What Happens after a Session

Once your Mentor Session is complete, you will be given your session’s audio recording by your chosen Mentor so you may re-listen to it, if you wish to do this. Your Mentor will also give you a copy of your Chakra Scan, with information regarding your burdens or agreements and avoidances or attachments worked with, according to which session you received.

You will also receive a Universal Law document that will support you to maintain a Happy Heart or Peaceful Mind or Loving Soul experience in your life.

Each one of you will be invited and deeply encouraged, to choose to apply the Universal Laws in your daily life with the support of the received documentation.
To ensure that all is lifted from you, you may need more than one session. For example you may need more than one Happy Heart Session to complete the Chakra Scan and ensure that all burdens are dissolved, if you are carrying a large amount of burdens over your heart.
Once you have received a Happy Heart Session, you may attune with your Mentor and be advised if you require another Happy Heart Session before you can book a Peaceful Mind Session.
The Happy Heart Session is the precursor to the Peaceful Mind Session and unless you shift your burdens firstly, the energetic source of lack of peace can be recreated. It is for this reason, all Divine University Mentors work with the Happy Heart Sessions until the heart is truly happy and burden free. Then you may book for a Peaceful Mind Session, and then after accomplishing this, the Loving Soul Session.
We highly recommend that you experience all of the 3 Sessions on offer so that you may have a truly profound shift of consciousness that will not only reflect an equally positive shift in your present reality, but also create a shift that is not temporary.
The Divine University

The Mentors of The Divine University have been trained to deliver these 3 types of sessions and now offer to serve you in the highest way possible. To receive your personal session, we invite you to follow your heart with your choice of a Mentor, who would best support you, personally.

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