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Join the Heart Portal!

May blessings of love, light and grace fill your heart as we welcome you here.

I am happy and grateful to be of service as a mentor of the Divine University and as a healer through The Way of the Heart.

As keeper of the crystal songlines, sound and light technology is used to transform energy with love within the healing sessions; anchoring the Holy Mother's Temple of Healing to open the heart; allowing shifts, enabling openings to occur within the physical and energy bodies.

As a messenger for the Sisterhood of Light I offer the following message from Mother Mary to you:

Welcome Dear Child, Our Beloved One.

We embrace you and bring you into our sanctuary to experience the love that we hold for you.

Close your eyes and take some breaths into your heart so you may feel our being, our love, our presence here.
In this sanctuary you are always held, fully supported by our being; you may call on divine grace to activate within your heart. And our role in this is to bring a greater opening within your heart, acceptance of your own true self and understanding of the truth of who you are as you experience life here. [It is] the true grace that is actually here for you when you call for it; the rememberance of your true self, beloved child.

When you rest within your heart, you may rest within ours beloved.

Your divinity rests within you. Your divinity is the key to unlocking many doors to your own inner heart, your own inner self / truth. It is therefore important that you know of the sublime, divine being that you are. Knowing this truth allows you to open greater access to your source, to your heart. Return to Source through this knowing.

Anchor it into your heart, accept it into your soul - the truth that it is; entering into communion with oneness in this life, beloved child; allowing you to redesign your life.

Enter the Temple of Truth and embrace yourself as you are; the gift to humanity that you are.

Dispensation from Mother Mary:

Beloved children of the Divine University, we welcome you.

We call to you to be the voice of love, the open heart of compassion in this world. We receive you into our heart and bring a gift to you of our diamond light dispensation.

Place your left hand out to receive this pure diamond light and place it into your heart. Ask it to activate through all dimensions of your heart as this diamond light will open your heart to receive our love. As you ask it to activate, open your arms out and allow our love to flow into your heart. This is our gift to you beloved ones; our beloved children of the Earth. Once you have received it you may ask it to activate as often as you wish to. Receive our love deeply in your heart for our nurturing of your soul in your life.

The Sirius Library allows you to receive many blessings for your life. As you need it you may receive it through this portal, beloved children.

We give thanks to you for joining us here, for contributing to this gift to the world, to humanity.

We bless you. We thank you.

Feel free to contact me via email at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.