Spiritual Path of Love

When you awaken spiritually, your first step is onto the Spiritual Path of Love.

Your journey of spiritual awakening begins by being pulsed and guided by your Spirit towards greater heart opening, forgiveness, acceptance, and the development of compassion for yourself, others and our world. 

Your heart is also pulsing you to do things differently and take a new approach. Your spirit is showing you, in all ways through your life experience, where your heart is not given the space to be the guide of your destiny. Your heart is also asking you to trust and let go of fears and beliefs, and forgive the past and any causes of pain that may block you from living in your heart and experiencing the power of love, sourced from your own heart and soul. Your heart is also asking you to trust that all that opening of your heart shall bring, as good times, good fortune and positive energy to you.

How Do You Know If You Are On The Spiritual Path of Love?

  • You can be sure that you are on the Path of Love if you are genuinely seeking love in your life or willing to open your heart through forgiveness.
  • You can be sure you are on the Path of Love when you are genuinely asking from your heart, to receive love, compassion, forgiveness and healing in your everyday life.
  • You can be sure you are on the Path of Love when your spiritual path is leading you to the breakdown of co-dependent relationships, or relationships that do not value your soul and heart frequency.
  • The Path of Love breaks down and manifests your relationships to align to heart–to–heart connection and soul–to–soul connections in your everyday life, giving you greater fulfilment in your relationships with others.

Symptoms of the Spiritual Path of Love

  • A yearning to discover and experience love in your life.
  • A willingness to go beyond your ego desires to open your heart.
  • A willingness to listen to and follow your heart.
  • An interest in learning how to receive God's Love, Healing Power or Grace in your life.
  • A Heart Wish to be the best version of yourself.
  • The breaking down of co-dependent relationships, and any relationship that does not value your Soul.
What is the Greatest Challenge on the Path of Love?

This occurs when we are confronted with negative energies, non loving energies, experiences that are harsh, and judgements of others or our own judgments, and instead of opening our heart in forgiveness and embracing these energies, we close our hearts, and walk away from all that seems to be in polarity to where we truly seek to be and experience ourselves in life.

Closing our heart to protect ourselves is an old form of protection, which no longer serves us any more. Closing our heart energy to protect ourselves does not allow us to stay consciously connected to our Soul, our truth and our light. Closing down our heart and energy field so no one can hurt us, does not prevent pain and hurt from occurring, but in fact creates old hurts and pains to impact our lives powerfully as fears and limitations, which separates us from our source of love and true nature as beings.

What are the 3 Recommended Steps for a Soul
on the Spiritual Path of Love?


Align Your Spirit to the Path of Love

Recognise you are not alone, and there are many awakened people on the earth, trying their very best to love you and love our world, and all sharing the same difficulties as you in opening their heart and trusting their heart and their path. Understand that this may mirror to you harshly sometimes, especially when you have a closed energy or you have expectations about your life path and others, and your path and others around you, do not manifest in your life in the way you may have desired. THE FIRST STEP is to become fully aware, the Path of Love will lead you to open your heart and experience the frequency of love, but it will not fulfill your desires and all that your ego may unconsciously believe the Path of Love should give you. Be aware, not to be tricked by your ego by following and being guided by your desires rather than your heart. If you have experienced this, forgive yourself and accept the learning experience so you do not place all your energy into following your desires in life again. SURRENDER YOUR DESIRES FOR SOMETHING MUCH GREATER, A TRUE EXPERIENCE OF LOVE.
Choose the spiritual life of developing and building love in your everyday reality so you no longer require any other person to make you feel whole or holy again. Become a sovereign being with your own Source of Love from within.

Receive a Little Help to Clear Your Heart Energy So You Can Have a Happy Heart

Receive help on your Path of Love and know you deserve to be loved and assisted to make this very important step in your life. This is the beginning of a great change when you do this. There are many forms of support in the Divine University for you to do this.
Receive a Happy Heart Session from a Divine University Mentor of your choice.

Develop Your Heart and Your Energy

Develop your heart energy, your heart connection, your divine connection and LEARN TO RECEIVE DIVINE ENERGY so you may feel nurtured, fed on all levels of your being, and feel whole and full in your life. As your build your divine energy levels, you will have the energy you need to meet everything in your life, forgive so you are no longer bound by your past experiences, and no longer be impacted by fears, negative energies, judgments. You will instead, be more centered and balanced and be able to follow your heart towards the positive nature of your future, and live in your heart connection and continue to build and rely upon it.
Join a Sirius Library Program or Meet a Divine University teacher/mentor for a sacred retreat or pilgrimage. Follow your Heart and Trust your Heart is guiding you to events and people that will open your heart and develop your heart connection. This will bring great benefit to the whole of your life.

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