Ama’zjhi Anjelique Kumara

Vocal Alchemist

Shakti Empowerments

Teacher & Mentor, USA
English Speaking

Keeper of the Divine Mother’s Breath

Hello Beloved Hearts, I AM Ama’zjhi Anjelique Kumara, bringing a gift of illuminated Love from our being, our Body Temple and our Voice to be an instrument to activate and initiate the Violet Illuminations of the heart.

Through empowering healing sessions and Divine Mother transmissions of Shakti, we bring you deeper into self love, through an elevated experience of knowing yourself as divine, igniting the desire to be a co-creator with God. It is our Joy to support the remembering of One’s divine reconnection, as well as the love, light and power of creation that resides within.

We deliver encoded light in our Songs and Sound transmissions known as Alchemical Sound Codes to rebuild and restructure the energetic, body template enabling and activating the body of light.

We come to support humanity’s reconnection to the Heart of The Mother, including our Great Mother Earth, the Sacred Feminine, the Universal Mother and the Holy Messengers known as the Enlightened Masters. We began our conscious journey in 1986, Meditating with the Masters and Mothers of Ascension which resulted in the Creation of 'Violet Alchemy® Healing, Cleansing and Empowerment' and Mystery School. We have a deep understanding of Psychology, Chakras, Karma and an ability to cleanse heavy, low vibrational attachments, whether in an energy field of a being or a home/space.

Since meeting Qala Sri'ama in 2005, we have participated in 2 of her Sacred Mystery schools and every year it has been a commitment of self love and devotion to participate in her many trainings.

Truly, we are honored to be a Mentor and Council member of the Divine University, and we celebrate, in deep heart fulfillment with family who hold the vision of supporting the birthing of Peace, Empowerment and Evolution for humanity.

In loving service to the ONE HEART

Ama’zjhi Anjelique Kumara - Keeper of the Divine Mother’s Breath, Ambassador of the Celestial Planes and Celestial Shaman For more information about Ama’zjhi aka. Dona Ho Lightsey, visit

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As an arts practitioner and human being subjected to environmental and societal toxins, my self-care and maintenance must include a healing regiment. Its base may be in nutrition, physical and spiritual methods but for that which bewilders even the most experienced professional, I have had to wade through and unfortunately be disappointed by a virtual ocean of those who claim to have healing powers. In over 15 years of receiving treatments, I have never met anyone as precise, compassionate, surgical and affordable as Ama'zjhi. Take it from me, if you are dealing with an illness, which is quite possibly 90% energetic in its root cause, there are not many “MASTERS” that can guarantee clear results than Violet Alchemy ®’s Creator and Founder Ama’zjhi/Dona Ho Lightsey.
Working with Ama'zjhi is profound and inspiring. She is extremely accurate at identifying the issues (uncanny) and the healing energy is extremely powerful and resonates for days and weeks after the sessions. It is clear that She works in a different dimension: all my work happened on the phone, (West Coast/East Coast) and it made absolutely no difference that we were not in the same room. The intensity and strength of the healing is palpable. Very beautiful work.
I want to acknowledge and to communicate with you about the work we’ve been doing – it is truly profound. I am a PhD mental health professional who has spent a lifetime using intuition and energy medicines with transpersonal psychology as the basis for healing and transformational processes with others and or myself. Your work truly stands out among the many many modalities that I have experienced, trained in or practiced. I literally have never had work that so clearly pinpointed the emotional issues at hand so specifically, so comprehensively and in such integrated patterns as you do with your method. I hope that you will teach far and wide, and I highly recommend any teachings you do to others.
We have reached a critical time in the World where it is so important to live a reflecting life.....especially if we want to show our children what we are really made of. A life where you shine from the inside out, holding nothing back and nothing in. The classes and workshops I have taken with Ama’zjhi, most recently the Goddess workshops, have helped me do just that. Her compassion, knowledge, innocence, open heart and raw honesty are such a rare combination in a teacher. I feel very fortunate to have been a part (and will continue to be a part) of her teachings. She believes in the power and beauty of each individual - and inspires you to reflect your light out to the World so that we all may benefit from each other's radiance.

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