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Crystal Clear Conversations, by Qala

$ AUD150.00 each


1 Day Teaching Program - 6 Hours Audio Package

Qala Sri’ama speaks on each of the following subjects and answer questions from the audience, as you rest in a Chamber of Higher Light Vibration and your organs, cells, and energy body are saturated with Liquid Light Infusions for 6 hours.  On completion of each session, you will receive a Liquid Love Bliss Bomb. Expect to Shift into A Higher Frequency and enjoy this Crystal Clear Information that is shared on some of the most wonderful mysteries:

  • Who are we?  What is really happening on Earth?  Why is Our Frequency so important Right Now?
  • Why is Earth so Special?  What are her special resources?  Why do we need to protect them from uses controlled by Negative Agendas?
  • Why are the Light Ships here?  What are the Other Ships doing in our Planetary System?  Are they negative or positive?  How do you connect or disconnect from them?
  • How to work with the Light Ships?  How to access the Light Technologies to empower your Life Purpose, community, family and life initiations.
  • The Sirian Codex – The Most Popular Light Technology used by Sirians – It is used to change the Frequency of anything – a Form of Free Energy Technology – Learn How to Use the Sirian Codex - Become a Frequency Activator to create the New Alignments to flow through our lives, community, and society.
  • From 1,011 Star Races in the Galactic Federation - we divulge the truth about Crop Circles – why and how they are created.

These are the audio recordings of a live event presented by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in NY, USA on 13 August 2016

Product Contents:

1 PDF Session Description Document titled:


4 mp3 Audio Files titled (360 minutes - 6 hours):



Due to unavoidable external sound affecting the quality of the audio recordings in this program, the sound quality of these audio files have been diminished, as we have tried to edit out as much background noise as possible.  Sadly, the effect of this means that these audio files play at a very low volume.  As the information and transmissions offered is still incredibly valuable, and will be of great interest to many students, we recommend that if you purchase these audio files, that you please listen to them using headphones, as we have found that this helps.