Sjamirra El’Sha’Rai Kumara

Golden Path of the Healer

Celestial Healing

Mentor & Christ Healer, USA
English Speaking

Keeper of the New Medicine Path on Earth

Many blessings shower down as we welcome you into our heart as we hold you deeply in the healing power of the Christ heart.

I am Sjamirra El’Sha’Rai Kumara and we share with you, we are the keeper of the new medicine path on Earth.

I am a Christ light healer ~ a channel of divine healing energy who walks the Golden path of the healer. The healing sessions I offer are over-lighted by the Celestial, Archangelic Healers, The Great White Brotherhood, Dr. Lorphan of the Great White Lodge on Sirius, Arcturians who are healers of Sound and light technologies, The Blood Mothers who share they are a council of mothers who work directly with the Crystalline Matrix of the blood.

Working directly in council with these Star Masters has led me on a personal and planetary healing mission that has sparked my heart to expand to be in service to Humanity and our Mother Earth.

This incredible new healing system carries the Codes of Light for humanity to raise in octaves of light for the restoration and recalibration of the human body that recodes the human DNA, sparking a physical and conscious upgrade.

This arrangement in co-creation with the Councils has brought new light technologies, sacred elixirs and new forms of energy healing to all.

Through working with the Masters I have developed a deeper understanding of the human body ~ pathways, veins, arteries, nervous system ~ that brings oxygen, life-force to every cell within its framework, allowing for a more focused ability to bring balance to the brain, mind, body complex.

My fascination of the human body and all that it holds has lead me on this incredible path of enlightening and gaining a clearer connection to the source of dis-ease held within the human body structure.

I offer sessions for individual and group healing and am deeply inspired to support others to make a difference in their own lives. Through these sessions with the divine blessings from the teams I work with, one is assisted to return to greater harmony, wholeness and a raising of ones light quotient.

My deepest heart wish is to bring the new medicine way to as many people as possible, so they may heal with the light of God. I hold the Christ Ambassadorship of healing for the Divine University, anchoring the Christ healing Codes through the waterways of the earth and honoring the Soul’s return to Source.

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