Zamara Le'lelia Chamuel

Star Mother of Divine Truth

Celestial Star Streams

Teacher & Mentor, Australia
English Speaking

Keeper of the Celestial Heart Kis

Greetings beloved ones I am Zamara, Keeper of the Celestial Heart Kis and I offer my services to humanity and the Earth to support Souls to once more commune with their Divine Essence and open to higher consciousness understanding, creating liberation into the Truth and Clarity of their Divine Presence and Higher Self Consciousness.

My focus is to assist a being to liberate themselves from pain, suffering, confusion and disempowerment that maybe manifesting in some form in their life. I have a deep calling from my heart to assist people to reclaim their power and to open and strengthen their connection to their Enlightened Divine Self on many levels, to be able to reclaim their multidimensionality and expand their consciousness into higher truths and understandings about their life and themselves.

Through channelled transmissions of multidimensional frequency of clarity, sound and language of light I work deeply with the Mental and Emotional Bodies, the programs and energy held therein and that which is termed the “Shadow Self”, also working with the Akashic Records of the Soul and Spirit.

I have been working in this capacity in some form since my awakening in 1998 and have trained in many healing modalities since that time. I began teaching in 2003 working with the Ascended Masters, Archangel Michael, Ashtar Command, Lyran Council of Light, Galactic Federation of Light and the Alpha Centaurian Light beings. I have also been a teacher of the Sacred Geometry Fulcrum Point Programme, the Masters’s Way and Open to Channel school.

My own healing journey has taken me into a deep transformation of depression and unworthiness that had been held in my being, which has enabled me to open to the truth of my heart and come into deep trust and faith in my Divinity and the Source of my being. The gifts and divine nature that are innately within me have been revealed and continues to open more each day.

I am blessed to have trained in 2 Mystery Schools with Qala Sri’ama Phoenix and through my training with the Divine University I am now offering Mentor Sessions and Sirian Teachings to those who wish to receive them.

I am deeply supported by many beings of light with my work, some of whom come from the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, the Celestial Planes, Cosmic and Star Mothers, the Angelic and Archangelic Planes and many others that are in service to humanity and the Earth.

You may connect more with my work through the following website

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