Mazjika Kasja Sheehan

Trusting Your Divinity

The Starseed Connection

Mentor & Sensor
French, German & English Speaking

Keeper of the Star Dreaming Templates

Dearest soul,

As I welcome you into my heart, I share with you the blessings I have received since I started the journey of embracing the true being I am. This amazing journey has brought back many gifts I hold as a soul, and the understanding that we are all equal and unique, a puzzle piece in the creation of all that is. Trusting in the source of light in my heart and in the universe, I know we are held and helped in every moment.

As Mentor of the Divine University and Keeper of the Star Dreaming Templates I offer assistance for you as a soul to remember your original essence and dreaming, reclaiming your purpose for coming to Earth. In the higher understanding that taking full responsibility for our experiences in life, accepting our reincarnation is bringing this to us, we are able to embrace our life here on earth with love, faith, trust and joy. In this way I have been able to overcome every situation in my life, allowing me to reclaim my power and trust.

Many emissaries of the Christ Planes of Shambhalla are assisting during the healing sessions I offer, to bring the divine frequencies and dispensations of love and light needed to recalibrate and restore the soul and spirit to their true essence. Receiving understanding of past life memories that influence our present reality enables us to unite the masculine, feminine and soul energies. By forgiving what has occurred we free ourselves to live in an open heart and a peaceful mind.

Through the frequencies received during the sessions the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are balanced to be in peace and serenity, so you may accept your reality as your greatest teacher.

I would be most happy and honored to share with you my gifts in a private session. You can contact me by email at

Being ambassador for the Divine University of Switzerland and Geneva, I speak fluently French, English and German.

Mazjika Sheehan
(Dorothea Goedkoop)

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