Anjahlia Mareesa Sheehan

New Earth Shaman


Teacher & Mentor, USA
English Speaking

Keeper of the Christ Gateways of Creation

Anjahlia welcomes you… I come now as a messenger of the hope of the christ expression return. This return is within you, it is the spark that awakens now. You know this is here, it speaks to you at this now moment. Awaken… it harkens.

As a Mentor, I listen.
Listen to you… to your soul.

Through these beautiful teachings of the 7 Core Teachings many of your souls questions will be answered, your heart will open and you will ground within your Christed I AM the resiliency of your Soul’s true self. Together, we find the source of the issues, use the technologies, dispensations, elixirs, and chakra scans. My style is deeply compassionate and psychological. Oriented to understand the wisdom and what teaching you are ready for, or which initiation awaits for your empowerment. Assisting you to become happy, joyful, balanced, and peaceful.

My Presence is a type of magnet, that magnetizes you to your true self, your Christed I AM, to your gifts and true purpose.

Through the gifts of my Presence, as a visionary seer, embodied channel, attuned empath, and energy creation weaver, I bring through the Ascended Masters teachings with a pure heart and clear guidance. Using this gift of vision allows me to “see” through the veil walls. The ascended masters show me specific visions that pertain to your unwinding, your karma, akasha and entrenched views. This gives me insight into any fear or shadow, in a very poetic and almost cinematic way.

As a Gatekeeper of the Universal Realms, I journey together with your Presence, traveling inter-dimensionally to open many spiritual gates of initiation within you. Here at the gateways, my Presence has the ability to find the light in the darkness, and to guide any fears or aspects of your self held in the shadows and bring them into the light with deep love and compassion. In this journey, your soul is brought through many dimensions and gateways returning you to the eternal three fold flame of your heart.

I am blessed to lead my life as a professional Master Level Healer, and New Earth Shaman. I offer “Soul Listening” readings and “Next Octave” sessions, bringing 20 years of experience and commitment to the ascension of all beings… and to the evolution of humanity.

Through the Sirius Library, I offer mentor sessions as well as the Core Teachings of the Divine University through groups/workshops etc. It is an honor and delight to serve the Divine Plan as a Mentor of the Divine University, to bring forth these accessible yet profound teachings for you as a guide!

My Soul met its heart teacher, Qala Sri'Ama Phoenix, in NYC at the 2011 Shift Ascension Teachings. Studying with Qala has informed and transformed my Divine Presence and my life! Uncovering my own gems and gifts, accelerating my path, frequency and purpose.

My heart mission is to assist all beings, with balancing the masculine with feminine, the dark with light, opening all gateways to marry Heaven upon Earth. So we may all live in the grace of peace and harmony as co-creators of the Great Balance and as “New Hue-mans” of the New Earth.

For over 8 years, I have offered channeled groups with the Ascended Masters, New Shaman Sound Ascension Journeys, Full Moon Sound Events, and Gong-surrenders to assist the flame of awakening within the collective group consciousness. Teaching groups locally in Upstate New York and internationally, webinars and mystery schools: “Portal to Ascension, A path of Initiation” for the New Shaman of the New Earth. Also “Gaia’s Retreats” and tele- conferences “Heart of Humanity, clarion call” This coming year I will be journeying with groups to sacred sites, Earth Portals and opening gateways across the globe.

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