Lelama JYumaali Sjamar

Divine Voice of Presence - Your Power to Cocreate Your World

The Divine Voice

International Teacher & Mentor
English & Dutch Speaking

Keeper of Yamala, Creation Matrix & Portals of Earth

An inspiring channel and teacher of Sacred Sound, Light and Creation and Divine University mentor, Lelama gives her heart, soul and visionary spirit in honour of your Divine Heart Voice and higher consciousness, and your empowerment to be present with all in your life, and create a new world in harmony, peace and oneness.

In direct contact with Councils of Light and Creation, the Earth Mother Gaia, Yamala Holy Mother of Creation and the Ancient Ones, singing Songlines in sacred sites and portals around the planet, Lelama seeds new teachings for the liberation of the Creation Power and Higher Purpose in all beings and the Earth.

Lelama's teachings invite you to develop the ancient practice of communion and communication with Nature, Mother Earth, your Higher Self and God via Sacred Sound, activating the True Voice of your Divinity to freely express your unique and authentic gifts in the world.

In personal Golden River of Life Empowerment Sessions, Ignite Your Divine Voice Workshops, a mini training or retreat with Lelama, you may create a greater presence of love, wisdom, connection, freedom, integrity and confidence in any area in your life, as you open to direct your divine energy and power of creation. Lelama’s deeply loving, powerful and playful work focuses on embodying your Universal Earth connection to ignite and empower your Divine Voice Channel and Creative Spirit.

As a Mentor in the Divine University Lelama is a loving and wise guide for anyone who is called to open their Happy Heart, Peaceful Mind and Loving Soul via the Higher Life Session System (See 'Sessions' in the menu bar).

With the expert, loving guidance of the Enlightened Ones, Lelama is stepping into her mission as one of the Self Mastery Teachers of the Divine University. In 2019-2020 Lelama offers the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice, a one year training in the art of Living an empowered Life in accordance to your Higher Purpose with your Spiritual and Creative Power, through Opening your Divine Voice, Embodying your Higher Self Channel and Awakening the New Earth Shaman, a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, within you.

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To connect with Lelama for personal or group work, please email: lelama@thedivineuniversity.com


Dearest Lelama, From my big open heart, thank you for an amazing journey of conscious understanding. With such gratitude to you - my third shift and deep initiation in a row through the Friday sessions! I feel so humbled for the incredible consciousness you beautifully guided me to bring through into the physical. What an incredible truth and power. I have had a weekend of deep peace with the new understanding that all can truly flow with ease and grace when we simply see and open ourselves as vessels to God's love and meet all with an open heart through the unified field of oneness.
Lelama is a true gift to the world. Her passion for living the fullest in light and love is evident in everything she does. Her sacred voice workshop was an eye opener and created a new vantage point in my world in relation to using voice in ceremony and prayer. Her healing sessions are a direct transmission from Earth and the Cosmos, grounded and riveting, she gets to the heart of the matter with a depth of unconditional love that is rare. I loved being in your divine presence!
Taking Lelama's series of ‘sound channeling’ sessions is a real gift of self-empowerment. It has allowed me to connect deeper within myself - through hearing the sounds of my cells, the sounds of my heart, and the sounds of my soul. I find it such a powerful tool for healing and higher connection. I definitely felt the shift in my energy field. I'm so grateful for the wisdom you have imparted with me. Each session bestows sacred healing vibrations. Every time I play the recording, I get a different insight into a part of my heart. I will definitely continue on this path and I hope to take more classes with you in the future. Thank you, Lelama! And thank you Councils of Light for such a wonderful gift!
Dear Lelama, From the depth of my heart I express my thanks for your help through loving support and insights. Your sounding, practicality and honesty helped me move through control issues of the mind and ego to find the happier and life-loving me. You have been a cornerstone in bringing about massive turnarounds in my relationships with my parents, husband and now my business. Your channelling of your Presence, Yamala and the Enlightened Masters were spot on as we met and resolved some interesting past and current life stories. And we have laughed a lot as healing took place. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model for me of walking with Presence in this life.

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