The Black Line

The Heart of the World

The principal responsibility of the Mamos, the traditional elders of the 4 tribes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - the Arhuacos, Koguis, Wiwas and Kanquamos - is to maintain the balance of nature on Earth for the benefit of all life.

"The Black Line" forms a virtual triangle around the base of the Sierra Nevada and denotes the boundary of the ancestral territories of these peoples. The Black Line is, in truth, a ring containing 354 sacred sites and it carries a magnetic current, deep inside the Mother Earth that specifically connects with every other sacred site on the planet. The Black Line has the very important function of communicating and transmitting to every other sacred site on the earth to maintain the balance of life.

The Mamos offer the highest forms of service to the planet by maintaining and restoring the balance through their connection to all the sacred sites within the Black Line territory, which they refer to as the ‘Heart of the World.’  They have have been fulfilling this service for millennia.

"The Heart of the World" is a mirror representation of the whole planet and as the Black Line connects with every sacred site, what occurs within the Black Line is being messaged out to create balance in the rest of the world.

"A Sacred Site" is a place in the Earth, a Sacred Office, where the energy lines and currents connect and store specific information to maintain the function and relationship of all life forms in harmony and balance, in alignment with the natural laws. The Mamos travel to these places of connection and spiritual power to maintain the Great Balance and ensure that the rivers, trees and all of nature is flourishing.

When a sacred site is damaged, the currents within the Earth Mother’s body cannot transmit the specific sacred energies and information to all of the trees, all of the animals, all of humanity, in a way to support all of life to stay in balance.

The Mamos, the Black Line and Sacred Sites

The Mamos have an unbroken lineage of communication with the earth, all of nature and with the spiritual guardians of each sacred site. They are the largest group of earth caretakers who still work together through their connection to the sacred sites to do this very important work of protection and restoration of the balance. Every day at 4 am, they begin the work of making amends for all the acts on the planet that create imbalance. They make payments known as pagamentos as essential service towards the preservation of spiritual and ecological balance.

The Mamos live in the simplest way without electricity and running water. They walk everywhere - to all the sacred sites where they do the pagamentos. They do not earn an income. They live as their ancestors originally did.

Approximately 25 years ago, the Mamos began to see that there would be many Earth changes ahead, because humanity's actions were hurting the planet. They are still sending the same message out, that unless we awaken and stop hurting the Mother Earth, and damaging the sacred lines that keep all life in balance, then greater earth changes and imbalance will take place.

The protection of the Heart of the World via the Sacred Sites in the Black Line in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the Mamos' main purpose. It is one of the most important ecologically diverse regions on the planet that contains every ecosystem. There are 4 primary sacred sites on the Black Line which are the main doorways that protect this region and create the primary energetic connection to the rest of the world.

It is The M.O.T.H.E.R Project's aim to support the Mamos in their sacred pilgrimages and purchase one of the primary sacred sites along The Black Line so it may be restored in its proper function through the Mamos' care.

Help Save the Primary Sites of the Black Line


The Presidential Decree

On August 6, 2018, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree that recognizes the ancestral territory of the 4 tribal communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, as defined by the sacred sites of the Black Line.

In January 2010, The Elders Project traveled to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to accompany thirteen Kogui, Arhuaco and Wiwa Mamos (Indigenous Elders) on a journey around "The Black Line".  The purpose of the Mamos' journey was to make offerings at these sites in compliance with their "Law of Origin". 

The Black Line Journey was videotaped by "The Elders Project" at the request of the Mamos and all rights remain with them. The footage in "The Black Line Journey" has been made available by the Mamos to educate and spread awareness to "younger brothers" (non indigenous peoples) of the consequences of development to ancestral homelands.

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