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Qala Sri'ama Phoenix, founder of the Divine University, facilitates a very special SPIRITUAL PILGRIMAGE in Egypt this year, called THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF THE MASTERS. This 2 or 3 week journey in Egypt has become very popular because of its authentic nature as a very beautiful heart opening, life affirming Spiritual Pilgrimage, where the Divine Energy and Infusions of Light received each day of the Pilgrimage go to the core of your being to kick off a wonderful self transformation.

Join Qala in Egypt this October for either Option - 13 or 22 days:

Option 1 - The Divine Journey:
Receive the 7 Initiations of Enlightenment to Access the Enlightened Realms

7th October – 20th October 2018 (13 Nights)

Option 2 - The Divine Journey & The Master Journey:
Receive the 7 Initiations of Enlightenment & The Enlightened Channel Training

7th October - 29th October 2018 (22 Nights)


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Everyone is surprised by the quality of the journey and by the uniqueness and profound gifts received within the 2 or 3 week program.

……. From the richness of exploring the ancient Egyptian sites, activation of remembrances, the breadth of light from the Nile River, to the vastness and height of the extraordinary divine energy and profound wisdom of the Enlightened Masters ….to the beauty of the heart of the group, group cohesiveness and loving family feeling of being with like-minded Souls.. …to Qala's Loving Presence which makes the journey personal and yet simply described, TRULY WONDERFUL...

If you are looking for that WOW moment, the Journey to Egypt to be with Qala will fulfil more than your expectations of a sacred travel journey, as you will be guided step by step, each day by the Enlightened Masters with Practical and Profound Universal Wisdom to navigate your Spiritual Journey. You are given the Secret Keys by the Masters and guided through the beautiful Sacred Ceremonies in the Ancient Temples to open yourself, your energy and your path in a very special unique way in the highest service to yourself and your Higher Life Purpose.

Imagine entering each of the Ancient Temples in Spiritual Ceremony and walking through the 7 Sacred Doors of the Temples into the INNER SANCTUM, with your Guides and Angels to receive from the Highest Light Realms, God-Source and The Universe... gifts for your energy and the illumination of your Soul and Inner Light. You will be guided by Qala through headsets, in each Temple that you visit and be guided to receive very special Blessings, Dispensations, Soul Healing and Activations. You will sleep for 4 nights on the Nile on a Dahibiya Sailing Vessel, be accommodated in beautiful hotels, meet with Qala and the Masters regularly to receive the Secret Teachings, keys for your transformational journey, and you will visit the most astounding sites and wonder how were they created with no machinery and how have they lasted the ages.


The Secret Teachings Pilgrimage is the perfect journey for the true Initiate of the Spiritual Path who is seeking a deep authentic Spiritual Pilgrimage and a self guided transformational experience. Only those truly ready and guided by their Heart and Higher Self will enter this Sacred Door, and receive the gifts for their Higher Life Purpose – The Journey calls those who are ready to be True Initiates of the Spiritual path and receive the next level of their acceleration.


Egypt holds the Sacred Power Places, Temples and Pyramids that were designed for the purpose of Ascension, Illuminating your Divine Connection, Activating your Light and Soul Gifts. Within these sites are held an immense Library of Universal Wisdom, as well as the Hall of the Akashic Records. Souls who are drawn to visit or return back to Egypt, can liberate themselves within the heart of the Kings Chamber in the GREAT PYRAMID, as the Pyramid was built on one of the highest frequency Light Portals on Earth to protect the sacred site over the ages.


View a Photo Journey of the Sacred Egyptian Sites


Secret Teachings Testimonials

The Secret Teachings of the Masters… This program was empowering, practical, enlightening, encouraging, powerful and divine. I am deeply grateful to Qala, the Masters, Angels and Emissaries of Light for the love, light and support to ground these extremely significant teachings on the Earth for all of Humanity.


The Secret Teachings of the Masters… When I read the description of the Secret Teachings of the Divine Channel, instantly I knew I would be there not only for the great hope but also as Qala's work is so amazing. I have been doing her work for many years and I am yet to be disappointed as she is such a clear channel. She channels directly from God and the Masters of Light so there is no filter. Being with her on any program she is channeling is experiencing a little bit of Heaven. I love her Being. I love and adore her. She is an awesome teacher and she gives me what I need and then some more. Thank you Qala.

Lailani Raphael

The Divine Channel Secret Teachings were so enlightening. They have assisted me so deeply to finally ground, anchor and fully activate my divine channel. Thank you Qala, The Masters of Sirius, The Enlightened Ones and the Guardians.


The Secret Teachings has been the journey of a lifetime. My heart is forever grateful for what I received - Infinite blessings!


The Secret Teachings of the Masters… A wonderful empowering journey to anchor one's divine channel and maintain it with grace and full understanding. Very recommended whether you are a channel, professional or not.


The Secret Teachings of the Divine Channel has been the deepest and most profound blessing for us, and the Earth. To know and receive the highest potential blueprint and teachings for a complete and effective training to be a grounded divine channel is the greatest blessing. The teachings for me will help me live a balanced happy life as well as bring through my service as a channel in the highest way.


The Secret Teachings of the Masters Pilgrimage… I am not sure there is anyone else who knows how to work with these ancient energy initiation portals but Qala. I am so grateful to have had the enormous blessing of this opportunity. This trip has changed my life. The teachings were both pertinent and profound. The group of people were amazing… we fell in love.


The Secret Teachings of the Masters… I have taken many classes for healing and embodiment of consciousness and I can tell this has been the most amazing, beautiful and loving workshop to integrate the divine energy, true love, and recognise even more of my being. Thank you so much Qala for this beautiful experience.

Manfred Z

The Secret Teachings of the Masters… Fantastic, Superlative, Transformational and Amazing – I highly recommend Qala's programs " The Secret Teachings of the Masters" - profoundly clear, deep and practical filled with great tips and practices. Everyone experienced insight and illumination on many levels.

Zjadia Tamrita Christos

The Secret Teachings of the Masters… what an inspiring, profound and hardcore program, creating deep shifts and new possibilities. I cannot recommend this life affirming experience enough for those who are ready. Qala, as always is a masterful guide, teacher and facilitator.


The Secret Teachings of the Masters… I have oceans of gratitude for this amazing journey. To walk in ceremony in the great temples and chambers of Egypt has been the opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you Qala. I have been moved in so many ways.

Walt Turner

The Secret Teachings of the Masters to anchor the Divine Channel in April 2016 with Qala Sri'ama in Egypt, has been the most profound journey with the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light and has deeply enlightened my being, assisting me to release deep old fears that have stopped me in the past, ugh, more than words can express, for the opening and deepening of the divine channel on earth. Thank you Qala Sri'ama! Thank you, Thank you!

El'Rai'Shirra - Delicia Bone

The Secret Teachings of the Masters… I am so impressed with the quality of Qala's teaching and how it has precisely met my needs and taken me beyond. She is tuned in to each of us and addresses what is needed. Discussion expands a thought that may be familiar and then breaks it down and then dissects it again so thoroughly and then even more thoroughly to make this a very powerful teaching – and it is all done with great love. I am so grateful.

Gwynne Reese

The Secret Teachings of the Masters has been the most fulfilling, amazing, fantastic experience of my life. It has completely changed my life in ways that I thought I would never accomplish on my own. So thank you Qala for the divine gifts that you offer to the world, without them my life would still be the same.


The Secret Teachings of the Masters… Thank you for the extraordinary journey! The level of your channel and teachings were beyond my expectations. The light received in the Temples, Sphinx and Great Pyramid have taken me to a higher level that I have been trying to achieve for years. You and the Masters have really taken me up and over my limitations. The whole journey and teachings were filled with joy, love and grace. A great way to learn!

Rahanah Sylvia Moss

Nothing can prepare you for the magical spiritual adventure that will unfold in front of your eyes under the guidance of one of the most gifted teachers that the world has to offer in this moment. From the Pyramids of Giza, to Luxor and Abu Simbel, and all the magnificent Temples on the Nile, I experienced the journey of a lifetime, where so many layers have been lifted from my being in order to be replenished by the light of these ancient and very special Temples. Qala is offering us something truly divine, unlocking through her clear channel, the timeless Secret Teachings of the Enlightened Masters, for the benefit of our Soul's evolution.

Claudia Navone

The 3 weeks that I spent in Egypt with Qala and Amaya was the most profound experience of love and support of my life. The true effect began after my return home, and continues and accelerates week after week. With deepest gratitude, and much love.

Sieglinde Merwin

My connection to my soul prior to this journey was a concept, or at best a very vague sense. It is now a deeply felt experience available and identifiable in every moment. Beyond this, and the further opening and expansion of my heart and all centers, the gifts were so numerous and beyond anything I could ever have imagined, these few words, and indeed any words themselves, can hardly touch what I recieved and am able also to now give.


The "Egyptian Sacred Journey" was a trip of a life time. This was a journey of abundance. My heart was touched by receiving so many delights - Deep Spiritual Teachings from Qala; exploration of a country rich in Ancient Wisdom & Sacred Sites; journeying with a beautiful group of people from around the world; and travelling in comfort, & at times splendour. It felt like each day, I received so much, & more kept coming. Qala's love & that held by the group, helped any challenges became part of the tapestry of this healing, creative journey. Love, integrity, joy, inspiration, grounded integration - these are some of the qualities I witnessed in Qala, & were reflected in our group journey through Egypt. My heart smiles & sings for joy at the memory of this 'coming home' experience. I feel so blessed & thankful for the opportunity to have experienced such a wonderful Sacred Adventure.

Melissa Edwards
Therapist/Teacher - Australia

This is the first time I attended one of Qala’s workshops! I know a few people who were very eager to be with Qala again and that certainly made me curious. I was not disappointed! The insights, clarity and techniques Qala shared were amazing - raising everyone’s vibration, as we all expressed during the workshop. Actually, there are no words that can adequately express the experience! Now I am one who is eager to be with Qala at a workshop again!

Marianne S., USA