El’Zura Llamael Kumara

God is Everywhere

Temples of Sound

Mentor & Portal Worker, Mexico
Spanish Speaking

I love GOD. God is the reason for my existence. God is everywhere. God is everything. We find God, hear God, feel God in the simpliest and smallest things as the presence of God's magnificence. God is the Creator and we are one with God's creation, and as we see this, we realise we are amazing beings, Divine ones. We have the power to Co-create with God and with God's emissaries and messengers, and God is the reason and source of our many, many gifts. The most precious gift I carry is the power of sound. Sacred sound and sacred languages of light is my true way of giving my gifts.

I am El'Zura Llamael Kumara, and with humility, devotion and reverence, I now connect my heart with God and open it to you. In this connection, I welcome you.

I live in Chihuahua, Mexico. It is a small city close to the border with Texas USA. It is a very powerful and special place on earth and here, nine years ago, we started a non profit organisation that supports women in prisons. We offer free legal advice and psychological support and most importantly, we offer these women the awakening of their consciousness. In 2015, our beloved sister Amaya began to visit them. She gifts them her immense love and is guiding a special angel here in Chihuahua to regularly visit them for the healing of their hearts and their return to their inner light. I have two daughters who are also learning and comprehending that every step we do is spiritual, and that spirit is the foundation of everything and every business or project is imbued with spiritual or greater cosmic vision. As they tapping into this, they are bringing in new ways of operation to the economical and social system as proposals for young people who wish to be part of the New Humanity.

Since I met Qala in November 2011 in the South of Mexico, she has become my spiritual teacher. My journey with Qala is one of the most amazing and invaluable blessings that I have received in this life. Since that time I have been guided to receive most of the trainings, tours, retreats that Qala has offered to us all, such as the Christ Healing, the Energy Science series of retreats and the Secret Teachings of the Masters that are offered yearly, in different contexts and dimensional levels as part of the new education for humanity.

I am greatly Honoured to have been invited to be part of The Divine University as a mentor and in the future I will be offering sessions of divine assistance that are a true blessing of support for humanity to evolve, and to awaken and integrate their spiritual body with ease and grace. It is a true and amazing blessing to have had this marvellous opportunity to grow through my training within The Divine University system of education. I am now a service member within The Divine University and have accepted the role as a world ambassador of Charity and this this part of my greater service to our world.

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