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your calling

Are your heart and inner knowing pulsing you to enter the great exploration of the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice? We welcome you to register as one of the 77 loving Souls in the Golden Sun Pod.

requirements to enrol

This training with the Enlightened Ones and the Ancient Ones offers a multidimensional program that supports all who are called. You may develop your Spiritual Path in accordance to the level of self mastery and spiritual growth that is in divine order for your being. There are no specific prior requirements to register for the School.

As Spiritual Beings on Earth we all have the potential and responsibility to contribute our gifts and fulfil our purpose ~ as we raise our consciousness, our voice, we enhance the quality of life on Earth.

Your Gift to the World

Joining the School of Divine Voice in Group Consciousness will benefit your family, your community, all of humanity, the Earth and all Beings living in the Field of Oneness. Purifying your energy and raising the vibration of your thoughts, feelings, words, actions infuses a divine frequency via your intentions, your voice, your energetic vibration into the Unified Field and assists all Beings in realizing their Divinity.

Your Gift to Yourself

In this training you give yourself the unique opportunity to make a profound and lasting shift in your spiritual growth, your consciousness and energy, in a short period of time. You develop your Divine Voice and Healing Channel to empower yourself and others. Through opening to the Pod Consciousness you may receive the gifts of others and make new friends for life, in Soul Family and the Family of Light.

study schedule

You will receive a Study Schedule each term that you may follow and adapt to your own weekly schedule. The Core Program in the School is 8 – 10 hours per week. As you give your energy and time to the training, YOU ensure that you will create your intended shift in your life. It is up to you how much time and energy you give to the training. It is possible to extend the program beyond the 8 – 10 hours per week, or you may give less time than this, with the option to complete part of the training after the one year.

As you give, you receive ~
It is more important that you truly receive what is being offered and make the internal shift, than that you tick off a list of teachings and tasks.

attendance to the Shamanic Retreat

In order to attend the Shamanic Retreat upon completion of the one year training, and learn to give Shamanic Healing Sessions to others, you will need to attend the biweekly live webinars at least 50% of the time, and ensure you have received a total of 80% of the one year training.

your payment for the one year training

Schoolfees for the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice can be paid either in Full or in Instalments. Payments can be received via Direct Bank Transfer or via Paypal. Credit card payments can be received via Paypal Invoice.

Full Payment is AUD$5,400, paid upon registration.

Instalment Payment is made in 4 instalments.

  • 1st instalment of AUD$1,800 is paid upon registration – at the latest by 21 March 2019
  • 2nd instalment of AUD$1,400 is paid at the start of Term 1 – 21 May 2019
  • 3rd instalment of AUD$1,400 is paid at the start of Term 2 – 21 September 2019
  • 4th instalment of AUD$1,400 is paid at the start of Term 3 – 21 January 2020

Note: The Shamanic Retreat at the end of the year will have its own price and registration. This is not included in the school fees.

Your Choice to be One of the 77

Within your heart and the core of your being you already know…

As you open your heart in honour of the love and truth that lays within you – letting go of all thoughts, feelings and questions, you will be able to make the decision whether it is your path to grow in your spiritual and personal empowerment via enrolling in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice. Simply trust your heart and you will make the perfect choice!

You may email, if you would like any support to assist you in making this decision. We are here for you.

your enrolment

To register your place in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice, please download and complete the registration form in your computer, and email the completed form to
Please download your Registration Form Here:

When we have received your Registration Form, we will give you the appropriate payment details.
Registrations close on 21 April 2019, or as soon as 77 loving souls have filled our Golden Sun Pod.

Namaste, Thank you so much for Visiting ~ Blessings for a Wonderful Journey in your Life!

Your Divine voice & Higher Consciousness are the New Power to Transform your Life and Activate Creation

The Self Mastery of your Soul and Higher Self Language is the quickest way to CHANGE your ENERGY, RAISE your CONSCIOUSNESS and enter the vibration of the OPEN HEART
Learn from Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar how to ignite your Divine Voice

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