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Qala is the primary founder of the Sirius Library Project and Divine University.  The Sirius Library is being established through her overlighting presence, and through her daily contact with the Council of 96 Enlightened Masters that overlight the group mission of the Divine University.

Over the next 5 years, Qala intends to distribute her last 20 years of teaching programs through the Sirius Library and create 3 unique pathways of new education for students and members of the Divine University to progress through via their heart resonance.  

Qala has trained the other DU mentors & teachers over the past 15 years and is an openhearted, grounded authentic spiritual teacher that believes in humanity's divinity and evolutionary process in awakening through the opening of their hearts. Qala invests a large amount of her time in both the development of new education worthy of humanity's divinity and in charitable and world service projects that support the great balance on Earth. 

Her gifts are unusual & her access to & divine connection benefit many here to advance their spiritual connection which provides greater meaning in their life. Qala offers personal sessions when she is in residence, by the Great Pyramid Portal in Egypt, to those who train with her personally, but due to her many committments she is not available for personal sessions via long distance or in other areas as she travels and facilitates retreats in other countries. 

You may contact Qala, in regards to her group work or personal sessions, through her personal assistant Rapheah via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may read about her more via https://www.thesiriuslibrary.com/library/sri-ama-qala-phoenix



Qala's Work Testimonials

The three day divine presence retreat in London with Qala has taken me through a profoundly deep and rich journey through which I many aspects of my consciousness have resolved and returned to my heart. I am profoundly grateful for all I have received. Qala is truly a unique inspirational teacher. A blessing for us all.

Amaliah, Bristol, Uk.

Having attended the last 2 days of Sundarah (only) I have renewed joyful inspiration to commit more time regularly to the practise of connecting daily to my Divine Presence. Those 2 days at Sundarah have brought me serenity, peace, joy, comfort, inspiration, lightness and pure delight and much deeper understanding of where we’re at. My deepest gratitude to Qala for (in her words) this highest body of work that she brings through each year.

Shri’ Amaia Sonar Zolta

Qala, through Sundarah 2011 Grace has guided my presence , by the light of the holy flame, activating my conscious participation in the alignment of my God presence body of light. The teachings, activations and illuminations are powerful awakenings to my soul and my path of unfolding everlasting light and love. I have met a part of myself, my divine inner world. My heart felt love so sweetly that it made it very easy to stay present and focused as Qala and the Holy Spirit , angels, archangels and masters guided me through crystal light landscapes, feeling waves of activations and clearings which activated my holy flame, uniting me with the core of creation, within me, with the core of Mother Earth, Mother Gaia and all suns and moons. I am blessed by the Golden Dove of Faith and this key for all beings , has anchored through me through all present, deep, deep, deep into our earth mother heart. These activations, illuminations and teachings have awakened my soul, the holy flame and my awareness and alignment has expanded.
My mind, heart and soul are so truly gratetful for the anchoring of this body of light at this time in your life. Sundarah is guiding my conscious awakening in communion with the holy spirit with the full power of grace, love and light, in awakened awareness.

El’tara Mahatma

Sundarah 2011 was an amazing and reconnecting experience. After the keepership I felt quite overwhelmed and required a lot of simple everyday living. I had been putting things to the side for a while. But this retreat really awakened and reconnected me and my divine God Presence. The beautiful bliss had returned and I felt love all through me and around me. I definitely recommend it.

Sharanja Celesthi Kumaat

Thanks for Sundarah 2011 of deepening connection with your Divine Presence. I found this so great, with the sessions to quieten the mind and relieve it of so many thoughts and what it must do , as well as a simple way of bringing in my Divine Presence and moving through into the Inner Earth. Will be needing to do again for even more understanding. Overall a big powerful Sundarah that many will get lots from over the years.


I came to Sundarah 2011 feeling trapped between my deep commitment to Presence and the physical reality. My love of Presence was my foundation for receiving the vast support of Sundarah 2011 to release my fears and to feel a whole new confidence – to live in oneness and love, to be who I AM. With confidence I am living a life that supports my soul and spirit to express itself and know that by doing this I will give and receive so much more – receive so much more than I give. I am so grateful


My heart is absolutely overflowing with such love and gratitude after completing Sundarah 2011. In my 8 years of knowing Qala and receiving her work, I have never experienced anything as profound and truly Divine as this retreat. The daily attunements, healings and teachings and illuminations received each day continued to build in frequency. By Day 5 we were all held in the 12th Octave, day 6 in the bliss of Oneness. This was truly the most sacred experience and I highly recommend receiving this program if you wish to embody your Divine Presence.

Zjaazja Shola Christos

I love watching how every soul Qala Sri'ama touches turns to gold. She has the most amazing skill at uncovering, developing and shining even the most hidden of precious jewels & unique soul gifts within a person. Just like a parfait or onion has many layers, Qala has the ability to tap quickly and unfold even the deepest most hidden of layers, the core, the highest divine self within any human being. I am forever in awe and gratitude of this process.

An'jeena Shekhali Kumara

Sundarah 2011 has been the most joyful enlightening and practical gift I have received to awaken my soul and illuminate my path of Presence here on Earth. May you be blessed to receive this gift.

Xjahdi Amajai Kumara

Sundarah 2011 was by for me the most powerful and profound Sundarah yet. The shift I have made to a new level of personal empowerment truly amazed me. For this I am deeply grateful as I know this will cascade into all areas of my life. This year our physical body was fully encoded and prepared to receive our Divine Presence. This instantly healed many wounds I had been working on for a number of years now, to embody my personal power on a much deeper level. A true blessing! This has already brought me deeper levels of intimacy into my relationship, and through this healing will bring a deeper level of communion with spirit into my work. I am looking forward now to facing challenges I have in my family life that have been too difficult to deal with for a long time now. We were also gifted tools to continue to deepen our connection to Presence, allowing continued dedication to bringing more love and light into my family environment as these challenges evolve. My deepest gratitude to Qala, the Enlightened Masters, the Sundarah Project team and all those in service to Sundarah 2011 for these amazing gifts. I feel truly blessed!

Shaa’tarn Rapheal

Thankyou for the most wonderful Sundarah. Qala, the biggest gift for me from Sundarah was at the very end of the 5th day when you were saying Bless You. My Presence embodied me for the very first time and this ecstatic , most amazing experience and feeling of my presence, my eternal self has most greatly blessed me and my whole life. I was unable to move laying on the floor with blissful energy moving through my very large and vast being, every breath expanding and heightening these feelings. Noticing people moving around making noise, stomping around my head and it all did not matter as I was in total love, total oneness and bliss. Not needing to open my eyes to acknowledge anyone, knowing I was totally held, hearing the voice of my mind and just sending love to it, not upset, not disturbed by my mind, in complete acceptance of all in my life and my current experience as all perfectly divine. It was amazing for me not to be disturbed by the sound and movement of others and especially not to be disturbed by my mind. And my heart , 0h my God! My heart sang rainbows of colour , streams of love, it was so large, as large as the universe. I wished I could stay like this forever though somehow I new I had to peel myself from the floor to continue on my journey , knowing I had made a turning point, knowing I can always return here, knowing my life is blessed from here on. So thankyou for this amazing gift and I can hear you saying that I gave this to me, my Presence, we created this. This Sundarah has totally changed my life and will always be a point of reference to what feels like the beginning of my life here, now on Earth.

Nimizja Zeea Christos

This Divine Presence Sundarah has been one of the most profound workshops of Qala's I have ever done. The teachings, healings and attunements offered feel like something I have been waiting my whole spiritual journey to receive and I feel it is also the core of my spiritual journey for the rest of my life. We are truly blessed by Qala's anchoring of her own Presence and her ability to share the journey with us - this Sundarah has been profound and also crystallised into simple teachings and practices that make it seem universally relevant and accessible. I can recommend that any keeper or person committed to the spiritual path complete this Sundarah and journey towards birthing their Divine Presence here - for the benefit of yourself, your community, mother earth and all beings. Thank you Qala.


I cannot express my respect, admiration and gratitude enough for the work and teachings I have been privileged enough to be a part with Qala Sri'ama Phoenix.I am a mental health professional with a 25 year career working with many different people and within many organizations, as well as in my own private practice . I have completed many professional, educational and self help courses over my career as well as had the gift of extensive personal therapy and supervision . Yet, I still felt something was missing from not only myself but my career . Qala's teachings have provided me with the missing link and have giving me the final key to understanding myself and humanity in a way that was previously not available to me, despite my extensive hard work. I feel that with her work / teachings I have been able to assist me to "marry" all my other studies and experience, to not only help me understand myself at a deeper level , but to assist me to know, understand and above all have love and compassion for my clients in a way that is helpful to them. Her teachings are profound and her, integrity, compassion, insights and love have touched me in a way that few other teachers have. Qala has a willingness to be honest, vulnerable yet professional and respectful, she assists other to find their own knowledge in a way few people I have had the pleasure of working with have been able to attain. She is humble and truly walks her talk by living and practicing what she knows to be higher truths and wisdom. Qala demonstrates to her students that whilst she offers teaching, wisdom as she knows it, she believes we all have the power and knowing within ourselves when we connect and practice from our heart with love and integrity. I am eternally grateful for her gifts and wisdom and her heart based teachings. Give yourself a gift and just sit and listen, you will know immediately what I am trying to express. Not to mention, she travels to some amazing places and lots of fun and joy accompanies her journey's. You will have the privilege of meeting lots of wonderful people, whilst experiencing all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Elizabeth Hunter Pollack
RN - Sydney, Australia