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Activate your Divine Consciousness & Energy for your Higher Life Purpose

We are a Unique New Education System

The Divine University and the Sirius Library hold the teachings of the Enlightened Masters and Universal Wisdom Keepers. We bring new education to the Earth, for the purpose of humanity's evolution in consciousness.

The Divine University is not affiliated to one path of spirituality as it honours and embraces all spiritual paths are a path to meeting the Divine. The core teachings are based on the divinity within all of life, and humanity's evolution on their spiritual path as a journey of meeting the Divine within. 
The Divine University links through the Spiritual Planes with 1000's of Spiritual Temples, Spiritual Portals and Transmissional Gateways of Divine Consciousness on Earth and within the Universe. This all sounds very cosmic but in truth, they have a very practical purpose.

The Spiritual Temples, Portals and Gateways are all made of Pure Light. They are the perfect space and support for transformational healing, expansion of consciousness, divine energy infusions and each student reaching a higher level of consciousness.

The Temples, Portals & Gateways are infused with Higher Light Technologies which students are offered as Chambers, Dispensations and Energetic Infusions to accelerate their personal growth and spiritual development. 
Becoming a Student is a Transformational Life Experience!
Students within the Divine University are engaging within these higher dimensional energy zones with the Enlightened Masters, Archangels and Angels to supercede their evolution and represent their families and communities in opening to the path of the New Human - a consciousness truly based on love, collaboration and the win-win outcome for all beings.
Every student is lifted into a higher platform of energy and consciousness when they train in the Divine University. In every class, seminar, webinar, online training, retreat, school and pilgrimage, the groups and individuals who gather for this special new education experience are held in the higher energy zone of a spiritual portal of light as they receive the teachings, journeys, activations, initiations from the Divine University for their new recalibration or consciousness development.
The energy is always amazing!

Our Teachers

Each of our Teachers have their own special path and spirtual teachings yet we share in common, the virtues of Strength, Humility, Vunerability and Gratitude as our 4 fundamental cornerstones of holding our connection with the Divine clear and true. We believe these virtues are necessary to ground your Divinity into our everyday life so we may continue to develop our love and wisdom in communion with the Divine.
We all share the Core Teachings of the Divine University and are transmitters of the pure light Frequency. Some teachers are activators or initiators of consciousness and have a developed speciality. The specialty of each teacher is also a path they walk in their embodiment of the Divine in their personal life. It is a subject matter they have investigated deeply with their Divine Connection, and a subject that reflects their personal journey on their evolutionary path of divine consciousness.
Some are international teachers who travel from country to country and others focus nationally or within their local communities. Each teacher has their own mission path and together we are blessed to share the group mission of the Divine University.

Discover your Growth & the Richness of your Spiritual path - receive a true Spiritual Food for your life empowerment

The Benefits of joining a retreat, training program, pilgrimage or school offers experiences, discoveries, shifts and openings to the great wonders of The Divine.... that are often beyond words.
Each program is a meeting with the Divine in some way, and the divine wisdom is shared to help guide you to make a true shift in consciousness or divine alignment to your Core and Essence.

Our Student Programs Carry a High Level of Transmissional Light Frequency that Activate Your Energy & Consciousness in Accordance to Your Purpose

All of the trainings have one thing in common: A HIGH FREQUENCY OF DIVINE ENERGY that accelerates the evolutionary process, spiritual development and personal growth of all who receive it.
We are all light beings made of energy and when our energy bodies are jumpstarted to higher octaves of light, they shed what they no longer need, and develop new modes of operation and new ways of being, based on love and the higher frequency.
The Divine University teachings steer away from the practices of focusing on the wounded nature of souls and encourages and honours every soul's light, higher consciousness, potential, learning, karma and wholistic nature.

We focus on the Love, Light and Power of each individual, their core energy, their superconsciousness and higher gifts, their heart opening, their energy body development, and their life purpose and activations that promote growth in all these areas. We utilise prayer, sacred sound, mantra, mudra, meditation and spiritual practice for the shifting into higher states where fears, wounds and negative beliefs no longer have power and influence upon a being. 
Raising one's Vibration and Consciousness creates a natural Divine process, of "Shedding" all that is no longer needed or in service to our highest potential path. When we are in a higher state, we are able to move our unresolved energies into our crystalline core energy, as a path of balancing, dissolving, resolving or neutralising issues in our lives.
We aim to instruct students to stay on a higher platform of energy, by building their divine connection, daily or weekly.
Students in the Divine University listen to, what often has been called, profound wisdom teachings, that source directly from The Enlightened Realms and answer many mysteries and questions we have in our every day life. So many students feel they are being spoken to personally when they receive the teachings as the Teachings shared, respond to the needs of the group and each individual.

Explore The Sirius Library Programs

If you are attracted to becoming a student, to explore The Sirius Library Programs, and recognise you are being called by your Divine Presence to discover who you are, your light connection, your alignment to mother earth and the universe, and to reach beyond inherited or social beliefs of who you are, to recognise your divinity and what lays inside of you.


There is always a divine opportunity to grow, just around the corner, or here right now... and it could be your choice to say YES to your next Frequency and Consciousness Shift, that determines whether those around you will shift in symbiosis with you and also have their Shift.

You have the power to make a real difference!


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