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The 6 Modules and Electives

Training program

This one year Self Mastery School is designed by the Enlightened Ones, Ancient Ones, Yamala and Gaia, to enlighten and empower you to learn to Ignite Your Divine Voice, Open your Higher Self Channel and train to be a Shamanic Healer, via the self mastery of your Divine Universal Earth Connection. 

The training is offered to you via a structured interactive system of training modules. A training module is a series of combined teachings and practices that extend through either 1, 2 or all 3 of the school’s terms. 

You will choose to study either one of 4 Pathways in the School (see below), depending on how much time you have available for the inner work or how much experience you have on your spiritual path. You may study each week for 6 - 7 hours in the Divine Voice Core Path, or you may offer 11 - 12 hours to your transformation and empowerment in the Full Program of the Self Mastery of Divine Voice Path. This would require a whole day plus a morning practice every day. 

Students who are new to frequency work and transmissional teachings may require more time to integrate the powerful sessions and meditations and may find they would like to do the program at their own pace. 

Each term, you receive a recommended study outline or term schedule that you may follow, using the student materials of your selected modules. Within recommended guidelines, you may adapt this schedule to suit your own personal needs in accordance to your guidance. It is possible for some of the modules to extend your studies beyond the one year.

The training is offered to you in the following 6 Modules and Electives:

modules and electives


The Divine Voice Module

THE DIVINE VOICE MODULE is a primary core module in all three terms of the school, created by Lelama Sjamar, opening your Soul's Light/Consciousness and Sound/Creation Power via WISDOM TEACHINGS, DIVINE VOICE CHANNEL Practices and CREATION BODY ACTIVATIONS.

The Higher Self Empowerment of the Soul Purpose - 24 Wisdom Teachings from the Libraries of Creation on Sirius - 8 Teachings of 90 min audio recordings each term - offering high frequency transmissions and universal mantras for you to learn about the creation power of the Divine Voice in opening of your Higher Self Channel, raising your consciousness and empowering your creations as you birth your Soul Purpose in this life.

Divine Voice Channel Practices - 12 Divine Voice and Sacred Sound Language Practices from the Libraries of Light on Sirius - 4 monthly practices of 30 min each term - for the ignition, activation of the Divine Voice Languages opening your body, mind, soul and spirit, to speak Truth in your Higher Self Language and empower your Higher Self Channel. 

Creation Body Activations - 3 Sound and Light Activations -1 video presentation of Sound and Light encodements from the Great Great Central Sun Sanura and Yamala Creation Matrix each term - to activate, initiate and raise the vibration in your Creation Body and attunement with the Field of Creation. 


The Ancient Art of the New Earth Shaman

THE ANCIENT ART OF THE NEW EARTH SHAMAN is a core elective in all three terms of the school, created by Lelama Sjamar. This SHAMANIC HEALING TRAINING is focused on opening your Multidimensional Connection to the Earth and Universe - opening your Higher Self Channel - for the purpose of reconnection, activation, transformation and balancing of your own or another being's Universal Earth Connection. This enables the Embodiment and Empowerment of your Divine Voice and Power of Creation, and prepares you to birth the New Earth Shaman within you.
Shamanic Healing Training - Three 12 STEP HEALING AND RECONNECTION PROCESSES to open, activate and ignite your Chakra Bridge with the Power of your Divine Voice in a Shamanic Healing Chamber. Each term you receive 3 LIVE WEBINARS of 1 hr every 2 weeks,  including 12 SACRED TEACHINGS, 8 SHAMANIC JOURNEYS and 4 QUESTS via audio recordings, live webinars and home portal work - for 

  1. Your Reconnection to the Earth - Surrendering into the Heart of the Earth Mother to ignite your Power of Creation in Term 1.
  2. Your Reconnection to the Light - Opening to your Higher Self's higher Love, Light and Creation Consciousness in Term 2. 
  3. Your Multidimensional Reconnection - Empowerment and Embodiment of your Higher Self Channel, as a Keeper of Songlines in Term 3.
Shamanic Healing / New Earth Shaman Retreat - Upon completion of 80% of the one year training you may choose to join a Live Shamanic Healing or New Earth Shaman Retreat to train as a Shamanic Healing Channel to offer Shamanic Connection, Healing or Empowerment Sessions.

The New Self Mastery Module

THE NEW SELF MASTERY MODULE is a primary core module in all three terms of the school, sourced from the Self Mastery Teachings of Qala Sri’ama. This module offers teachings and practices that activate your connection with your Divine Presence, guide you to greater energy and self mastery in your every day life and support the clear opening of your Higher Self Connection. This module offers a foundation for the self mastery of your Divine Voice and Higher Self Channel, and is part of the Daily Practice Program.
Divine Presence Linkups - 12 DIVINE PRESENCE LINKUPS via 90 minute audio recordings over the year - one each month. These meditation linkups are designed to support you to open a deeper connection to your Divine Presence via their Higher Self Channel. 

Self Mastery Club WinWin Superconsciousness training - Over the duration of 12 months you will receive all the benefits of the Self Mastery Club including Qala’s Self Mastery Webinars and her higher level support package and visitations of the Enlightened Masters. Attune to the Self Mastery Club for more information on this part of the Self Mastery module. An outline of this module will provided in your Study Schedule.  

Master Meditation - 4 MASTER MEDITATION CLASSES via 90 min audio recordings - Each class educates you about the switches in your energy body which when ignited bring divine energy into your field, raise your lifeforce and loveforce on a vibrational level, and activate levels of your Divine Connection.
You will receive 3 MASTER MEDITATION PRACTICES over the year to switch on 3 Levels of Divine Connection via a 30 min practice as part of your Daily Practice each week - Your Light Connection, Your Heart Connection, Your Higher Self Connection - to ensure your Higher Self Connection is crystal clear as a base for your Higher Self Channel Training. 


The Electives

THE ELECTIVES offer you extensions in the New Self Mastery Module for you, if you wish to enter into the ADVANCED PROGRAM, or if you are already working with the Master Meditation program.

Master Meditation Extension - Level 4 - 7 of the MASTER MEDITATION PRACTICES may be chosen as part of the advanced level of study, to begin to work with opening your higher levels levels of Divine Connection.  Details on the Master Meditation program are found in this Sirius Library website. 

Master Journeys - A series of 24 Master Journeys - 8 1 hr sessions each term - to develop your relationship with the Enlightened Masters and your Overlighting Master Trinity that guides you in your training, via Sacred Breath and Sound. This elective is offered by Anaan Kumara, Co-teacher in the School. 

Higher Self Expansion - 2 units of Higher Self work of 7 - 8 hours each, offered by Qala Sri'ama, for the students who have already completed their WinWin Super Consciousness training. The first unit is Healing with the Power of your Higher Self, the second unit is Working with Sacred Intention with your Higher Self. Eaach unit will be received during one term. 


Divine Assistance and Personal Support

All Self Mastery Schools of the Divine University are overlighted by the 96 Enlightened Masters of the Divine University. Specific DIVINE ASSISTANCE in this one year training is offered by 7 OVERLIGHTING ENLIGHTENED MASTERS - Mahatma, Yamala, Sanat Kumara, Venus Kumara, Maitreya, Mary and Gaia - to all in the Pod, in the form of visitations, dispensations, frequencies, gifts, in accordance to their unique Mastery. PERSONAL SUPPORT for each student's connection to the pod and the training is offered by your Teachers and Mumaras. This module is part of the CORE program.
The Overlighting Masters - Each student receives Divine Guidance, Love and Wisdom from their OVERLIGHTING MASTER TRINITY to master their learnings and balance their karma with sound and creation with more grace and ease.

Higher Self Pods - The co-teacher Anaan Kumara offers smaller GROUP SESSIONS via webinar or the forum to assist you in your Higher Self and Divine Connection, in accordance to the Masters' guidance.

Mumara Sessions - Each student in the Divine Voice School receives 10 INDIVIDUAL MUMARA SESSIONS with your personal Mumara/Loving Guide, to assist in your flow with the training, your sacred space, the materials, your schedule and stability in life and the 5 POWERS, your connection into the POD.

Pod Connection & Forum - All Teachers, Mumaras & Students in the Pod communicate via the Group Merkabah (our Creationship) and via the Pod Forum, to assist with open heart sharings, questions and answers during the year training.

Your Self Mastery Package

YOUR SACRED SELF MASTERY PACKAGE is ignited and encoded with divine energy via the singing of your God Presence name in a sacred ceremony, personally energizing your student materials to the vibration of your Divine Presence and spiritual lineage. This Ceremony heralds the beginning of the Family of Light focusing on you, as you are recognized as a student of the Enlightened Masters, in training through The Divine University. The Self Mastery Package is part of the CORE program for all students.
Your Self Mastery Package - You will receive YOUR SACRED PACKAGE with your new God Presence Name and Sacred Study Materials prior to the beginning of your training.

It contains your MASTER CRYSTAL in silk wrap - the basis for creating and anchoring your Sacred Space and Pillar of Light to ground and share your light work -, your GOD PRESENCE and KEEPERSHIP Templates, sacred TEMPLATES AND ENCODEMENTS, CDs, a small GUIDELINE MANUAL, all to enhance your sacred training.


Each of the 4 Paths in the School will give you powerful teachings, practices, activations and initiations, to create a profound shift in your life. To choose the Path that is for you, we recommend you follow your heart guidance, the path that pulses more strongly in your heart. You may include your time availability in your life, and your level of experience in spiritual evolution, yet we say that if you are strongly guided to a certain path, your life’s activities will make space for this sacred new way.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE 4 PATHS IN THE SELF MASTERY SCHOOL OF DIVINE VOICE document here, for a more comprehensive insight in the different potential paths of study for you in the School. 


The Divine Voice Core Path

This path will require about 6 - 7 hours of study each week. This path will support you to ignite your Divine Voice, open and activate your Higher Self Channel, speak and channel the Truth of your Higher Self and begin the braiding of your energy body with the vast nature of your being, your Divine Presence.

The New Earth Shaman Path

This path will require about 8,5 - 9,5 hours of study each week. This path encompasses all of the Divine Voice Core Path PLUS the Ancient Art of the New Earth Shaman elective - the practitioner training. You will be supported to create a very deep connection with the Earth mother Gaia, your Creation Flame and your Higher Self plane of consciousness via opening your Multidimensional Bridge of Light in 24 Sacred Steps. This will assist you to embody your Higher Self Channel, live with clear Higher Self Guidance, and will give you all preparations to open your Shamanic Healing Channel and become a New Earth Shaman, at the Live New Earth Shaman Retreat, upon completion of 80% of the training materials in this path.

The Keepership Path

This path will require about 7 - 8 hours of study each week. This path encompasses all of the Divine Voice Core Path PLUS the Master Journeys Elective. This path will prepare you to open to your Divine Presence’s Sacred Mission Work or Keepership, which you may activate at the live Keepership Retreat upon completion of 80% of the training materials in this path.

The Self Mastery of Divine Voice Path

This is the Full Program and requires about 11 - 12 hours of study each week. This Path encompasses the Divine Voice Core Path, PLUS the New Earth Shaman training, PLUS the Master Journeys, PLUS the Self Mastery WinWin Super-Consciousness training. You may like to focus the WinWin Super Consciousness Training specifically on projects in the School, like the ignition of your Divine Voice, or the embodiment of your Higher Self Channel, or the birthing of being a practitioner of Shamanic Healing and Empowerment Sessions.

Your Ongoing Studies

At the end of the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice, when you have completed 80% of the training materials you will be able to elect to attend
  • Live Shamanic Healing and New Earth Shaman Retreats with Lelama Sjamar, to activate yourself as a Shamanic Healing Channel or New Earth Shaman, offering Shamanic Connection, Healing and Empowerment Sessions.
  • Keepership Retreat with a group of Divine University teachers under the guidance of Qala Sri’ama, if your heart calls you to walk the Path of Divine Presence and activate your Keepership, your Divine Presence’s gifts, mission and body of work.
You are welcome to continue your training, partaking of the Self Mastery Classes in the Self Mastery System of the Divine University via the Sirius Library. You may also join another Self Mastery School, as your Heart and Higher Self guide you.
The Self Mastery of your Soul and Higher Self Language is the quickest way to CHANGE your ENERGY, RAISE your CONSCIOUSNESS and enter the vibration of the OPEN HEART
Learn from Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar how to ignite your Divine Voice

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