What Happens in a Session

In every Session the procedure is easy, effective and graceful.  For example, in the Happy Heart Session you will be invited to sit in a quiet space, either in your home if the session is given Long Distance, or in your Mentor’s session space. A Chamber of Light will anchor around you, and you will be supported by the Divine University Light Team to receive the divine assistance to support the special shift in your energy during the session.

Your Mentor of choice, supported by The Divine University Light Team, will scan your 9 primary chakras, that will reveal the chakras which carry energetic burdens that you will be supported to acknowledge and let go, to allow your happiness to flow.

You will be assisted to release them easily, and afterwards the Mentor will teach you the first 3 Universal Laws and how they are directly support your energy and consciousness to live without burdens in your life.

This process will offer you an understanding of how to apply the Universal Laws in your daily life in order to support the development of your happy heart.

This procedure will be very similar for the Peaceful Mind and the Loving Soul Sessions. The only difference is that in each of these sessions, you are assisted to release negative binding agreements, avoidances and attachments from your chakras instead of energetic burdens.

In each one of these follow up Sessions, you will be taught about other Universal Laws and how to utilize them according to your needs, to support you to maintain happiness, peace and love in your life.

The Divine University

The Mentors of The Divine University have been trained to deliver these 3 types of sessions and now offer to serve you in the highest way possible. To receive your personal session, we invite you to follow your heart with your choice of a Mentor, who would best support you, personally.

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