Mareesha Ma Kumara

Source Mother

Source Connection

Teacher & Mentor, Australia
English Speaking

Keeper of Source Records

Hello beautiful ones, we welcome into the source of our heart and honor all that you are, have been and will be, as we journey together on our beautiful Earth, Mother Gaia, held in the Heart Portal of the Sirius Library.

I am deeply inspired to be a Divine University Mentor, supporting the development of new education for humanity and the Earth and DU Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand. I am here to help you to open to your true self once again, to recognize that you are a divine being, divinely supported. Know that you are connected with everything through the unified field and that we can embrace both our humanity and our spirit together, as we step on our spiritual path.

As a mentor, my specialty is to be able to access the eternal records of the soul, the Akashic Records, which can help you to release the hold of limiting thoughts, feelings and consciousness over your life, allowing you to feel lighter, more loving and more empowered. It is possible. You will learn that the divine assistance of the Family of Light is always here for us and that we can be released from karma.

For the past 35 years I have been deeply passionate about helping people transform their lives, pulsed by my own desire and need to do something about my own unhappiness and anxiety. Now, in co-creation with my Presence, I reconnect a soul to their source, holding the door open for those whose heart wish is to experience the presence of God / Source within more strongly. I transmit the power of God’s flame, which clears resistance, disbelief and conditionality.

Meeting Qala has been the most amazing blessing. Receiving 3 Self Mastery schools, having the honor to tutor the students in 2 of them, participating in many other enlightened programs and journeying to sacred sites with her has transformed my heart and my life. I have discovered a passion and direction that has fulfilled a lifelong yearning.

I would love to support and assist you to experience more freedom, to have a lighter heart, a more peaceful mind, more joy and be able to live your life with purpose.

Sacred Mentor Sessions will become available through the Sirius Library soon, if you feel called to do this with me. Connect with me for a Personal Akashic Record reading and upcoming group work at:

May peace be on Earth. May grace fill all beings. Blessings and love to you.

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