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The Self Mastery School of Divine Voice has its foundation in an authentic spiritual connection in all materials, and in each teacher's, mumara's, and student's Higher Self and Divine Connection to the Spirit of the Earth and the Universe.

YOUR DIVINE CONNECTION is your Teacher, the source of all growth and empowerment for each member of the school's Golden Sun Pod, and may be drawn upon via 5 SPECIAL POWERS in your training:

God Presence Name

Your GOD PRESENCE NAME is the mantra that opens your energy and consciousness to the Divine Love, Pure Light and Power of Creation your Divine Presence holds through the Unified Field.

Higher Self Connection

Your HIGHER SELF is an extension of your Soul and Spirit in the Higher Light Planes, offering Divine Love and Wisdom Guidance, as a bridge for you to connect with and receive the frequencies of all teachings and practices. Your Higher Self communion with the higher planes of consciousness will assist the opening of your Divine Connection to stretch to the next level.

Earth Totem

Your EARTH TOTEM is your Soul's connection to the spiritual planes in the Earth, or the Inner Earth Planes, opening your connection and communication with the Ancient Ones, Inner Earth Guardians, the Ancestors of your Soul's Spiritual Lineage, Gaia and Yamala Mother of Creation.

Overlighting Master Trinity

Your OVERLIGHITNG MASTER TRINITY is your special bridge to the Inner Planes and the Family of Light. Your Trinity of Masters is with you in accordance to your Soul's Lineage with the Earth and your Higher Self Connection, guiding you in every step of your training with the Love and Wisdom of their Mastery. Mother Gaia is in each student's Trinity, as in the heart of Gaia your Soul will ground and find a home, and in return all of your work is offered in planetary service to the Mother Earth and all of Creation.

Group/Pod Connection

Love, compassion, wisdom, empowerment and revelation sourced from your heart, your Higher Self and the Great Field of the Earth and Universe, is what is shared amongst all in our POD CONNECTION. To train with others in group heart and group mind, in the union of the Eternal Flame of all in the Pod, offers a profound support and acceleration of your growth and evolution, far beyond what you may create on your own.

Your Teachers

The one year training in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice is offered to you by a beautiful team of teachers and mumaras of the Divine University, that have been in training with Qala Sri'ama and the Enlightened Masters for many years.

QALA SRI'AMA PHOENIX, the founder of the Self Mastery School system in the Divine University, is opening the creation of the Self Mastery Schools to other Self Mastery teachers of the Divine University. With immense gratitude we humbly receive all Qala and the Enlightened Masters are offering to the Self Mastery Schools,Teachers, Mumaras and Students.


In light of the continuation of the unique and powerful frequencies in the Self Mastery School system the sacred teachings of Qala Sri’ama are present in the New Self Mastery Module and the Electives for the benefit of all students in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice.


The primary Teacher LELAMA JYUMAALI SJAMAR and Co-teacher ANAAN YSMAEL KUMARA will be your teachers and guides in the one year training with the support of 5 Mumaras, your personal Loving Guides.

Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar

Keeper of Yamala, Creation Matrix and Portals of the Earth, and the primary teacher in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice, Lelama is an International Teacher and embodied Sound and Light Channel on the Empowerment Path of Sound and Creation with 20 years experience. 

Lelama has created for you the sacred teachings in the Divine Voice Module and the Ancient Art of the New Earth Shaman. Lelama overlights and directs the one year training with the Enlightened Masters, Ancient Ones, Yamala and Gaia, and the Divine Presence of all in the Pod.


Anaan Ysmael Kumara

Keeper of the Celestial Heart Gateways of Sound and the co-teacher in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice, Anaan is an International Teacher and Channel for the Enlightened Masters, on the Path with the Masters for 12 years. 

Anaan offers teachings to support all students with their connection to their Overlighting Master Trinity and specific Higher Self stream, and assists Lelama in the shamanic healing training of the Ancient Art of the New Earth Shaman. He overlights the flow of love and energy within all relationships in the Pod.


Your Mumara

THE MUMARAS in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice are highly loving student guides, who are all trained in the Divine University Self Mastery system. Each Mumara has a special Keepership with their Divine Presence that is connected to the Sacred Work in the School.

Your personal Mumara is your bridge into the training and the pod. They will support you in your one year journey. Your Mumara will offer you 10 personal sessions during the year, that are primarily focused on you easily moving forward in your group consciousness connection with the Pod and all aspects of the training.

Anjahlia Mareesa Sheehan

Keeper of the Christ Gateways of Creation

In Columbia, Mamo Menjabin introduced her as, “Anjahlia is a Celestial Singer, … she sings to the natural order of nature”.

Anjahlia's creative and unique style is derived from ancient to modern to star child modalities. She is honored to offer her gifts and experience as Seer, Energy Healer, New Earth Shaman and Teacher as a Mumara Guide in service of the Students in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice and Mother Earth.


Ra'shiym Yhabriel Christos

Keeper of the Tree of Life

Ra’shiym’s Presence in Life creates divine imprints of opening, evolving and grounding a deep connection with the Cycles of Creation. His Divine Voice resonates with a deep love and knowing of the power of Sacred Sound in creating, transforming and expanding the Gift in Life’s Experiences.

With all of his Love and Sincere Dedication, he is ready now to assist you as a student in the School, to recognize the power of Sacred Sound in activating the resonance of Love and Truth in your Divine Voice, to reveal and grow the Gifts and Creations within your Being and All of Life.


El'zura Llamael Kumara

Keeper of the Temples of Sound

In her many travels El’zura shares the power of her Divine Voice, impregnating all of Life, the Portals of the Earth, and All Beings with the Potential of New Creations.

Sacred Sound has created a profound connection in El’zura’s life with her Mission Path she walks, evolving and growing her Gifts every day. With all of her Love, Compassion, Generosity, she is here now for you, to assist you as a student of the School of Divine Voice, to open your Spiritual Current, so you too may permeate the Field with the power of your Divine Voice, and ground your Purpose and Gifts in the world.

El’zura may assist all students who would love to speak Spanish in their Mumara Sessions.


Saajz Azura Raphael

Keeper of Sound and Light Templates

Saajz delivers blessings and activations of divine frequency to people all over the world, helping their lives flow with the grace and love of their Higher Self and Divine Presence. His sacred work includes the Sound and Light Templates, a spiritual technology that deeply supports the ascension of humanity and all life on Earth.

Having trained with the Enlightened Masters for over 10 years, Saajz is delighted to be a Mumara in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice and connect with all students to offer his wisdom and gifts in service of the Pod, the students and Mother Earth.


Azraella Jasmihh Raphael

Keeper of Angelic Geometries

Azraella is a Multi-Dimensional Channel, offering loving service to the Earth and Humanity with her specialty of Angelic Healing. She has developed her Divine Voice over the course of many programs and Schools of the Divine University, and uses this sacred sound in her service work as a Spiritual Healer/Teacher.

Having been blessed to witness first hand how your Divine Voice brings empowerment and healing, Azraella considers being a Mumara an honour and a privilege, to serve students of the Divine Voice school to birth their own mastery in this way. 


The Enlightened Ones and the Ancient Ones

7 Enlightened Ones/Ancient Ones of the Council of 96 Enlightened Masters of the Divine University, offer their love, wisdom and guidance in support of each Soul in this training ~ Mahatma, Yamala, Sanat Kumara, Venus Kumara, Maitreya, Mary and Gaia.

At one with the pod, the Enlightened and Ancient Masters offer divine assistance in accordance to their unique Mastery, in the form of visitations, dispensations, frequencies, gifts, to support you to master your learnings with more grace and ease, and expand your Divine Connection. 

Each Soul in the pod is overlighted by an overlighting Enlightened Master Trinity, that supports you like a Wise and Loving Grandmother and Grandfather that connect you to the Higher Planes of Consciousness in the Earth and Universe. Mother Gaia is the third presence in each overligting trinity. As the Mother of all Souls whilst embodied on the Earth, she enables you to receive and ground your spiritual power and the higher frequencies, as well as birth your Soul's Purpose and Power of Creation.

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