Grace and Healing

The Science of Divine Consciousness and Healing

Become a Holy Vessel for God's Grace and Healing

The Science of Universal Healing and Grace is also called Christ Healing within The Divine University. This sacred healing science sources from Christ's Master Teachings for Healing the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.
Christ Grace and Healing
Christ Healing is based on Divine Grace, a deep understanding of the human energy field and its interconnection and oneness with the physical body, mind, soul and spirit. Christ Healing is based on accessing the Innate Power of Healing held within everyone's physical body, mind, soul and spirit. This Power of Healing is called The Holy Spirit and it is the most powerful source of healing and wellbeing in our universe.

In June 2018 Qala Sri'ama offers her final retreat of Christ Healing, bringing through Christ's Teachings and Divine Transmissions. Attending a live retreat with Qala Sri'ama is an extraordinary experience.

All who attend the 2018 Christ Healing Retreat will receive a rewiring of their Nervous System, Reactivation of the Natural Healing Mechanism in their Physical Body and Energy Body, and a Purification of their Endocrine System and the Water Element in their Physical Body. You will also receive the teachings and a 3 day training practice of working with the Enlightened Master Healers, Christ and The Holy Spirit, to assist others to balance, heal and rejuvenate their minds and bodies.

  • Learn how to activate the natural healing mechanism of the body and mind.
  • Learn how to balance the 5 elements in the field and body.
  • Learn how to ground the Christ Body.
  • Receive this for your own healing and with the power of the Holy Spirit, learn how to deliver this grace to others.

What People are Saying About The Grace & Healing Programs...

a 9 Day Retreat with

For the Rejuvenation and Rewiring of the Nervous & Endocrine Systems of the Physical Body

June 21 - July 1, 2018
Peaceful Mountain Retreat
Mt. Baker, Washington, USA


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