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Lighten and Shapeshift Your Day

with 25 minute Quantum Energy Kickstarts


Imagine waking up each day & being able to change how you feel, and how much energy you have. Imagine shapeshifting your day to a higher vibration easily.

You can LIGHTEN your energy more everyday by spending 25 minutes simply listening and receiving powerful radiant colored waves of Quantum Energy and concentrated Love vibration saturate the cells of your physical body & all levels of your energy body.

Layer by layer of worry, fear, anxiety, stress and unresolved emotion is lifted from you. Your energy core, field and physical body will be infused with concentrated love vibration and pure colors of divine energy raising the vibration of your whole being. Everyday attuning your whole field, energy core, and physical body more deeply to the true vibration of your soul, higher self & presence.


The 5 Benefits of Q-Light Channel 25 minute sessions are for your PHYSICAL BODY, MIND, SOUL & SPIRIT:

Self-Healing by simply listening & asking for “grace”. You will be potently bathed in divine energy.
Self-Transformation by simply receiving saturations of the cells of your physical body and all levels of your energy body.
Nervous & Immune System Strengthening via receiving special formulas of divine energy infusions through your nervous system, organs, glands and cells
Easy Chakra/Energybody Cleansing & Purification of fear, worry, anxiety, stress, unresolved energy, negative energy and Lift-Offs of layers of old energy
Supercharged Love infusions, Quantum Energy Shifts & Alignments supporting the improvement of your long term health & well being of your Soul, Mind, Body & Spirit

Your Spirit is yourunlimitedpotential

When your Spirit receives enough Quantum Light Frequency,




Make your life so much easier!

The Lighter you feel, The Easier Life is

The Three Levels of Subscriptions:

Choose what suits you best


Receive your MONTHLY SHIFT with 3 new audios each month!

Coming Home

Receive your FORTNIGHTLY SHIFT with 3 new audios every 2 weeks!

Beyond the Beyond

Receive your WEEKLY SHIFT with 3 new audios each week!

The Q-Light Channel Pricing Options

Q- Light Channel offers a monthly subscription to an extremely powerful form of energetic support that works directly on your energy field and shifts your energetic experience to lighten your day, mind, heart and body.

Q-Light Subscription



AUD $33 a month 
(approx. USD $22) 
for 9 months

Q-LIGHT is the Starter Subscription of Q-Light Channel, offering you single shifts within your being.

3 very special and unique 25 min audios will be released to you to work with each month.


1 Full Payment of 9 months: AUD $280
(approx. USD $185)

Coming Home Subscription



AUD $60 a month  
(approx. USD $40) 
for 9 months

COMING HOME is the Intermediate Subscription of Q-Light Channel, offering you a greater shift into your Heart.

3 very special and unique 25 min audios will be released to you to work with each fortnight.


1 Full Payment of 9 months: AUD $500
(approx. USD $330)

Q-Light Subscription

Beyond the


AUD $120 a month  
(approx. USD $80) 
for 9 months

BEYOND THE BEYOND is the Premium Subscription of Q-Light Channel, offering you multileveled shifts within your being.

3 very special and unique 25 min audios will be released to you to work with each week.


1 Full Payment of 9 months: AUD $950
(approx. USD $630)

Free Gifts

LISTEN to QALA'S short enlightening talks on Quantum Energy
and how it makes the BIG difference in your life.

What is Quantum Energy and How it can make Life More Amazing - Part 1 (20 min)

What is Quantum Energy and How it can make Life More Amazing - Part 2 (25 min)

Q-LIGHT CHANNEL - FREE TRIAL - LIFT-OFF: Shift Fear, Stress, Worry and be Filled with Love (28 min)

What People are Saying ...

I am absolutely so in awe with the Q-Light Channel and loving it. Even though I just started week 2, I can feel the shift after every meditation. I love the fact that it is short and so powerful. I love the power in it and also that these meditations are relatively short and easy to fit in the day.
I did the sample meditation to see if it resonated with me. Wow, the first session my body was jerking and releasing energies, halfway through the session, strong light language began to flow, I felt such peace at the end of the session. The next day I repeated, and my leg stated jerking and releasing energy, my neck locked up then released. The third day I just sensed the energies flowing through my body. I have just completed week one. The Master Key was beautiful. I am so grateful for your mastery. This is so in alignment with myself working with the Quantum Fields with my own healings and I felt this program would take me to another level of my own mastery.
I started the Q-Light subscription sessions 3 weeks ago and I could feel a shift within two weeks. I was doing one session each day - a Lift-Off one day, and then the next day a Top-Up and so on. I decided to upgrade to the Coming Home subscription sessions as I was feeling so much more energy and lightness and a passion not to miss a day as I loved it, so I was eager to upgrade to the Coming Home subscription. I am looking forward to the shifts this will bring also. Love and Blessings.
The Quantum-Light Program [Q-Light Channel] is a great support for me, not only by just listening to it, but it also helps to support me to overcome inner obstacles. It helps strongly to create an inner foundation of love which enables you to reconnect to life, yourself, others, nature, the Universe and Mother Earth. The daily Q-Light kickstart is giving strength, courage and immense unconditional love to go into the unknown interior territory, opening to its infinite mystery, which feels as an immense relief and is opening a door towards a new "me-ing". The program softens the mind, embraces the intellectual brain and feels merging within the heart energy, creating peace, ease and strengthening inner trust in a profound way that, in a way, bypasses the brain by fully loving and including it.
Thank you Qala so much for the wonderful Q-Light Channel shift. I have just completed week 1 of the 3rd month in the Beyond the Beyond membership. I am really benefiting from having such supportive and transformative frequency downloads to start each day with. I feel the program is enabling some very deep transformation of old patterns - yet I feel held in a very graceful and supportive space through this. I love working with the Quantum energies and can feel the power and expansive potential of the shifts they enable. The keys are very beautiful - simple yet profound. I look forward to continuing to the realms of 'beyond the beyond!’
I am very much enjoying the Q- Light Channel. I am practising the meditations nearly every morning and I like the daily kick start. If I don´t have time in the morning, I do it later, but it becomes more and more a daily kickstart, that assists me during the whole day. I feel so much connected to my soul, my holy spirit and the quantum field. My energy is rainsig, my life is easy at this time. I have much peace inside me, love and joy. The Q-Light Channel has helped me during the lockdown because of Corona Virus.
I am now listening to Week 5 of the Q-Light Channel “Beyond the Beyond” Premium Subscription, and what is so amazing is the easiness of gracefully shifting through deep processes and the clarity of the insights that comes with it. I listen to both LIFT-OFF and TOP-UP’s every day for 3 days in a row. Afterwards, I listen to the MASTER KEY for 3 days in a row and the seventh day I don’t do anything; just integrating the week until starting the next week…this is just my way of doing it and it serves me well. The effect is potent, giving me extra lightness and grace and supporting me to also have extra energy to do everything I need to do with love and clarity. I have already recommended the Program to others because I love to share with others anything that may help me and them to have a more graceful life in which you can easily free yourself of all the extra weight, and this program is phenomenal and really works!

There is always a divine opportunity to grow, just around the corner, or here right now... and it could be your choice to say YES to your next Frequency and Consciousness Shift, that determines whether those around you will shift in symbiosis with you and also have their Shift.

You have the power to make a real difference!
Please contact us with any questions
If you have any queries, please contact Rapheah via email at

Cancellation Policies for Q-Light Channel

All suscription purchases that include digital downloads, pdf downloads, ebooks and videos made on are non-refundable and not exchangeable. Since the products made available here are intangible, we cannot accept any request for refunds. In the case where a purchase error is made, please contact us by email at: to discuss a resolution. In the event that the files were corrupted during the course of transmission or they were never successfully downloaded, please contact us at: and we will be happy to make the downloads available to you.

How to Access Your 'My Membership Account'

You may view all of your membership subscriptions and subscription payment history on your 'My Membership Account' page. Simply log in to your Sirius Library Heart Portal membership and go to the drop down menu in the aqua 'MY MEMBERSHIP' button in the top right corner of your 'MY LIBRARY' page, then just click on 'My Membership Account' listed in the dropdown menu.

Medical Disclaimer

Q-Light Channel Subscriptions are not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy, if you have a serious health issue or mental imbalance, please see a Doctor or other appropriate Health Care Professionals. You may utilise complementary healing as one part of your complete Health Care Program.

Q-Light Channel is offered as part of Qala Sri’ama Phoenix’s practice as a Spiritual Teacher of the Sirius Library and is not to be taken as a replacement for medical advice, medical treatment or therapy, but as a form of spiritual support.

It is Qala’s personal experience that Quantum Energy does uplift, support, accelerate and promote healing, however, Q-Light Channel Membership is offered as an upliftment, and not as a solution to physical or mental health issues.

In no event can Qala Sri’ama Phoenix, The Sirius Library or The Divine University be liable, directly or indirectly, for damages resulting from the information or data provided, or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of said information and data, either via its use, through Membership of the Sirius Library, or through negligence or any other actions.

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