Peaceful Mind Session

Become at peace with yourself and with what you fear in your life.

USD $111.00
for a 90 minute session

What is the Peaceful Mind Session?

The Peaceful Mind Session is the next step of this highly transformative system. This second session will support you to learn how to love beyond your fears and therefore to trust your own heart. Agreements and avoidances sitting deeply in your chakras will be dissolved by the divine energy so that you may experience peace within.

Why Would You Want to Do It?

To receive the Peaceful Mind Session will assist you to release fears and mental blockages, guiding you to be more heart centred and peaceful with all those thoughts and feelings that often rule you consciously or unconsciously, limiting the true potential of your being.

What are the Benefits?

You will be fully supported through this process by your Mentor of choice and the Teams of Light working with the Mentor.
Your most deeply rooted fears will gradually disappear, being instead replaced by a greater inner balance and inner calm.
You will learn to forgive yourself and others and to have more awareness regarding what has been previously created by your being.
You will deepen your knowledge of Universal Laws that shall support you to not recreate more agreements and avoidances in your daily actions.
You will experience a shift of consciousness, feeling more peace, ease and grace in every area of your life.
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