Zja'dia Tamrita Christos

Light Integration

Peaceful Way of the Heart

Mentor & Peacemaker, USA
English Speaking

Keeper of Celestial Heart Mantras

As a Mentor, I am honored to hold a high purpose through the Sirius Library to carry the ancient wisdom teachings of the Divine University.

These teachings support you through your magnificent process of growth and transformation as you recognize, realize and embody your divine self.

I carry hope and the belief that a better future is unfolding for our planet and for humanity, that we are being shepherded and guided by spiritual beings. I work intuitively with patience, compassion, wisdom and clarity. I like seeing the big picture, those big “Aha” moments coming through insight and realization which guide me.

As a Keeper of Celestial Heart Mantras, I offer healing light transmissions that aligns one to the heart, integrating a spiritual connection into a human experience. With Archangel Michael, Ashtar and the Christ, this helps you to open your heart to experience love, bliss, oneness, and compassion. The spiritual support offered by the enlightened beings and masters, as well as the angels and archangels who are here to help us, is far beyond what you perceive of the session itself.

My deepest life transformation has been through the experience of being a mother. In my life I have been over educated through the mind in the university and law school system. I have accumulated knowledge and developed a sharp intellect, but being a mother taught me to open my heart through loving my children.

This remembrance of love was a transformative experience for me, making me feel human again. I continue to practice being receptive and open as it is easy to slip back into the life where the mind predominates. Today, now that my three sons are grown, I still feel a special kinship with children and the transformative wisdom they carry for us all.

Please feel free to contact me at zjadia@thedivineuniversity.com. I look forward to meeting you. All is in divine order. Blessed be.

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