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There are many Pyramids, Temples and Sacred Sites as well as ruins in Ancient Egypt to explore. The most significant Temples and Pyramids to visit for ACCELERATING THE OPENING ONE'S DIVINE CONNECTION – THE LIGHT OF ONE'S CHAKRAS AND HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS are the following, in accordance to the Enlightened Masters.

This is a map of the Primary Sites I would recommend anyone to visit whilst in Egypt. There are two ways to visit the Temples and Pyramids. The first way is as a tourist, with your camera, witnessing the Pyramids and Temples as if one is a visitor and one is looking at the sites via their suggested history. The second is as an Spiritual Initiate where one is a participant making connection with the Guardians, Energy Gateways, walking in one's Pillar of Light and entering the Sacred Site for a higher purpose of Sacred Ceremony.

A profound remembrance comes from within us, awakening from the core of our Soul, when we participate again and engage as Initiates of the Spiritual Path with these Ancient Temple and Pyramid Sites. There may be only one person on Earth who has the knowledge to guide you on this journey and her name is Qala Sri'ama Phoenix.

If you can imagine the Nile as a Serpent of Light, a Divine Pathway for the balancing of the masculine and feminine forces, and imagine the Divine Energy of our Earth was opened up to bridge with the Divine Energy of our heavens, through the Power Sites created in ancient times along the Nile, you are beginning to connect to the truth.

Ancient Egyptians had the gift of reading the Stars and Earth Energies to bring about the greatest Illumination of Light for life. They communicated with Masters of Light, who many call Egyptian Gods, that were from the Heavens, and left the passageways in their texts of the Sacred Teachings of all matters from ceremonies for the increasing crops life force and growth, to the texts of the journey into afterlife, truths of the Soul and Spirit.

  • CROWN CHAKRA – The Pyramids of Giza, Cairo
  • THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Abydos Temple
  • THROAT CHAKRA – Dendara Temple
  • THYMUS CHAKRA – Karnak Temple, Luxor
  • HEART CHAKRA – Luxor Temple, Luxor
  • SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – Edfu Temple - Horus Temple – Edfu
  • HARA CHAKRA – Kom Ombo Temple – north of Aswan
  • SACRAL CHAKRA – Isis Temple - Aswan
  • BASE CHAKRA – Ramses and Nefetari Temples – Abu Simbel

Within the Crown Chakra Region of The Egyptian Sacred Sites, where all of the many Pyramids are, known as the Band of Peace, each Pyramid also correlates to a Chakra.

The Great Pyramid within the Crown Chakra Portal, is the Third Eye Pyramid within a system of many Pyramids.