Ocha Shanamaya Sheehan

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Mother Earths' Heart

Teacher & Mentor, Australia
English Speaking

Keeper of the Earth Heart Axis

DIVINE BLESSINGS AND WELCOME into the heart of Gaia. I am Ocha Shanamaya Sheehan, Keeper of the Earth Heart Axis, which is the bridge of light that connects the base of your body with your masculine and feminine creation centres so that you can ground your spiritual gifts and Presence here on Earth.

This beautiful Earth Heart Axis, when acknowledged and honoured, can be illuminated with the love of Gaia, and this can touch the oldest part of a being, the lower nature, assisting it to shed its deepest losses, fears and feelings that it cannot bear to bring to the light – to give it all to the Earth Mother’s heart and then be able to reconnect and return to its own heart with grace. The illumination of the Axis is my specialty, to free the self of these burdens so that one’s gifts can be acknowledged and manifested.

My deepest life transformation has been to release unworthiness from the most ancient part of self; the very bones and dust of my being within the Earth, and to feel my whole being regenerate as it infused with the light of the Earth Mother’s heart ~ like water revitalizing the desert, as the flower of my heart opened up to the sun. And the beauty of my soul revealed itself.

Connecting to the heart of Gaia ignites the essence of your heart, and the outflow of this elixir of life activates your higher nature and purpose here on the Earth. As you extend this out to all around you, the grace comes, and your life flows with love and abundance. It is my heart wish to be in service to Gaia and to the Divine University, by offering this to you through the mentor sessions and teachings.

As you receive these services, you are always held by Gaia’s Earth Councils of Light, the Ancient Ones, the Caretakers of the Earth, the Portal Keepers, the Mountains and the Ancestors, who know you so well, and hold the gifts of your higher nature in safe keeping until you are ready to own them once again here in form divine.

So blessed AM I to have been guided to Qala Sri’ama and the Divine University’s Mentorship.

Blessed be the Earth, Blessed be all Life on Her, and Blessed Be Your Life Beloved.

Connecting With Ocha

I'm based in Umina Beach on the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia.

I can offer sessions in person or long distance via Skype etc. For any enquiries or to make a booking please email ocha@thedivineuniversity.com.

To see more information of my other services, please go to http://ochasheehan.com.

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