Self Mastery

The Science of Super-Conscious Awareness

Your Evolutionary Journey into Love and Wisdom
Spirit is full of mystery and can bring divine experience to anyone when their light connection is fully switched on, no matter what their beliefs may be!
Spirit can override and move beyond our belief systems. When you invoke the power of your Holy Spirit and Super-consciousness, everything in your life takes a whole new level of energy, purpose and meaning.
"Meeting the Divine within you is a deep, loving journey of reaching inside of yourself to live in the full power of your Heart and accept your Divinity. I invite you to give time to your Self Mastery. You are more powerful and loving than you know!  Everything is within you, awaiting for your self commitment."
- Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
When we switch on the Light within both hemispheres of our Brain to switch into Super-Consciousness, and when we open our Central Pillar of Chakras to receive the Pure Light through our being...
Life becomes Extraordinary!

Welcome to Our Mastery Training System

The Self Mastery Training System has been designed by The Enlightened Masters and Qala Sri'ama Phoenix over the past 15 years, evolving and developing as a training system for anyone who is committed to their spiritual growth and development. It supports our Conscious Human Evolution as Divine Beings. The Trainings began in 2003, and have expanded to students in over 35 countries, touching hearts and raising consciousness through the sharing of the Universal Teachings of Self Mastery, consisting of hundreds of spiritual practices and thousands of profound teachings.
If you would like to have a profound, deep training experience and commit 6 months to the Self Mastery Club, 12 months to the Self Mastery School or 18 months to Higher Level trainings for your Personal Growth and Spiritual Development, nothing can be richer or more rewarding than the love, light and power you shall ignite within your Life, and your Heart and Soul. 

We recommend the Self Mastery Trainings to anyone committed on their
Spiritual Path of Love, Spiritual Path of Wisdom or Spiritual Path of Presence.

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Self Mastery Training Options

Option 1 - Self Mastery Club Membership
SELF MASTERY CLUB MEMBERSHIP activates your Super-consciousness to be the new fuel for your life endeavours. Join Qala and be guided how to access your Superconsciousness to create the Win-Win for yourself and others, reinvigorate the greater meaning in your life and be truly touched by The Divine.

There are 5 unique special benefits you receive when you become a Self Mastery Club Member:
  • You may join Qala live for her newest cutting edge webinar series "Activate your Superconsciousness for the Win-Win Outcome."
  • Receive 6 months of a very Special Level of Master Support for your Life Endeavours and Projects.
  • 6 Months of sleeping in "Quantum Expansion Chambers" in the comfort of your own home for the activation of your Superconsciousness and shifting into Superconsciousness connection with the support of 3 Unique "Superconsciousness Chambers of Pure Light."
  • Receive 6 Months of Special Encounters - Divine Visitations from the Enlightened Masters.
  • Access to your Self Mastery Club membership from your MY LIBRARY page on the Sirius Library and this will be stored for you for as long as you are a Heart Portal member.
All You Need Is Within You ...

Self Mastery is the Empowerment you Receive as you Birth your Higher Self within Human Form

Learn from Qala How to Access Your Super-consciousness

Self Mastery Club

Join the

Self Mastery Club!

Your Higher Knowing for Your Life

When we tap into your Super-consciousness, we can evolve powerfully. This brings the HIGHER LIGHT FREQUENCY into our Physical Body and Brain Chemistry needed for our Birth into our Future Self - OUR HIGHER SELF - Empowered by the Divine to fulfill our Higher Life Purpose, more effortlessly.

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Your Higher Self is You - Expressing through 3 Higher Octaves of Vibrational Light Frequency

3 Octaves Higher in the Expression of Who You Are

What do we really mean, if we refer to your Higher Self?

There is a stream of your DIVINE consciousness, pure light vibration you can open through your chakras that links you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically with your Ascended Consciousness, which rests 3 Octaves of Light Vibration higher than the earthly Human Soul-Mind-Body connection. This stream is called YOUR HIGHER SELF CONNECTION.

What happens when we shift One Octave in Light Frequency?

Our Heart Chakra cannot help itself but Open and Pulse with Light Vibration.  Our Mind begins to experience Peace, guidance and clarity. Our Heart Chakra connects into the Field of our Brain and pulses light into our Field. This is a shift into Heart-Mind Connection. We call this shift HEART - MIND CONNECTION.

What happens when we shift Two Octaves in Light Frequency?

Our Third Eye Chakra cannot help itself but Open and Pulse with Light Vibration, and our Mind begins to expand into a greater field of awareness. The two hemispheres of our brain ignite and connect light filaments and begin to operate in unison. Our mind becomes still and empty, or super-alert and activated multidimensionally, and is able to be filled with Light/Truth and Greater Peace. This is a shift into Higher Mind. We call this shift HIGHER MIND - HEART CONNECTION.

What happens when we shift Beyond 3 Octaves Light Frequency?

Our Crown Chakra and Soul Star Chakra become one larger chakra and a great portal of light opens around our crown and head. This light portal pulses a large current of pure light into our Third Eye and Brain and pulses into our Heart Chakra to activate our Holy Flame inside. The pulsations of light flow down through our chakras and we begin to have more extraordinary Super-consciousness experiences. Each time this occurs, we are changed forever as the light penetatrates our central nervous system and the cells of our physical body. We raise into a higher platform of Light Vibration and during this time, we have great access to what lay inside of us, our Divine consciousness. We experience our Higher Nature - Higher Self. 

Supported by the Enlightened Masters


As you Shift into Higher Consciousness States, you are able to Love and Accept yourself and no longer judge or measure your Experience.

Judgment is a limitation to the experience of higher states of awareness.
When you energetically shift into Higher States, judgment is also no longer your experience, as it cannot exist in a higher bandwidth of consciousness. 

When you choose to have a divine experience instead of a judgment, life begins to change dramatically. You can learn to access new band widths of consciousness and take yourself into Super-consciousness connection states for important decisions and creative endeavors.

Your Consciousness is held in many band widths of Light Vibration within your Body and Field Structure, beginning with your CRYSTAL CORE, and bandwidths that expand into the Universe.You have so many spectrums of energy and consciousness within you.

In the Self Mastery Stream of Teachings we focus purely on your Consciousness held in the 7th Dimension and above, supporting you to open your Higher Self Connection through the 7th Dimension.  Within this 7th Dimensional Higher Self Connection you have 7 Inner Bodies. These are your Soul, Genetic, Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies.

When you make regular shifts into Super-Conscious States of Being, you open each of these 7 Inner Bodies to receive your Pure Light Stream that creates your Higher Self to embody your physical life, creating you to transform, deshevel and shed your old form. As you shed the old skins and your old life, a new level of Mastery from your Soul and Spirit births through your NEW HUMAN form and life experience.

This could be YOUR JOURNEY if you are guided to commit to a Super-consciousness Belief System - YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOUR HEART GUIDES YOU TO, WHEN YOU ACCESS YOUR SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS.



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