Our One Year Journey

The Higher Purpose

In this one year journey, you train to open your Divine Voice and Higher Self Channel via one of three Higher Self streams, in accordance to your natural ability and soul’s lineage, to learn to source and transmit love, light, divine energy for the empowerment of your own being, another's being or the Earth's field and portals, as a Keeper of Songlines or Shamanic Healer.

The Self Mastery of your Divine Voice and Higher Self Connection opens you to the gifts and inner power held in your multdimensional creation body, preparing you for the Higher Mission work, or Keepership of your Divine Presence.

The Three Terms

Your Eternal Flame

Your ETERNAL FLAME is the source of your Divine Connection to your Divine Voice, your Higher Self, Divine Presence, the Earth and Universe.

The Flame of Compassion, the Flame of Communion and the Flame of Creation, as the threefold nature of your Soul’s Eternal Flame, are the foundation of the Journey of sourcing your spiritual power via your Divine Voice and Higher Self Channel in three stages through the school's Three Terms.

COMPASSION is the KEY to open your Heart, Body and Mind in surrender to Mother Earth's Heart with Divine Love.

In TERM 1, you will explore your Divine Voice in 4 different Sacred Sound Languages ~ Divine Voice of the Ancestor, the Angelic Self, the Soul, the Celestial Mother / Father ~ to prepare your body, mind, soul and spirit for the opening to your Higher Self. 

As you open your Heart and Lower Chakras on your Earth Bridge into the Heart of the Mother, you free your love,  your mind, your energy and soul purpose, to be able to anchor yourself and ground your Higher Self frequencies on the Earth.

In the Heart of the Earth you may receive back your Power of Creation through the ignition of your Creation Flame.


 COMMUNION is the KEY to open your Heart, Soul and Spirit to the Higher Planes of Consciousness with pure Source Light.

In TERM 2, you will begin to open your Divine Voice in your Higher Self Language to be able to speak the Truth of your Higher Self, with the assistance of the languages of term 1.

As you open your Heart and Higher Chakras on your Light Bridge to connect with your Higher Self, you learn to draw on the frequencies of a specific plane of consciousness, in alignment with your soul’s initiation with the light.

In the Higher Planes of Light you may open to the power of the Songlines of your Higher Self, so you may begin to balance, regenerate and co-create your reality.


 CREATION is the FLAME to activate Empowerment in your whole being with pure Divine Creation Energy.

In TERM 3, you build your Higher Self Channel and Language and empower yourself, so you may begin to switch to channel in your Earth Language as well. 

As you learn to merge with your Higher Self, you may embody frequencies of Higher Consciousness, or Songlines of Love, Light or Power, and bring them through your Divine Voice and Channel into your body, another’s body or into the Earth, for a specific purpose.

When you fully activate your Higher Self Channel, you may birth new creations on the Earth and awaken the New Earth Shaman within. 

Your Creation Flame

Receiving from the Mother of Creation Yamala the activation of your Creation Flame, receiving back your power to create, occurs when your Soul returns to the Earth Mother’s Heart and there grounds your light in full surrender that you belong with her, whilst embodied on the earth. 

In TERM 1, all in the school will learn to open your Earth Bridge into the Heart of the Earth, to come home inside your own body and being, and as a being of Light create your place here on the Earth. 


Your Higher Self Stream


In TERM 2, you will begin to open to your specific Higher Self Stream, that will bring you the greatest opening and expansion in your Divine Connection, Divine Voice and Higher Self Channel at this time in your Soul's journey on Earth.

Opening to your Higher Self Connection in the Higher Planes of Consciousness may enable you to 

  • draw Love Frequencies from the Christ Planes, with the power of your Higher Self's Unconditional Love or Christ Consciousness or
  • draw Light Frequencies from the Galactic Planes, with the power of your Higher Self 's Wisdom and Guidance or 
  • draw Power Frequencies from the Celestial Planes, with the power of your Higher Self's Creation Consciousness.  

Your Higher Self Connection when fully open, prepares you to activate your Bridge of Empowerment that will enable you to open as a Shamanic Healing Channel, and birth new creations from the dreamtime onto the Earth. 


Keeper of Songlines

In TERM 3, you begin to activate and build your HIGHER SELF CHANNEL, or Multidimensional Bridge of Empowerment, opening to the process of embodying the higher frequencies, for the purpose of opening, activating, restoring and creating Songlines in the Field of Creation.

SONGLINES are streams of Sacred Sound and Light Frequencies that transport and transmit love, light, creation energy with a specific intention from specific planes of consciousness into the energy field and physical body of a being or the earth.

Each student in the school may open and activate as a Keeper of Songlines of Love, Light or Creation, in alignment with your Soul’s Higher Self stream, as your Higher Self Channel fully activates.

New Earth Shaman

The Shamanic Healing training in the Ancient Art of the New Earth Shaman core elective lays the foundation for activating yourself as a Shamanic Healing Channel or New Earth Shaman.

You will learn to guide yourself through the 12 step Reconnection Processes in the training, opening your Multidimensional Bridge of Empowerment or Shamanic Healing Channel in 3 stages - Birthing your Purpose in Life, Illuminating your Higher Gifts and Activating your Power to ground New Gifts in life.

Opening your Shamanic Healing Channel in this way prepares you to learn to offer 3 Shamanic Healing techniques
  • SHAMANIC CONNECTION - A Shamanic Healing Channel of Love assists self or another to deeply release any Ancestral ties or fears, activate the connection with the Earth Spirit and birth one's Soul Purpose, with the power of one's Higher Self's Unconditional Love or Christ Consciousness.
  • SHAMANIC HEALING - A Shamanic Healing Channel of Light assists self or another to release Elemental attachments, and open, heal and activate the connection to one's Higher Light Consciousness, with the power of one's Higher Self's Wisdom and Guidance. 
  • SHAMANIC EMPOWERMENT - A Shamanic Healing Channel of Creation assists self or another to release any disempowerment with creation, and ignite and activate one's empowerment to create in life, with the power of the Higher Self's Creation Consciousness.
SHAMANIC RETREAT - You may choose to activate as a Shamanic Healing Channel or New Earth Shaman at the live Shamanic Retreat after the one year training if you have completed 80% of the work, and learn the 3 Shamanic Sessions to assist another in the transformation and empowerment of creating their life purpose. 

SHAMANIC EARTH CEREMONY - All Shamanic Clearing, Healing or Empowerment is gifted to the Earth's Field and Portals via the symbiotic relationship of the human being with the Earth Mother. Once you are activated as a New Earth Shaman in individual sessions, you may learn to offer Group Ceremonies directly with the Earth's Portals and Grids and all her kingdoms.

Our Planetary Service

In honour of our SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP with the Earth and All Beings in Oneness, all work in the school is offered in planetary service to Gaia and the Field of Creation, via three EARTH PORTALS - MACHU PICCHU, GANGA/VARANASI and MT KILIMANJARO.

Each term the Pod travels into a Sacred Temple in the Heart of one of these Portals to receive teachings, frequencies, divine assistance and dispensations. Receiving as you are held and guided by the Guardians in the portal highly ACCELERATES the Self Mastery of your Divine Voice and Higher Self Channel.
Simultaneously, the Pod’s transformation  ACTIVATES THE EARTH'S CREATION MATRIX via these Earth Portals, and the PILLAR OF LIGHT each student anchors in their own sacred space and community, as a gift for the Earth Mother, Humanity and All beings in the Field of Creation.

 is the Ancestral Creation Portal, where the Guardians assist your Soul's surrender into the Heart of the Earth Mother, to free your love, dreams and energy, to illuminate your Higher Purpose, and receive the ignition of your Creation Flame.


is the Celestial Creation Portal, where the Enlightened Ones assist your Soul’s Connection into the Light of the Suns in the heavens, 
for the purpose of communion with the Higher Planes of Consciousness,
to birth your Higher Self’s Truth here on Earth.


is the Creation Portal of Power, where the creation fires activate your inner power to bring through the Songlines of Love, Light and Creation for the birthing of your Soul's gifts and new creations on Earth.

Embarking on this ONE YEAR JOURNEY with Lelama Sjamar and an amazing team connects you with a beautiful POD of Soul Family and Family of Light, lovingly supporting you as you source your Spiritual Power via opening your HIGHER SELF CHANNEL and bringing out the DIVINE VOICE inside of you.

Spiritually traveling into the CREATION PORTALS of Earth and Universe immensely accelerates the empowerment you create via all teachings, practices, quests and journeys you receive, so you may freely SHARE YOUR GIFTS in alignment with your DIVINE PURPOSE for the greater good of Earth and All of Creation.
Learn from Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar how you may benefit your and others’ lives with your open Shamanic Healing Channel

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