Self Mastery School of Divine Voice

Sourcing Your Spiritual Power

With Lelama Sjamar, Yamala and the Councils of Light and Creation

Ignite your Divine Voice ~ Open your Higher Self Channel ~ Birth the New Earth Shaman within You

A One Year Online Training from
21 May 2019 - 21 May 2020

There are 5 more places left in the Golden Sun Pod! Is one of these Yours?

You may still join this magical life changing one year training in the Golden Sun Pod in the next week.
We invite you to join the Golden Sun Pod of 77 loving Souls worldwide to open the doorway to an empowered life for your self and the Earth, with the spiritual power of your Divine Voice, through
  • Igniting your Divine Voice and Sacred Light Languages
  • Opening your Higher Self Channel to speak truth
  • Self Mastery of your Divine Connection and Higher Self mergence
  • Opening your multidimensional nature and group consciousness
  • Birthing your Soul’s higher purpose and gifts
  • Activating the Creation Flame within
  • Sourcing your spiritual power from Higher Planes of Consciousness to ground new creations on the earth
  • Becoming a Keeper of Songlines
  • The Ancient Art of a New Earth Shaman
  • Your symbiotic relationship with the Earth, the Field of Oneness and the Portals of Creation
In the ease and comfort of your own home, by your own spiritual altar, you receive:
  • Powerful audio meditations and webinars
  • Divine Voice and Sacred Sound Practices
  • Wisdom teachings
  • Visitations of the Enlightened Masters and Ancient Guardians
  • Infusions of divine energy through Sound and Light transmissions
  • Personal Mumara sessions with your student guide
  • Heart Linkups in pod consciousness
  • Multidimensional activation of your Creation Body
  • Activation and empowerment of your Higher Self Channel
  • Shamanic Healing training

Light Language Is Easy

'Light Language is such an easy, accessible medium. The transmissions of the Light of our Soul live inside every heart, and have the power to change the vibration of our thoughts, feelings so easily. Opening our heart to the Love and Truth of our Soul so swiftly, and changing the neurons, pathways in our brain, the cells of our body, opening to the deeper, vaster nature of our Spirit, our Soul - all this is possible, when we open to the true power of the sacred Light Language and bring it out of us into the field around us, into our relationships in life.

The True Vast Nature of our Spirit reveals itself when we speak the Sacred Light Language of our Soul, through our Higher Self Channel, bypassing the Mind and touching all others with the Pure Love and Kindness of the Divine Child and the Wisdom Guidance of our Higher Self ,'  
Lelama Sjamar

Meeting the Modules and Teachers

We offer you 8 recordings, each 1 hr long, introducing different modules, the teachers and mumaras in the one year training in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice, as well as previous Self Mastery School students and mentors of the Divine University.

May you enjoy in open heart! If you have any questions, please feel free to email We are happy to assist you where we can to make your decision whether this Amazing Training is for You!

Your Divine voice & Higher Consciousness are the New Power to Transform your Life and Activate Creation

The Self Mastery of your Soul and Higher Self Language is the quickest way to CHANGE your ENERGY, RAISE your CONSCIOUSNESS and enter the vibration of the OPEN HEART
Learn from Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar how to ignite your Divine Voice

Your Universal Earth Connection

Your Divine Voice

Your Higher Self Channel

The New Earth Shaman

Your DIVINE VOICE is your sacred vessel of empowerment in creation of your life mission, that connects you to every gift, inner power and dimension of your being, so you may discover and remember the vastness of your being and the greatness of your place within the Family of Light, the Earth and the Universe.

Opening the Divine Voice and Sacred Sound Language is an ancient science and art that creates both your soul’s Shamanic connection with the Earth Spirit and Field, and your Higher Self connection with the higher planes of light in the heavens, opening the HIGHER SELF CHANNEL to source your spiritual power for the creation of your life.

As a NEW EARTH SHAMAN you have the unique ability with the many octaves of your Divine Voice and your Higher Self Channel to source spiritual power both from the Higher Planes of Light as well as from the Inner Earth planes, always with the intention and purpose to restore, regenerate energy and empower all beings and the Field of Creation on Earth.


Lelama Sjamar

"Everyone is born with a Divine Voice. Igniting your Divine Voice is opening a doorway 
within your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit to genuinely express all dimensions of your being,
and embody your Divine Nature, your Creative 
Spirit, as a gift to the Earth and All of Creation." 

"Since a very young age I have been taken in by the sacred sounds of creation, as they sing me in ancient and universal tongues, whilst being in communion with nature, the trees, the animals, the spirits and the Earth. Singing and speaking in the many octaves, languages of the Divine Voice over many years has completely transformed many dimensions of my life.

22 years ago Mother Earth called me to be on the Shamanic Path with sacred sound, healing and empowerment, entering profound experiences with Yamala, Mother of Creation, who opened the door for me to the Ancient Ones, the Ancestral Libraries and Multidimensional Creation Planes.

18 years of training with the Enlightened Masters ensure the purity and integrity of my Channel, for all that is offered from the higher planes of consciousness to be in alignment with universal law, unconditional love, in communion with the Field of Oneness.

With the dreaming of freedom, empowerment and peace for all peoples and beings in my heart, I travel to many sacred portals of the earth, activating leylines and songlines, sharing new teachings to transform, balance and regenerate the love, light and creation energy in the Earth and humanity, to feed all life that comes to drink from God's well in the Earth Mother’s Field.

Today I invite you to listen inside your heart... are you being called to step onto the Path of your
Divine Voice's true power and expression, join me in group consciousness with all sacred beings in the Pod,
gifting your unique self to the creation of the Earth Mother's Divine Plan for your life?"
Joining this training with Lelama Sjamar, your primary teacher in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice, connects you with a beautiful Pod of Soul Family and Family of Light, lovingly supporting you as you grow into your higher potential with your Divine Voice & your Higher Self Channel, birthing the New Earth Shaman within you.

All teachings, practices, quests and journeys are designed for you to bring out the DIVINE VOICE inside of you, to express yourself authentically and be loving, peaceful, joyful, creative and empowered in your life, freely sharing your gifts with the world in alignment with your Divine Purpose here now.

Learn from Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar how to open your Higher Self Channel

Are you One of the 77 in this Golden Sun Pod?

If you hear the calling in your Heart to train in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice, your Soul will have a special connection with Sound, Nature, the Earth Spirit and Field of Creation. In the truth of your Heart, do you recognize your Soul in this?


The Star Seeds

If you are a Star Seed, your soul has come from very far away. You are newly on the earth, with a great Love for Nature, Mother Earth and Sound. Even if you do not know why, you are greatly drawn to Sacred Sound and singing. You need to sound to feel yourself. Igniting your Divine Voice will take you home to a dream held in your heart and will give you a sense of belonging, empowerment and the freedom to express your unconditionally loving truth with clarity and confidence here on Earth.

The Caretakers of Creation

If you are a Caretaker of Creation, you wrap your heart wings around all beings in creation, like a mother/father, to help humanity and creation. As a Light being with a connection to the Elohim, original guardians of creation, you have been on the earth before, yet not always in physical form ~ often as an Angel overlighting creation from the Angelic realms and beyond. Opening your Divine Voice and Higher Self Channel will expand your Soul's natural ability to bring through your gifts and higher guidance from the higher light planes for the wellbeing of all on Earth.

The Earth or Planetary Caretakers

If you are an Earth or Planetary Caretaker, your soul has an ancient earth lineage and a deep, powerful connection to the Earth Mother. You have been thousands of times on the earth in many different forms, and through your Multidimensional connection you live in Oneness with Nature with a protective instinct. Activating your Divine Voice and Shamanic Healing Channel answers your dream to bring healing and empowerment to the Earth and her kingdoms, including humanity, for the purpose of birthing a new world in harmony and peace for all.

Your singing is otherworldly yet ancient. It's helping me heal, mourning the death of a relationship. It has been easing the emotional waves of pain. Thank you Lelama.

Lelama shared an exquisite space of deeply loving and empowered presence through her mastery of the energy science of sacred sound and its capacity to facilitate transformation through all dimensions of the energy body/consciousness. Sharing together with the family of light - guided by her skilled ability to bridge from multiple realms is a journey of coming home into recognition of the truth of what lay within each and every moment, every heart, encounter, breath - a profound gift that goes beyond words.

This work has been a great blessing which continues to unfold, present, manifest itself within the most wondrous of ways - as what can unfold through life through even one moment of touching upon the essence of the heart, a true taste of that and surrender to the living embodiment of that - is so very precious.
Many thanks for your compassionate heart, clarity and offering...

Lelama, a big thank you for the work with the ancestors! I deeply birthed some ancient part of my being, reconnect to my true multidimensionality, recognize my divine voice as a gift for humanity, for me, for the birthing of new earth.

I feel now so deeply connected to the new earth. My power is so powerfully different. I have now access to my inner talents, read the energy, go to the DNA for profound transformation. Lots of new tools are just popping up from time to time. I am deeply aware of my creation power, not a mental awareness, no really an organic knowing. 

Teaching my master class, what a gift! I was feeling that I am a part of the divine university. I am so blessed. This Class was so different, powerful, so me…I was in the deep expression of who I am as a divine human.

I am now on the right path, ready to facilitate the creations of the new world. My art also changed in the way I create now. I allow my presence to birth though my creation canal my new art. A visionary art that activate our inner gifts, visions, and talents that is ready to be offered to our lovely earth. 

I have now a unique connection with earth, and I feel ready to go to different places assuming my role as Light Pillar, and earth codes keeper. Thank you for all I receive from you, so precious. 

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