Spiritual Path of Wisdom

Includes the Path of Love & Wisdom

Sometime after the initial spiritual awakening of your Soul, you may find yourself deeply attracted to the mysteries and greater understandings of our Universe, and the development of your conscious awareness through some form of spiritual study and practice. As soon as you begin to seek greater understanding and are prepared to place time and the investment of your energy into developing your wisdom, your Spirit pulses and guides you to step onto the Spiritual Path of Love & Wisdom for the purpose of raising your consciousness and learning to engage in a higher state of consciousness. This is a path of greater dedication and commitment, and requires a Soul to enter spiritual practice and spiritual studies, regularly. As this change takes place, a Soul stays aligned to their original Path of Love and expands their spiritual path to embrace this new door of actively developing their wisdom via the raising of their consciousness, regularly. In otherwords, as your step onto the Spirtiual Path of Wisdom through dedicating yourself more deeply to your development, you continue to walk the path of love as the base of your growth and development.

On the Path of Love & Wisdom, your Spirit is pulsing you to look at life differently, take new approaches with more unconditional love and compassion, be more objective, detached and less emotionally caught up in the small matters in life, and more willing to let go and move forward. You are guided to develop the faith and full trust that your heart and path is leading you to all that you need to experience. On this path, you may seek your higher life purpose with more conscious awareness, and become aware there is a divine timing for everything and a higher purpose to everything occurring, whether it seems positive or negative.

On the Path of Wisdom, where you may have felt impatient before, you develop greater patience, and you develop a greater level of commitment to yourself, your spiritual path and what you truly know as truth from your own heart connection. You may be learning to stay centred in your heart, and following the pure resonance of your heart and your higher guidance, learning the art of discernment of what is right for you, and what is not of the highest for you in each moment.

On the Path of Wisdom, you balance karma with regards to your own self respect, your respect of all others including your teachers and your elders, and you align yourself to higher levels of integrity. It is on this path, that God brings Wisdom Teachings to you either through others, or through your own inner voice. It is on this path that your Higher Self no longer offers guidance, but begins to merge with you to create unity in a higher state of consciousness. You may develop a strong bond with a teacher for a period, or stay with this teacher for a long time to support you to discover what lies deeper inside your own being, beyond the thoughts of your mind. The Wisdom Path is related to going beyond the mind, and discovering the greater consciousness and truth you hold inside.

How Do You Know If You Are On The Spiritual Path of Wisdom?

  • You can be sure that you are on the Path of Wisdom, if you are genuinely seeking wisdom in your life and you have already opened your heart to the level where you can feel genuine compassion for other beings when they are in difficulty, and you think to stop and say a prayer for their being, or stop to love or help them in some way.
  • You can be sure you are on the Path of Wisdom when you are genuinely asking from your heart to receive truth, wisdom and greater meaning in your everyday life.
  • You can be sure you are on the Path of Wisdom when your spiritual path is leading to the break down of all your ideals about love and truth.
  • The Path of Wisdom breaks down all pre-fabricated false ideals of your mind's concepts of perfection.

Symptoms of the Spiritual Path of Wisdom

  • A yearning to discover and experience greater meaning in your life.
  • An interest in spiritual studies and consciousness raising activities.
  • An interest in your own evolution and shift in consciousness.
  • A willingness to dedicate time to your personal and spiritual development.
  • An interest in receiving the Light of God to raise yourself into a higher state of consciousness.
  • A Heart Wish to be the best version of yourself.
  • The breaking down of your false ideals – the mind's concepts of perfection.
What is the Greatest Challenge on the Path of Wisdom?

The greatest challenge on the Path of Wisdom is the feeling that we have failed, or that we are unable to succeed, or find our way beyond our mental thoughts and beliefs that we may have inherited or ingrained in ourselves through previous life experiences of difficulty. It is the challenge of meeting our greatest limitations and realising they are all self-imposed on our being. To accept we are responsible for our self-imposed limitations can be challenging, but is the first step to discovering how to go beyond fear and illusion, which is the only true blockage to raising one's consciousness.

Closing our mind to protect ourselves does not allow us to stay consciously connected to our hearts and other's hearts in life. When we close our minds, we give our power and belief to negative beliefs and thoughts. This is a common process many souls experience when they do not like something, and it creates their disempowerment in life. Closing our mind also leads to blame, shame, guilt, grief and deeper negative consequences such as loss of consciousness and loss of awareness and the development of judgments.

What are the 3 Recommended Steps for a Soul
on the Spiritual Path of Wisdom?


Align Your Spirit to the Path of Wisdom

Recognise you have three levels of consciousness – your unconscious/ego nature, your conscious mind, and your Higher Self, super-conscious knowing, and it is only a matter of time, if you clear yourself, do your spiritual practices and open your divine connection, that you will experience your super-consciousness in a profound way. Trust in your heart to lead you to receive all the help you need to develop yourself in a way that may be beyond what others in your family have created in their lives as your family norm. Recognise you are going beyond the norms of your family tree, and beyond what is the norm for humanity, and have faith that all you need will be brought forth to you if you stay dedicated to the truth, the love and the building of your consciousness. HAVE FAITH THAT ALL THAT YOU NEED WILL BE BROUGHT FORTH TO SUPPORT YOU TO DEVELOP YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IF THIS IS THE TRUE PATH FOR YOU. Have faith that what you think you need may not be what you truly need, and that what you need will be brought to you in the divine timing that it is needed.
Be wise and accept the divine timing that is occurring for you. Do not push the tide to become disappointed, or to experience feelings of failure. Accept your path is unfolding day by day, and God is giving you all you need.

Receive a Little Help to Clear Your Mind's Energy So You Can Have a Peaceful Mind

Receive help on your Path of Wisdom and know you deserve to be loved and assisted to make this very important step in your life. This is the beginning of the next big change for you when you do this. There are many forms of support in the Divine University for you to do this.
Receive a HAPPY HEART SESSION, and commit to working with a mentor to also receive the PEACEFUL MIND & LOVING SOUL SESSIONS from a Divine University Mentor of your choice. Recognise though, if you do not have a happy heart, you cannot build a peaceful mind and without a peaceful mind it is not possible to emanate the fullness of your Loving Soul nature in your life. 

Develop Your Mind, Your Faith, and Your Super-consciousness Connection

Develop your mind through sacred studies of wisdom teachings, develop your faith through prayer, and develop your Higher Self connection through the regular spiritual practice of opening your divine connection. LEARN TO RECEIVE and ATTUNE WITH YOUR SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS KNOWING so you may be guided clearly, be wise, and build your conscious awareness in a profound way. As you build and raise your consciousness levels, you will have the consciousness to meet everything in your life and make clear decisions with faith, which will lead you on your path in a beneficial way. You will be able to stay more positive about yourself, your future, and live in your heart-mind balance, continuing to build your higher connection and an inner trust that you can rely on.
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