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Each of the Sirius Library Programs is Aligned to One of 4 Streams of Divine Consciousness that Enhance your Personal Growth & Spiritual Development

Everyone has a Higher Self or Super Consciousness which, if allowed, will guide and help them make their major decisions in alignment to their highest potential path. Your Super Consciousness will always encourage and inspire your Soul and provide enriching life experiences, personal growth, balance, harmony, peace, love and the experience of wholeness for your Soul.
Each of the programs in the Sirius Library have been developed in co-creation with the Enlightened Ones, to support humanity to develop themselves to their Highest Potential. They carry core teachings and light transmissions within them that advance your personal shift in consciousness, to occur more quickly.

The 4 Streams of the Sirius Library Programs

Cutting Edge, High Frequency, New Education

There are 4 Training Streams that you may join and each one offers you a different range of live and long-distance training programs you may engage in as your training stream with your Higher Self, Divine Presence or with the Enlightened Ones.
Energy Science
Energy Science
Energy Science
Energy Science

Energy Science

For the Development of your Energy Body, The Science of the Human Energy Body, delivering EASE through the Energy Body to create Vast Shifts in one’s Personal Growth and Development.

G.R.A.C.E & Healing

For the Development of your Christ Consciousness, and for the Embodiment of God's Grace and Healing.

Self Mastery

For the Development of the Self Mastery of one’s Life, and for Initiations of one’s Higher Life Purpose or Spiritual Mission.

The Secret Teachings

For the Development of one’s Highest Spiritual Gifts and one’s Ascension and Path of Enlightenment.


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