Azraella Jasmihh Raphael

Activator of Angelic Consciousness

Angelic Healing

Teacher & Mentor, Australia
English Speaking

Keeper of Angelic Geometries

Welcome Beloved to our Keepership frequency of Angelic Geometries, I am Azraella Raphael. The Angels & Archangels come to you now, to bless you for ‘The Divine Plan of Your Life’, so that any emptiness you may have felt within your Soul can gently leave now.

Our sacred role as a Mentor of The Sirius Library, is to guide your Soul and Spirit back into the heart of oneness, to unite once again with the wholeness of who you truly are. One of the ways I do this is through the Happy Heart Sessions offered through The Sirius Library, of which I am available for bookings now. As your heart opens and aligns to the Divine Plan of Your Life, much grace and love begins to flow into your heart, bringing a greater ease to all that you create and manifest.

This Mentor role gifts me the opportunity to support all Souls who wish to fulfil their Purpose on Earth. I do this through channelling the Angels & Archangels, and my Higher Self by calling on all that is unresolved within you, to return with love back into the light. My greatest reward as a Mentor is to witness those reconnecting to their Divine Truth, to watch them share that Truth with the world, as they remember their Divine Self and Purpose again.

For I know what life is like when you feel like something is missing; that no matter how hard you try or how hard you work, there’s an emptiness inside that simply comes from not being connected to your Purpose here. This is how working with the Enlightened Ones, the Angels & Archangels has helped me deeply - to connect with my Divine Truth to fulfil my Purpose here as my full time occupation, and I have been doing this now for many years.

Another commission I have with The Sirius Library is to anchor the Doorways and Temples of the Angels and Archangels, to ignite Illuminated Love in the Heart of all Beings. It is an honour to be the Ambassador of the Angels & Archangels for the Divine University, and to share these sacred gifts with you, should you be guided to work with me either via a Happy Heart Session, or with any of our sacred teaching work in the future.

All my love to your Soul now, as we bless your path and your heart, so that you may connect more deeply to the Divine Plan of Your Life a little more each day, with every breath you take. Know that the Happy Heart Sessions will help you get there, and if you are guided to receive a session from me now - either in person or via Phone/Skype etc - our contact details are below. Our Happy Heart Sessions are conducted in English only.

Azraella Raphael
Keeper of Angelic Geometries

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