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Energy Science

The Vibrational Science of Divine Energy and Consciousness

Energy science is based on the Unified Field connection, the human energy body's development, recalibration, reconnection, the Master's Energy Science teachings, our dimensional bodies and chakras and the five universal 'Essential Energies' that hold the power to heal and transform energy and consciousness on all levels of our being.
As you receive energy science teachings, you will also be guided how to open your energyfield and specific pathways and energy centres so they may be saturated with divine energy, purified or illuminated. Everyone has profound shifts in their being, through receiving powerful energybody recalibrations and transformational healing processes, that have been masterfully built and integrated into each energy science program. 

The Unified Field of Life

The Unified Field is the Universal Field of Energy that connects all of life, energetically. It is also known as the Quantum Field and is created from the life force that is found in everything, and is the field of energy that creates the fabric of life.

You can simply contact it by becoming conscious of a grid that runs from all of the cells of your body out to all in life.

This field carries unlimited amounts of infinite energy, and all that we need to bring healing and complete balance to all aspects of our life. As we learn to open our consciousness and energy to the unified field, we are filled with the universe’s unlimited energy.

Within the Energy Science Stream, all of the pure divine frequencies originate from this field, and we are supported by many Divine Beings, as they assist us to open our chakras more fully and become more open to receiving the essential energies that bring ease to us.

We are shown the higher energy connections and how to shift these into higher states so we can express ourselves in the ways our heart dreams to express in our everyday life reality.

This beautiful image depicts the Unified Field of Life, as an individual makes conscious connection to it through the moon and trees.

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Energy Science Programs

To Infuse Your Energy Body with Liquid Light

The Energy Science Stream of Programs

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Energy Science of Universal Connection, by Qala

7 Day Training Program Audio package

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The Energy Science of Universal Connection

Open your Universal Connection & Experience a Positive Radical Shift in Perspective - It Gifts your Mind the Power to Bypass the Programs of Limitation. The program offers you a Profound shift within your Mind as you reconnect into the Universe.

The Energy Science of Loving Relationships, by Qala

Coming Soon

The Energy Science of Loving Relationships

The program offers a profound shift between you and another soul, important to you. You will open your heart and create a higher relationship to allow the love, peace and joy to flow through your relationship. You will choose one sacred soul's energy connection to you, to focus on with love, forgiveness, and the special support of the Masters, to turn this relationship and shift old energies. You will learn about the 7 sacred connections between you and others and how, by changing the energy within these connections, you can change the energy of your relationship.

Discover your Growth & the Richness of your Spiritual Path

Receive a True Spiritual Food for your Life Empowerment!

There are many short programs and wonderful enlightening downloads AVAILABLE NOW on The Frequency Store. We recommend any of the One Day programs.
Or, if you are looking to begin to train with Qala more deeply, we recommend: MASTER MEDITATION so you may learn to open your Divine Connection.
Or, if you wish to prepare to receive one of our longer energy science programs by beginning with a short one day program, we recommend LOVE, LIGHT AND POWER ACTIVATION OF YOUR CHAKRAS.


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