El'elia Jahmika Christos

Sacred Heart Priestess

Divine Feminine Temples

Mentor & Portal Worker, USA
English Speaking

Keeper of Earth Records and Ancient Ones

Offering Dispensations of Love to bless your heart and soul...

It is with deep joy and love that I welcome you into my sacred heart temple...as blessings of Divine Love flow over you now... like a waterfall of illumined grace anointing and filling the deepest recesses of your heart and soul...

With all my heart, I serve Mother Gaia and humanity as an emissary for the Divine Mother and flame-bearer for the Sisterhood of Light, transmitting dispensations of Love through my heart to deeply bless, soothe and comfort the heart, mind and soul of all beings I serve.

As a keeper of Earth Records and Ancient Ones, I work with the Karmic Board and the Family of Light to help others release ancient earth records and past-life traumas, heal and transform their deepest soul wounds, learn self-love, compassion and forgiveness, and re-claim the most ancient gifts of their Spirit.

I am eternally grateful to Qala and the councils of Enlightened Masters that have guided and lighted our way for the past 8 years and throughout our training as a mentor. Through this beautiful training, I have come home to the Divinity of my heart, no longer seeking outside, as I have learned to journey deep within and to love all parts of myself.

As a sacred heart priestess, I walk the Beauty Way, devoted to living in sacred communion, peace and harmony with all beings and with the natural cycles, guiding others to live a sacred life deeply connected with Mother Gaia, Great Spirit, and the wisdom of the earth and stars.

I so look forward to offering mentors sessions, classes and workshops in the near future that emanate the frequencies of the core teachings of the Divine University that we have been deeply blessed with.

I have lovingly served for over 35 years offering transpersonal psychotherapy, spiritual guidance, crystal sound healing, guided meditations, flower and gem essences, past-life regression, inspirational writing, rites of passage, sacred earth and lunar ceremonies, Path of the Goddess priestess trainings, workshops and on-going groups. I am here to anchor the Holy Mother's Temples of Service and Love into the portals of the earth and hearts of those I serve, and to radiate the Christ/Magdalene consciousness to all beings. With my beloved husband Leo, we co-direct the Spiritual Renaissance Center, on the East Coast of the USA, and I offer my services as a sacred heart priestess of the Temple of the Heart.

It is with great devotion and joy that I serve the Divine Plan as a mentor of the Divine University through the Sirius Library with the 27 other beautiful souls that form our collective!

May infinite blessings of love and grace surround you always...

In deep love and service…

El'elia (aka:Deborah Knighton Tallarico)



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