Rama Que'Shan Raphael

Divine Father ~ Compassionate Wisdom

The Way of the Sacred Man

International Teacher & Mentor, Australia
English Speaking

I am Rama… greetings from my heart to yours.

I bring a wealth of experience and compassion from my 44 years in the Healing Arts and my life experience as a father, grandfather and lover.

I am a Divine Father Emissary who carries the lineage and teachings of the Sacred Masculine. Having facilitated men’s groups since 1987, my mission is the restoration of the Sacred Masculine on Mother Earth, which includes the teaching of Sacred Sexuality.

As Ambassador of New Education, I have great passion to continue to expand my work with adolescents and children to teach and inspire them on their path of self-realization, as they remember their soul lineages and earth mission.

My healing mission began in 1973 and has encompassed roles as a facilitator, relationship counselor, school counselor, psychotherapist and osteopath. It has been my privilege and honour to inspire many young people, men, women, couples and families to be guided on their soul path.

I transmit the Sirian Light Wisdom teachings and transmissions from the Ascended Light and Archangelic frequencies. These teachings bring much joy, illumination and peace to the human experience.

I anchor the energies of the Celestial Suns into the Heart of Gaia, often received whilst surfing the waves of Mother Ocean, as my service to Gaia, Humanity and to Divine Union.

With my beloved Kaliana, I journey into the Heart of Creation to activate the Sacred Light of Union within you through our ‘Sacred Union’ Seminars, as we travel and teach around the world as Ambassadors of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine through Sacred Union.

As a teacher of the Divine University, my gift is my deep understanding of the nature of wounding and attachment, across all time space and dimension, which facilitates profound release and the most holy infusion of the grace of Divine Presence, into your being.


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