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Keeper of the Tree of Life

I am James Yonge and our spiritual name is Ra’shiym and I welcome you into my heart. As a Keeper of the Tree of Life, I love to create sacred space and products filled with the light of God, so many may receive the transmissions of divine energy that I have learnt to open to in my life.

One of my heart dreams and gifts is to support others to open their divine connection so they can be divinely guided in life, and they too can access their gifts of creativity that are aligned with their higher purpose.

I receive great joy from the session work I offer by opening a deep, grounded and loving connection that supports others through wisdom that has evolved from overcoming adversity, and the realisations of how our core issues can govern our base experience of life.

Our prayer for the Earth and all beings is that as the collective consciousness of humanity, we evolve to a level of conscious awareness where we choose to no longer create karma through harmful thoughts and actions. May we learn, heal and grow by supporting each other with a loving and compassionate heart.

I also pray that we can awaken to living in balance with the Earth Mother so we can support her to heal and regenerate her body that she shares with us so unconditionally.

I now share with you a little of my life story that it may help you in some way.

I was an inspired, highly creative and spiritually aware child with a natural affinity with animals, a strong connection to nature and a flair for making things. I was also an adventurous explorer with boundless energy despite illness, dyslexia and losing two thirds of my hearing, now regained, due to ear infections.

At the age of 11, I was taught transcendental meditation as an antidote for hyperactivity and compulsive creativity, and began to consciously explore the inner worlds. This was by far greatest gift my parents gave me besides life itself.

Communication was difficult for me as a child, so I was driven to explore self-expression through art, theatre, sport and riding horses. As an adult I went on to work professionally in these fields for more than 10 years.

Yoga and meditation became my passion and quest. Through devotion to this I received volumes of divine energy and clear creative inspiration. This opened my heart and sharpened my mind with clarity and focus. My aim was to merge my realities to find the balance between my spiritual and creative life.

In my late 20’s I travelled to South India for a 21-day pilgrimage around the Tantric, Planetary, and Astrological Temples with an elderly Yogi. A great shift happened where devotion and surrender gifted me many deep spiritual experiences of oneness, and awakened me to the presence of Babaji, which I still carry in my heart today.

The Enlightened Masters began to come to me offering transmissions and guidance, which led me to my next teacher. I met Qala for the first time. From that moment I knew in my heart I was destined to work in the Divine University and follow the path of becoming a Mentor and Spiritual Teacher. I aligned to my higher purpose and my keepership, Keeper of the Tree of Life.

Life also challenged me deeply as I began to shed more layers of personality, giving me fertile ground to question the truth of who I really was. I learnt how to win and lose. How to meet my fears by going into the core of them to release blocked energy and consciousness and set it free. I knew my calling was to work in the spiritual arts so I learned and taught several modalities.

My life is now devoted to serving through the Divine University with the Family of Light, in support of the great shift of consciousness within humanity, and the greater planetary evolution taking place. Each and every one of us has a unique puzzle piece for this time on Earth, to share with each other and all life.

Blessed be the Earth and all life, Blessed Be your graceful enlightenment, Blessed Be.

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