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Self Mastery Club

Everyone Has a Super Consciousness - Higher Self

Discover how to Access your Superconsciousness for the Win-Win in your life and others

The Self Mastery Club

Join Qala for 6 months of Superconsciousness Connection & Win-Win Thinking and see the difference it makes in your life.

If you are attracted to Qala's work, or always wanted to work with Qala more deeply or have been a student from Qala's live or online trainings, we believe you will love Qala's training in ACCESSING YOUR SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS and THE WIN-WIN and the difference it will make in your life.
Registrations will begin around the end of July 2018 - stay tuned.
Review The Founder's webpage to read about Qala.
Register your Interest here in joining the Self Mastery Club so you will receive a reminder of when registrations will open.
Through Love, Collaboration and the Win-Win Mentality, we can truly make a difference.  Be Supported by the Enlightened Masters to:
Switch into the
Win-Win Reality!
Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

SELF MASTERY is the art of making clear contact with your Higher Self and directing your life via your Heart Centre with your Higher Self's supercharged higher awareness. There are 3 Levels of Superconsciousness you may Access.

You too can rest in this higher band width of intelligence and knowing, simply by establishing HIGHER SELF CONTACT and spending 6 months with a dedicated focus of working your Higher Self and the Enlightened Masters. A Shift into Superconsciousness is possible for every one on the spiritual path, requiring 6 months of your loving focus.

Joining the Self Mastery Club creates your HIGHER SELF CONTACT to reach higher levels more quickly, because of the Profound New Dispensations and Support of the Enlightened Masters.
As soon as you join, you begin to receive A MASTER LEVEL OF SUPPORT for your life, and THE ENLIGHTENED MASTER'S GENTLE ALIGNMENTS to your Heart and Higher Life Purpose. You are on the fast track to holding the WIN WIN for you and others. 

You have all the knowing inside of you of what is best for you. Your Higher Self will guide you if you are ready to make this Shift into Super Consciousness and Win-Win over 6 months. Trust your Heart to Guide You!

What Will The Self Mastery Club Offer You?

Qala's 6 month Training - Access your Superconsciousness & Power of Win-Win Thinking
Between July 20th, 2018 to January 20th, 2019, you will receive 6 levels of Training with Qala Sri'ama in "How to Shift into Superconsciousness & The Win-Win Reality”. This unique training is only available through the Self Mastery Club.
  • The 6 Month training will assist you to access either 1 or 2 or 3 levels of your Superconsciousness and Higher Knowing for your life path.
  • You will learn how to shift into Superconscious Connection and when to do this, and how to use your Superconsciousness to override your personal issues.
  • You will learn how not be influenced by the issues of others to close your consciousness to the win-win and highest potential.
  • You will learn how to switch to Win-Win thinking and how to use it to open the door for Win-Win outcomes with the matters of importance to your Heart and Soul.
  • The 6 month training will ignite you to be inspired, empowered and supported by the Enlightened Masters to live a more extraordinary life.
"Healing is a journey of return to wholeness and it requires an awareness of your whole nature for any healing to be successful. Healing occurs as you embrace and bring healing to the part of you that cannot recognise the wholeness of your being."
Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
Your Special 6 Month Support Package, with the Enlightened Masters
6 Months of Special Encounters Weekly with your Divine Presence & The Enlightened Ones
6 Months Access to 3 Unique Superconsciousness Chambers of Light
Q & A - Monthly Live Call with Qala & The Enlightened Masters
Other Lovely Benefits
Self Mastery Club JJU Glyph

The Self Mastery Club Pricing Options

Join the Self Mastery Club membership and train with Qala directly over 6 months from the comfort of your own home. See below for payment options.



**5 payments of AUD $222
  • 6 Month Training with Qala Sri'ama Phoenix - Access your Superconsciousness & Power of Win Win Thinking.
  • Mp3 recordings of Superconsciousness - Win-Win Training.
  • 6 Month Membership to Chambers & Special Encounters.
  • 6 Months of Special Support from the Enlightened Masters -  Clearing Life Obstacles with the Masters, The 3 Special Powers of Your Higher Self & Opening Yourself to Receive Your True Needs.
  • Monthly Live Calls with Qala Sri'ama.
  • 6 Month training
    AUD $222 a month / 5 payments 
**Full payment of AUD $977
  • 6 Month Training with Qala Sri'ama Phoenix - Access your Superconsciousness & Power of Win-Win Thinking.
  • Mp3 recordings of Superconsciousness - Win-Win Training.
  • 6 Month Membership to Chambers & Special Encounters.
  • 6 Months of Special Support from the Enlightened Masters -  Clearing Life Obstacles with the Masters, The 3 Special Powers of Your Higher Self & Opening Yourself to Receive Your True Needs.
  • Monthly Live Calls with Qala Sri'ama.
  • 6 Month training
    AUD $977
When You Join the Self Mastery Club:
You are carried by the Enlightened Masters and receive a higher level of support for your Life Projects and your Spiritual Growth and Development.
You are given the Secret Keys to Accessing your Superconsciousness and Creating Win-Win Outcomes.
You will learn to see, perceive, and think with your WIN-WIN Mentality, and through developing this, you will be aligning to The Divine Plan for your life, and this will open many wonderful new opportunities for you to grow and expand in WIN-WIN capability.
You may have wondered how you can play a larger part in the Transformation of our World. Self-Transformation is your piece of the puzzle.
You may have wondered how you can hold the Higher Thought forms necessary for our shared reality everyday to be Loving, Peaceful and carry greater Integrity, in a world or environment that may seem to be missing this deeper love, peace and integrity.
Your Divinity in action may be calling you to give time and energy to The Divine Plan for your Life - a potential for your life that deeply benefits yourself and others to experience the Win-Win Reality.
Accessing your Superconsciousness is the key to your life becoming Win-Win focused and to becoming more extraordinary.

Expression of Interest in The Self Mastery Club

Self Mastery Club
Learn how to access your Superconsciousness . . .

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Self Mastery Club!

Your Higher Knowing for Your Life


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