Kaliana Raphael Rose

Divine Love Wisdom Teachings

The Angelic Human Experience

International Teacher & Mentor
English Speaking

Keeper of the Christ Heart Portals of the Earth and Stars

Blessings and welcome from my heart to yours, I am Kaliana.

My joy is to support you to remember who you truly are, to embrace your Divinity, and to acknowledge your unique gifts in support of the mission of Heaven on Earth.

In the weaving of my life as Mother, Grandmother and lover, I have been blessed to co-create and teach with the Family of Light since 1985. Bring through blessings from the Angelic and Christ planes of Love and Light, and the Solar Angels, and anchor the 13 rainbow rays of the New Earth.

As a teacher of the Divine University and Keeper of the Christ Heart Portals of the Earth and Stars,’ my gift is to bring forth the blessing of the Divine Mothers, the Christ Heart of Loving Compassion together with the Magdalene Flame, to transmute any painful memories that your soul may hold so that you can embrace peace and freedom, your true birthright again. All is welcome in the heart of love.

In the Divine University I am honoured to be an Ambassador for the New Children. I love to sing to them, honour them, and the precious gifts that they bring to the Earth.

My range of vibrational essences – 'Rose of Raphael' – support conscious conception and birth, supporting mothers, babies, fathers and siblings to be held in the higher frequencies of Light together. These essences have supported many families through some of the challenges of embodying and maintaining your true essence on the Earth Plane.

This body of work, co–created with Archangel Raphael and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Rose, supports the embodiment of Divine Energies and Christ consciousness through the DNA strands, chakras, endocrine glands, and hormones.

Together with my beloved, Rama, we are honoured to be Ambassadors of Shambala. We bring forth the wisdom teaching of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in union. We are a twin flame couple, together since 1987, and we love to travel the world sharing these teachings to support the inner and outer union through our seminars on ‘Sacred Union’.

I have facilitated women’s Healing circles since 1985 and it brings me such joy to support the Sacred Feminine wisdom to blossom within women, as well as within men.

I love singing in the Language of Light the songs that Spirit, the whales and the spiritual guardians of the Land have given me. These songs inspire the remembrance of our Soul’s true nature, to once again be united with the frequency of our own Holy Spirit.

It is such a joy to support others to sing their own unique heart song, remember their own Divinity, experience how loved they are and the precious gifts that they are bringing to the Earth at this time.


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