Spiritual Path of Presence

Includes the Path of Love & Wisdom & Presence

After spending time in spiritual practice developing your wisdom and guidance on the Spiritual Path of Wisdom, you may enter a period where you are clearly guided by your Higher Self to give greater service to the world and to activities that require a deeper level of commitment in the development of your relationship with God-Source and your Divine Presence. This is a path of Service. When widening your Spiritual Path to encompass your soul’s highest potential service in the world, you step onto the Path of Presence, making a conscious choice to surrender all of your free will, wants and desires to align with divine will and the guidance of your Holy Spirit.

At this time, you begin to initiate yourself to continue to embrace all that is on the Path of Love and Wisdom, and simultaneously give away your path of self-exploration, your soul’s life purpose and your path of self fulfillment to embody your Holy Spirit and further align to your Spiritual Mission.

On the Path of Presence, one learns to be guided in a very powerful way to have no preferences, personal wishes or wants in life, and to give your life in full service to the will of God-Source/Great Spirit, trusting that all of your true needs will be provided for, by God.

This is the most disciplined of the 3 Spiritual Paths as it includes the other 2 spiritual paths within it. It guides you to live in divine service to the divine plan as your sacred work and this leads you towards the enlightenment of your Ego and your Soul. On this path, you are required to give away all of your attachments so you may live in full faith of God’s love, God’s grace and healing power, receive divine guidance and live in the awareness that there is a higher purpose regarding all matters in your life, beloved. 

How Do You Know If You Are On The Spiritual Path of Presence?

  • You can be sure that you are on the Path of Presence if you have successfully given up your attachments to your everyday needs, always being fulfilled by your own energy, choices and actions and all that is in your control. You are on the Path of Presence when you have given away the everyday needs most people have, to wish to become successful in life, whether it be in one’s relationship, work, or any other area of your life. You are on the Path of Presence when you have given away the fear of failure, and you are no longer seeking to be the best or most perfect being with regards to something, and instead you choose to be humble in your service and accept God’s will and yourself, as a simple vessel for God’s love and grace that blesses others or the world in the way that God asks as your divine service. When you are no longer seeking a fulfilling relationship with a partner, seeking to become wealthier, seeking success in the physical realm through popularity or wealth, and you are waking each day, simply seeking to serve God's plan each day in humility and love, you are clearly developing yourself on the Spiritual Path of Presence.
  • You can be sure to know you are on the Path of Presence, when you have the ability to receive from God, the calling of your highest path of service, and you surrender your attachments to the Physical Plane and all that is held in your mind, to not say ‘yes’ to God’s calling to your soul to unite in divine service with your Holy Spirit.
  • You can be sure you are on the Path of Presence when you are genuinely asking God every day, for all you need and you no longer rely on creating it yourself and no longer seek anything that God does not provide for you. You are on the Path of Presence when you are no longer negating God’s blessings in your life and you are deeply grateful for all you receive, accepting that what you receive is in Divine Order for your being. When you let go of yearning for more and wanting and desiring, or saying ‘no’ to your highest potential or guidance because of attachments to the wants and desires of your ego, you are on the Path of Presence.
  • When you accept that all that is occurring in your life, always has a higher purpose in every moment and you are no longer in resistance to what life brings you, and you decide to no longer judge what life brings you as either positive or negative, you have developed a level of Presence and the gift of being able to be fully present in each moment with that which is important to God and your Divine Presence. You can be sure to know you are on the Path of Presence when God is a loving focus in your mind and you are communing or communicating with God during your day, and when you feel grateful and blessed even in times of great challenge for you are learning something deeply and you recognize that this challenge shall bring you even closer to God, as a human being.
  • When God is your primary relationship in life, and you have given yourself to God, surrendering all your personal wants, desires and needs, you are fully grounded on the Path of Presence in your life. It is your Divine Presence, your Holy Spirit that then guides every action in your life and you are grounded in the experience of your Spiritual Mission, fulfilling your highest service path with the use of all of your soul and spiritual gifts.

Symptoms of the Spiritual Path of Presence

  • A heart wish to enlighten all situations with God's light and love, and to help others before helping yourself.
  • A willingness to be a vehicle for God's light and love - a living light angel in our world.
  • A willingness to give up everything that is personal to you, in service to God's plan, the highest potential win-win for everyone. Choosing to only make plans that are sourcing from God’s divine guidance, illuminating wisdom and love, guiding you.
  • A trust and divine commitment to living in oneness with the Divine Plan and with all that is provided for you as your true needs.
  • A Heart Wish to enlighten our world and willingness to give all one has, towards serving the Divine Plan.
  • The breaking down or dismantling of the self, ego nature, and enlightening of one's soul, heart, mind, body and spirit.
What is the Greatest Challenge on the Spiritual Path of Presence?

The greatest challenge is to give away your free will and release control over all aspects of your life so you live in trust that God will provide all for you in your life. This can create many fears to erupt that must be cleansed and purified from the mind. It is the meeting of one's greatest fears and illusions and the transformation of them through God's love and light that can be the greatest challenge for all on the Path of Presence.

The sensation you are losing control or have no control over your reality, requests your complete surrender to God’s Will. Sometimes a soul or their spirit may battle deeply with surrendering to God completely, for the surrender into the unknown may awaken the ego eye of a being to fight for control of the body and mind, which can cause the will of a Soul to close down, leaving a soul in the feelings of despair, worry and hopelessness, not willing or wanting to align or open to God’s love or receive divine assistance.

What are the 3 Recommended Steps for a Soul
on the Spiritual Path of Presence?


Align Your Spirit to the Path of Presence

Recognise you are one with God, and that everyone is a child of God and that they also carry this oneness with you. Recognize that there is no separation, so honor that all experiences of separation are illusions of your mind or ego. Remember the Grace of God is available to you in every moment, but only able to be received in all of its divine power if you accept God's Grace and recognize it is a part of you and that you are not separate from God.

Accept everything is Divine and that all is in divine order even if your ego does not agree with everything or love or accept everything. See everything as a part of God, and everything as temporary, holding an original source form or essence. Honor that as you recognize the oneness of all life in the presence of others, you are aiding others to experience greater oneness. Honor when you recognize separation, you are aiding yourself and all of life to experience the feeling of separation. Recognize that where you place your consciousness, your words and thoughts, does create and influence your reality as God’s presence is a neutral observer that flows through and empowers and loves all that your consciousness focuses on, whether you choose to create feelings of separation with your power or whether you choose to create experiences of oneness with your power - words, thoughts and actions. God is a neutral observer that brings the source frequency of love, light and creation to all that you are saying, thinking, feeling and doing. Through this, you create your reality. Remember to take responsibility for what you create, to ensure you do not cast blame on others or God for your life experiences.
Life can seem surreal if you do not ground yourself clearly, so develop your relationship with the world as if God created the world for you, to give to and to nurture and be a caretaker of. See the world, our Earth, as sacred, alive and super conscious as a divine being. Offer your blessings, your light and love via grounded positive loving actions to nurture our world and the Mother Earth. Make loving your life very easy by accepting everything in your life as a gift from God.

Receive The Divine Assistance Available to Clear Your Will, So You May Align It Fully To The Source Energy of Your Heart, Your Holy Spirit - Divine Presence.

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