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Azmirra Xjara Sheehan

Uniting Spirit and Soul

The Ancestral Mothers

Mentor & Portal Worker, Australia
English Speaking

Keeper of the Ancestral Portals


I am Azmirra and it is my absolute pleasure to welcome you here to this sacred site and portal, The Sirius Library. We are honored and overjoyed to share this moment with you. I have been blessed to be a member of the Mentor group who are dedicated to assisting humanity and the Earth at this time of great change and quickening occurring on our planet. Through circumstances that lead to experiencing great trauma in my life, I have been able to draw on the grace and have faith in the unseen sources of divine assistance.

My journey has been to ignite and unite the very essence of my spirit and soul within my own being, and allow the marriage of the physical and spiritual worlds to take place in my daily reality. This has been profound to experience in my role as a corporate project manager in the banking industry.

My connection with the Ancestors as a keeper of the Ancestral Portals is my gift to the humanity that is in each one of us. It is not surprising therefore, that travel is my passion, exploring and experiencing different cultures and societies.

My spiritual endeavor has been to work with the portals of the earth in ceremony in many sacred sites around the world to open them up again and clear humanity’s karma held within the Earth. This allows humanity to access the higher vibrations held by the portal system that assists them to evolve and grow in their own higher connection.

I also discovered that this portal work was for my own evolution, and now I am able to support others to clear their karma and reclaim parts of themselves that maybe trapped in the earth.

The Ancestors who live in the unseen realms within the power sites of the Earth, have had previous incarnations here and walked the Earth over many lifetimes. Many of them have vowed to stay and assist humanity and all civilizations during this key turning point in the Earth’s evolution. They hold many Ki’s for us to unlock the truth and wisdom within, allowing each of us to walk between the worlds, united and empowered.

My journey with spirit and the ancestors has been to receive the grace and to trust this greater force, which is not always seen, and to know that I am always supported.

We welcome you once again and look forward to connecting with you. In 2018, it is with great joy that I will be offering the first 3 mentor sessions.

In service to the humanity that lies within each one of us.

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