 6:30am - Breakfast included
  • 8am – 11:30am - Visit Uxmal - 9th Heart Opening Session
  • 12 midday - Lunch via own arrangements
  • 3:30pm – 7pm – Teachings and Practice of Special Energy work
  • 7:30pm - Dinner via own arrangements
Tuesday 17th December 2019 (Day 11) - Uxmal Pyramid
  • 6:30am - Breakfast included
  • 8am - 11:30am - Visit Uxmal - 10th Heart Opening Session and Teaching
  • 12 midday - Lunch via own arrangements
  • 3:30pm – 7pm – Teachings and Practice of Special Energy work
  • 7:30pm - Dinner via own arrangements


Wednesday 18th December (Day 12) - Travel to Tulum
  • 6am - Breakfast included
  • 7am – 9:30am - 11th Heart Opening Session and Teaching
  • 10am - Checkout of Hotel Hacienda Uxmal
  • 10:30am - Bus to Merida
  • 12 midday - Lunch in Merida via own arrangements
  • 1:30pm - Drive to Tulum
  • 4:30pm - Visit Cobá Ruins - the tallest Pyramid in Yucatán
  • 6:45pm – Drive to Hotel near Tulum
  • 7:30pm - Check in to Hotel Kore Tulum Retreat and Spa Resort
  • 8pm - Dinner at Hotel included
Thursday 19th December 2019 (Day 13) - Tulum
  • 8am - Breakfast included
  • 9am – 12 midday - 12th Heart Opening Session & Teaching
  • 12 midday – Lunch at Hotel included
  • 5pm – 8pm – Teaching and Practice of Special Energy work
  • 8pm - Dinner at Hotel included
Friday 20th December 2019 (Day 14) - Chetumal
  • 6:30am - Breakfast included
  • 7:30am -10am - 13th Heart Opening Session & Teaching
  • 10am - Check out of hotel and board bus
  • 10:30am - Bus to Lake Bacalar
  • 1pm - Lunch at Lake Bacalar via own arrangements
  • 3pm – 6pm - Teaching and Practice of Special Energy work at Lake Bacalar
  • Check in to Hotel Capital Plaza Chetumal
  • 8pm - Dinner via own arrangements


Saturday 21st December 2019 (Day 15) - The Solstice Ceremony
  • 6:30am - Breakfast included (plus Lunch Box for Picnic)
  • 7:30am – 9:30am - Our 14th Heart Opening Session
  • 9:30am - Checkout of hotel
  • 10am - Board Bus to Eloha Gateway
  • 11am - Our Solstice Ceremony and Planetary Service
  • 1:30 pm - Board Bus from Eloha Gateway to Hotel
  • 2:30pm - Return to Hotel Capital Plaza Chetumal for shower, refreshments etc
  • 3:30pm - Late checkout of Hotel room
  • 4pm - Board bus for Chetumal Airport
  • 4:30pm - Arrive Chetumal Airport
  • 6:12pm – 7:31pm - Fly from Chetumal to Mexico City
  • 8pm - Check-in to Hotel NH Airport (T2) OR Hotel Camino Real Airport (T1) at Mexico City Airport (This hotel will be determined by Terminal that your flight is departing from)
  • Dinner via own arrangements
Sunday 22nd December 2019 (Day 16) – Departure Day
  • All fly home

Lake Bacalar - The Sacred Lake of 7 Colours

Meet the Teacher

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
Qala's Teachings are unique in their precision of revealing completely new information, sourced from the Universal Realms, and through the Power of Transmission of Divine Frequency which infuses all participants and shifts them into a higher state of awareness.

This journey will be Qala’s final Spiritual Pilgrimage offering. If you have always wanted to have a special time in the Sacred Portals of Mexico with Qala, consider this journey for it will Gift yourself the DIVINE EXPERIENCE of YOUR OPEN HEART, and create a very special 2020 New Year for you.

Fees & Registration

The Mother Pilgrimage Mexico
7th December - 22nd December, 2019

Your full payment consists of two fee components:

Qala Sri'ama's Teaching Fee Component - AUD $2,750.

The full Teaching Fee Component is AUD $2,750.

A deposit of AUD $1,000 [or the full payment of AUD $2,750] is required upon registration to reserve your place.

The final balance of your Teaching Fee Component of AUD $1,750 is due for payment by 1st November 2019.

Your Teaching Fee Component may be paid by Credit Card, PayPal or Wire Transfer.

If paying by Wire Transfer, you will receive an email offering you full details and instructions on how to make this payment after you have submitted your Registration.

Your Accommodation & Travel Package Fee Component:

[A deposit of USD $1,335 is required immediately upon registration in order to reserve your place. When you submit a completed Registration Form (via the gold REGISTER button below), and have made your AUD Teaching Fee deposit payment (or full payment), or, you have submitted a Registration Enquiry, we will advise you how to make your USD Accommodation & Travel Package Fee Component payment via email.]

You will receive an email offering you full details and instructions on how to proceed with your chosen Accommodation & Travel Package Booking & Fee Component payment after you have submitted your Registration below.

A deposit of USD $1,335 of your chosen Accommodation & Travel Package Fee Component must be paid by 23 August 2019. USD $660 of this deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

The remaining balance of your chosen Accommodation & Travel Package Fee Component must be paid in USD by the 5th October 2019.

You may only be accommodated in a Twin Share Room if there is another person available to share with you. [It is our policy to only pair persons of the same gender in a Twin Share Room UNLESS the booking is made by a couple.]

We highly recommend, for this journey of Heart Opening and Deep Connection with Spiritual Teachings, that if you experience sensitivity or sleep issues, if it is affordable for you - to give yourself as much space as possible by booking a Single Room.

Your International Flights to Mexico, your Mexican Visa, some meals and all personal expenses and tips ARE NOT INCLUDED in your Accommodation & Travel Package Fee Component.


Register for This Event

  • *On your Registration form you can choose your Accommodation preferences, and make a deposit or full payment on the Teaching Fee Component.



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