Mentor Session Testimonials

I have found these sessions to be profound. They didn’t instantly clear me of all my unhappiness. In fact, I wasn’t even consciously aware of some of the burdens that were mentioned in my sessions, yet when they were revealed, I totally identified with the truth of them. What I found was that I became progressively lighter and happier. Things shifted in my life. And I came to understand that it was very important that I learnt to consciously work with the universal laws. They have changed my reality and my understanding about how we create our reality. I’ve had quite a number of sessions now – Happy Heart, Peaceful Mind and Loving Soul (11 in total) and I can say that I’m a very different person to the one before, the one that hadn’t received these sessions, yet had done so much personal work over the years and also done so much spiritual work. I highly recommend the sessions – they are transformative.
“Happy Heart” Sessions allow one to experience flow and grace.  Lightness and ease!
I found the Happy Heart Sessions were a beautifully supportive way for letting go and the birthing of a deeper loving relationship with the Divine!
The Happy Heart Sessions have changed my reality and my understanding about how we create our reality.
The Happy Heart, Peaceful Mind and Loving Soul Sessions are true to their titles. It is surprising to discover what is hidden deep inside of us, influencing our consciousness not always in the most positive way… but also how we can be so supported so gracefully to shift our burdens, avoidances, and attachments and let them go with such ease. Receiving the Happy Life sessions have brought to my being, so much more lightness, peace and love! I was extremely grateful to my Mentor that assisted me with such care and tenderness, guiding me to acknowledge every bit of truth that was buried within me ready to come into the light for my own benefit.
I felt so light and happy after my sessions!  A profound shift!
Having a “Happy Life Session” opens one to their own true Divine nature.
These sessions are truly en-lightening! lightening up your heart, mind and soul as well as filling them with light!
The Happy Heart Sessions have created profound and enduring shifts within me, especially with the Universal Law Teachings!
After the Happy Heart sessions, I felt a lifting of many burdens!  Finding a greater ability to focus on necessary tasks and move forward in accomplishing things with more freedom and optimism, becoming lighter and happier with each new day!
Lifting the burdens from your heart allows the light to flow once more and supports you to experience a “Happy Heart”!
Receiving “happy heart” sessions began a deep unraveling of my unconscious patterns that empowered me to truly choose to live my life with a happy heart!
Receiving the Happy Life Sessions have brought to my being so much more lightness, peace and love!
After the Happy Heart Sessions, I became lighter and happier with each new day!
I can say that I am a very different person to the one I was before the Happy Heart Sessions!
The Divine University

The Mentors of The Divine University have been trained to deliver these 3 types of sessions and now offer to serve you in the highest way possible. To receive your personal session, we invite you to follow your heart with your choice of a Mentor, who would best support you, personally.

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